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DIY Wall Art: 9 Fascinating Ideas with Positive Vibes

A monotonous room makes your house look tedious. It feels so boring to be there, but DIY wall art is here to help you get rid of this situation.

There are lots of wall art concepts that you can pick to cherish the house. If you still cannot decide what to do, have a look at the following DIY wall inspiration.

Then, you will be surprised at how the simple and budget-friendly DIY wall art can add magic to your house.

1. Cheerful Fire DIY Wall Art Ideas

Cheerful Fire DIY Wall Art Ideas

You can turn a blank canvas or paper into something aesthetically pleasing by changing it to fired ink art.

The color combination in this ink art looks marvelously complex. However, the process to make this thing is simple.

The materials that you need to make the cheerful fire ink are:

  • Alcohol inks (custom color)
  • 91% isopropyl alcohol
  • Small paintbrush
  • Matches
  • Photo frame

Firstly, eliminate the glass from the photo frame and pour some alcohol ink. Then, add the isopropyl alcohol, shake it until the ingredients are evenly distributed.

After that, fire the glass surface using a match. Next, place the glass back in the frame, and this DIY wall art painting is ready to cheer up the room.

2. DIY Art Wall from String

DIY Art Wall from String

String wall art is the best choice for a simple DIY project. The materials are budget-friendly and here are the things you should buy:

  • Wooden board
  • Hammer
  • Nail
  • Scissor
  • String
  • Masking tape
  • Sandpaper
  • Template

The first step is smoothing the surface by using sandpaper. Then, make a template, print it on paper, and cut the design. 

After that, attach the pattern to the wood surface with masking tape so that it sticks well.

Fit the nails with a hammer according to the pattern that you have made. The remaining is only a tiny space for the string to fit in the middle. 

Last, if everything is already installed, remove the pattern from the wood. Now is the time to wind the string from one nail to another.

However, creating this DIY wall art requires time and effort, so be patient while completing the task.

Thankfully, your efforts create a good result since this handmade wall decoration will remain a beautiful display to make your walls more attractive.

3. Popsicle Stick Shadow Box

Popsicle Stick Shadow Box

Instead of throwing away the unused Popsicle sticks, you can make use of them to be something artsy.

This shadow box is quirky. The craft is easy to make since it does not require various materials. Besides, even the children can make this environmentally-friendly craft by themselves.

To give a more pleasant nuance, you can add a flower in the middle of it. Moreover, put this stuff as a part of entryway decor as a perfect welcoming sign.

4. Watercolor Collage DIY Wall Art

Watercolor Collage DIY Wall Art

How funny it is to play with watercolor! It provides a safe material and easy application. You can also ask the children at home to help you create this decorative piece.

For instance, the motif shown above is easy to follow and does not require advanced painting skills. You can explore your mind and make a creation that describes your personality. 

Furthermore, any motif is allowed because you know yourself best!

5. Polaroid Wall Art

Polaroid Wall Art

Photos keep good memories, and that is the reason why many people love to exhibit them in the living room.

The photo frame looks ordinary. However, if you want to go chic, the DIY Polaroid art will amuse you as well. 

Then, collect your Polaroid photos and hang them with the rope. After that, you might install some tiny lamp bulbs to create a shabby chic charm.

6. DIY Wall Art with Geometric Patterns

DIY Wall Art with Geometric Patterns

The DIY geometric wall art is an eclectic point in your house. It creates a modern and spacious look, and you do not need to install too many decorative pieces anymore.

Hence, look at this colorful geometric wall art. The motif seems complicated, but you can make it by yourself using simple steps.

What you need to prepare is various shades of painting and tape. 

Stick the tape on the wall and begin to splash the color you want. Next, let it dry and remove the tape. Voila! A quirky rainbow accent!

7. Giant Confetti Mosaic for DIY Wall Art

Giant Confetti Mosaic for DIY Wall Art

Metallic colors reach the top list in people’s most favorite decoration due to its dramatic accent.

If you love to steal attention, then this idea will describe your personality well. So, let us pay attention to this giant confetti mosaic.

The mosaic pattern creates texture in the living room for a more whimsical vibe. The metallic color delivers a lavish nuance.

With this decorative piece, a tiny suburban house can turn into a magnificent and luxurious sanctuary. 

In case you have not enough time to decorate the living room, the design is yours to try on.

It does not burden you with too much budget and effort. Thus, buy some pieces of giant confetti and arrange them.

8. Floral Monogram

Floral Monogram

The flower pattern is often left behind when you talk about modern home decoration. People tend to play safe with metal and wood material.

After being famous in the 60-70s wall decor, the flower can have a place in the modern home decor. Let us see the picture above.

The monogram floral decoration is a sweet touch to your house. Besides, it blooms and cherishes the space, embracing the natural vibe.

Further, the concept does not require you to look for real flowers. The faux flowers are better because it is more durable and easy to maintain.

You can personalize this DIY wall art idea by adding a wood sign with your name in the center of this floral accent.

9. Inspirational Quotes Rustic Board

Inspirational Quotes Rustic Board

Now it is the time for the wood plank. In any home decor ideas, the material is a primary choice.

This DIY wall art will suit any home decoration theme. It is from unused wood pallets, then painted and designed with colors and sayings.

Also, every time you feel that your activities are tiring, these wood pallets DIY wall art will give you more spirits. 

In addition, this rustic board deserves a place at your home. Install the wall art in the living room to embrace the calming rustic feels.

Finally, there are many fascinating DIY wall art ideas you can pick. Now, let us make or buy something that will embrace your personality well.

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