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19 Stylish and Functional DIY Toilet Paper Holder Ideas

Are you looking for some ideas to do a bathroom makeover? You can begin with a DIY toilet paper holder that can be both functional and stylish at the same time.

1. DIY Toilet Paper Holder Pipe

If you are a big fan of Industrial style, try making a DIY toilet paper holder out of copper pipes. It will add some sort of style to the plain wall in your bathroom.

To make this one, you will need copper pipe, 90-degree fittings, straps, and caps. You will also require some screws to mount it on the wall.

2. DIY Toilet Paper Holder Box

This is not just a toilet paper holder. It also provides ample storage space for some extras. You do not need to make a run to the closet to get a new one anymore.

Besides being handy, this toilet paper holder is also chic, thanks to the horseshoe that has embellished it nicely.

3. Rope Toilet Paper Holder

Making a cool DIY toilet paper holder does not have to be arduous. Shop around your house to find some unused things that lie dormant and can be upcycled.

To make this one, you have need of a hasp, rope, and anything with like a pipe.

4. DIY Toilet Paper Holder Wood

Are you looking for something that can add a little bit of rustic touch to your bathroom? Try this toilet roll holder.

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You can make it from a twig of a tree. Attach it on the wall after you clean, stain, and apply polyurethane over it. Add a small shelf for extra storage.

5. Unusual Toilet Roll Storage

Seemingly, a bathroom can be a great place to play tic-tac-toe. If you are not into this game, you can just store grooming or bathing essentials on these shelves.

6. Tree Toilet Paper Holder

A handy toilet paper holder? Check. Wall art? You get it. It is like murder two birds with a stone. You can make your bathroom look more appealing while keeping it functional.

7. DIY Toilet Paper Holder With Shelves

These shelves offer you other uses for toilet paper holder. It provides ample space for an extra. As a bonus, you can put a container or clean towels on top. Isn’t that great?

8. Inexpensive DIY Toilet Paper Holder

Did you know that a twig can be versatile? You can make various kinds of crafts with it including a DIY toilet paper holder.

To make this one, you are going to need a sturdy twig, paint or wrap washi tape around it. Tie both ends with a rope. Hang it on the wall with a hasp in it.

9. Industrial-Style Toilet Paper Holder

Black wrought-iron pipe has never failed to carve out industrial style to space. So, making a toilet paper stand with it can be your safe bet.

You can also add scrap wood or trim on top of the pipe so that you have sufficient space to set down your phone.

10. Multi-purpose Toilet Paper Holder

Some bathrooms lack space. If you happen to have one, a multipurpose DIY toilet paper holder would be a top-notch choice.

You can make this toilet paper holder from plywood. It is like creating small shelves in which you store toilet brush and a few extras.

Install two hooks that hold the wire as well as toilet paper in place.

11. Antler Toilet Paper Holder

People usually use antler as wall art or a focal point of a living room. Have you ever tried to display it in a differently?

Apparently, an antler can make a great DIY toilet paper holder. You only need to drive it into a log.

12. Rustic Toilet Paper Holder

This wood log adds a little bit of rustic look to this modern bathroom.

Instead of mounting outward, the toilet paper fills in the hollows inside the stand, giving it a sleek look that matches the interior design.

13. Toilet Papers and Newspaper Holder Combo

If you enjoy spending some time in the bathroom reading a newspaper while doing your stuff, you should give this idea a try.

This toilet paper holder offers you two hollows that you can use to store extras. It also has metal hooks that hold your newspaper in place.

14. Triangular Toilet Paper Holder

This one will round out your modern farmhouse bathroom immensely.

You can make this shelf from plywood. Just cut and assemble the pieces after sanding them down. Do not forget to apply a gel stain to accentuate the rustic look.

Adding a wrought-iron pipe underneath can be great because it can help you hold your towel.

15. Easy Toilet Paper Holder

Why do you have to break a sweat to make a toilet paper holder if you can use this trick? you will not waste time with its.

All you need to do is to get your wicker basket, and insert a wooden dowel across the holders.

16. DIY Toilet Paper Holder from an Unused Bucket

Do you have an unused bucket at home? Do not throw it away! you can provide it a second life by attaching it to the wall next to your toilet. Just make sure it still has the holder.

17. Upcycle Hangers

Old hangers can make a great toilet paper holder. The good news is you do not have to be a DIY expert to make it.

First, grab your old hangers. Next, make a slit at the bottom part so that you can replace the toilet paper easily.

18. Scrap Wood and Leather Strap

Two leather straps and scrap wood can make a pretty good team. You just needed to add a wooden dowel that holds the toilet paper, and they would make a perfect combination.

19. Cute Robot Toilet Paper Holder

This cute robot will make your day as it will always greet you with a smile every day. You can make it from wood or even cardboard. Just make sure it is sturdy enough.

You will also need hinges and a magnetic lock that keeps the face in place. Do not forget to make a slit for the toilet paper.

Those are DIY toilet paper holder ideas that you can add to your next to-do list. They are not only easy to make but also fascinating.

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