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The Top Dog House Ideas Large Indoor for Your Pets

Indoor and outdoor, there plenty of dog house ideas that owners could choose and have for their pets. They do love playing, sleeping, and staying in both areas. 

Even though a dog is a playful pet, the owners must give them personal space. So that they could have their space or just a place to hang on in the house. 

Since there are a lot of models, you could be distracted about which one to choose for your pet. Finding the right dog house outdoor or indoor can sometimes be tricky. 

Finding Some Dog House Ideas

Before finding some dog house ideas, make sure to know about your pet well. Do they prefer a big space, or do they like to move a lot in their place? 

Considering their movement, you can then start choosing. There are many much of materials, types, models, and sizes being in the market. 

To give you some reference, here are some top dog house ideas:

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1. The Large Space Petsfit Dog House


If you have a big one, that loves to move and stretch inside their personal space, well this one is the answer. The large space petsfit dog house is huge and comfortable. 

Placed outside, there are plenty of spaces for the dog to do their activity. The house itself won’t kill the grass underneath. And it won’t sink if it is rains or snows. 

This petsfit is easy to build, clean, and maintain. This is one of the best dog house outdoor ideas because it can be used not only for the pet but also for the owners! 

2. The Secure Petsfit Indoor Wooden Dog House 

Even though it is the smaller outdoor version, but this indoor dog house is slightly more expensive. This is by reason of it made more of lightweight wood. 

The large thing about the pets fit indoor wooden dog house is that it is secure. This is because it has a secure latch. People who usually use it live in an apartment or a little spot. 

3. The Long-Lasting Suncast Dog House Outdoor

For those who are looking for a dog house that can be used both indoor and outdoor, this is the one. It is cost-effective and long-lasting!

The material of this house is vinyl. As for the design, it has a contemporary style which fits great for indoor and outdoor. 

However, this dog house has no insulation. That is why it is indicated to add a blanket or a pet bed inside. Therefore, they could still be comfortable during the cold weather. 

4. The Solid Wood, Art Frame Dog House 

One of the DIY dog house you can make is a solid wood design! It would give a natural waterproof finishing and could fit both inside and out. 

The Art Frame of this DIY Dog House is a classic alternative for your small breed. Since it uses solid wood, it would be durable and strong. 

However, for the first moment when using it, it might come with a cedar smell. Before letting the dog going inside, make sure to get rid of it first. 

As for the installation, do not worry about the grounds getting starched from the bottom of the house. It has legs that are sturdy and stable, so it leaves no marks. 

5. The Safe ASL Doggy Palace

Besides sleeping and eating, the dog house ideas are to protect our furry pet. To warmth when it’s cold and wet.

The Safe ASL Doggy Palace is the right solution to give protection for our dogs. The walls are built with raised floors and have hinges that are slightly off the floor. 

This house would fit up to a medium dog. However, the door might be too high for them to reach. Therefore, add a ramp that would help the pets.  

6. The Stylist Petmate Indigo 

The next dog house is inspired by an igloo. The configuration are the same except for the material which is not from the ice of course. 

However, the concept of both igloos and this dog house is the same. It helps to seal out the cold from inside during the cold and winter season. 

On the other hand, during summer, this dog house could also seal out the heat. Making the pets inside comfortable in any weather. 

The Petmate Indigo comes in three distinct sizes. Like an igloo still, this house has a different space for the entrance and the sleeping area. 

However, the entrance area of this dog house might get some puddle in when it rains. Also, the materials are not friendly for them to chew. 

7. The Simple Aspen Pet Petbarn 

The next dog house ideas are mostly used in a lot of countries and also for other pets as well. The aspen pet petbarn is a simple yet perfect space. 

Even though it is not as big as a petsfit house, but this petbarn could fit in bigger breeds of dog. However, there is not fair room of them to stretch and chase their tails inside. 

The materials are durably suitable for any kind of weather. It is waterproof and out could keep the dog dry and warm all months. 

Cleaning and maintaining this dog house could sometimes be easy or hard. This is because water could get trapped inside. However, it is easy to remove the bottom or up parts. 

8. The Comfortable SENYEPETS Indoor Dog House 

If you are looking for comfortable indoor dog house ideas, then the SENYEPETS is a great option. Especially for small breeds that could not spend time outdoors during the night. 

Unlike the others, SENYEPETS have plushy floors and walls. It is all soft and comes in an adorable design. Owners do not need to fear getting their ground ruin by this dog house. 

Despite the plushy materials, this dog house is still easy to be cleaned. This is because it is resistant to water. As for the bottom side of the house, it has an anti-skid to keep not moving. 

However, this house might not be too sturdy, since the material is very plushy. Also, dogs could still bite and even chew it. 

Tips on Choosing a Dog House 

Before stepping into dog house ideas there are several things to pay attention to. Each breed has different needs and comfort standards. 

The first thing is the materials. There are many kinds like plastic, wood, wire, and even pillows. Each one has its benefits and drawbacks.   

Not all are durable, or resistant water, or safe to put indoor or outdoor. So make sure to choose materials that is compatible not only for the dog but also for the environment. 

Other things to pay attention are the insulation, the size, and the door. Again, the breed would affect these factors as well. 

There you go, the top dog house ideas that you could choose for your furry pet. Remember to pick the right and suitable one so they would feel comfortable. 

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