Best Door Insulation Ideas to Keep You Away from Bad Weather

The door insulation may sound trivial to some people. Many ignore it because they focus more on the beauty of both exterior and interior design, while it can cause discomfort to all home dwellers. 

The result may not be immediately, but it will be dangerous.

Failure to install door insulation can cause a door draft, which is a gap between the door and the floor or frame.

This condition can cause many uninvited guests, ranging from cold air, insects, and many other disturbances that can interfere with comfort.

Even though many are aware of the importance of insulation, unfortunately, many people make mistakes in the installation process.

To avoid a fatal mistake, as well as get the maximum comfort in the room, you should read this review thoroughly.

Door Insulation Essentials

As previously mentioned, the existence of a door draft can trigger the presence of uninvited guests.

Apart from cold winds that can disturb the residents of the house, various insects and the other animals can also enter and create chaos in residence.

The presence of air entering from outside can also interfere with the cooling or heating performance of the room.

If this is allowed to continue, then electricity consumption will increase so that the bill will also swell. Therefore, insulating the door is one way to prevent it all.

Best Door Insulation Option to Choose

As explained above, door insulation is necessary to prevent discomfort in the room. Cold air during winter can make the occupants sick.

Not to mention that this condition can damage both the cooling and heating system. To prevent this, you can do the following options:

1. Using Door Insulation Strips

You can use weather-strips which are quite affordable. The installation method is also simple.

You can stick it on the frame and other parts that choose the gap. Use adhesive and make sure it is perfectly-attached.

2. Using Door Insulation Foam

Another easy way is to use foam tape that has very high adhesion power. You can attach it to the area that has gaps for protection.

The foam-filled interior doors will give you more comfort during bad weather.

3. Use a Door Snake

Another easy way is to close the part that has a gap with the door snake.

Generally, this section is installed at the bottom of the door so that it blocks the passage of wind and insects that will enter. Although there may still be gaps, at least this method can help.

4. Re-caulking the Door

The door draft can be because of the broken coating of the frame. If you want maximum results, you can also re-caulking as an alternative to protect your home from bad weather.

At least your house will be safe during this winter. Apart from the methods above, there are still some other recommendations that may be applied.

For more accurate information, you can read loads of references about the latest interior and exterior designs. Every day there will be innovations that will tighten the security of your home.

How to Install the Door Insulation Blanket?

As mentioned above, there are several ways you can do for door insulation. However, you may have to apply several different methods to the location in your home.

According to the position of the entrance, here are some tricks you can do:

Exterior Door Insulation

The front door insulation certainly requires handling more carefully than the back one. It is directly exposed to the outside world so that the protection system you put should be strong enough.

You can use foam boards of type EPS, XPS, and Polyso to keep winds from entering the house. Besides, make sure that the foam board you use for the exterior is thicker than the one installed in the room.

Interior Door Insulation

As with the installation in the interior, you can use the easy methods that have been discussed previously.

It’s just that, you are more flexible when installing on the interior. The foam or strip you use can be thinner than the interior.

Installing door insulation for the interior and exterior of the house has the same concept. You can choose the methods mentioned above, and make sure everything is installed.

The only difference is in how tight you have to install the foam and strips.

Other Tricks to Install a Door Insulation

Even though you use the most expensive material, if the technique is not optimal, then the insulation may not work well. Some people sometimes forget the small details that make the system performance disturbed. The following are some simple tricks that you can apply.

Installing Door Insulation Bottom 

Installing insulation on the bottom is sometimes quite inviting problems. The reason is, if it is too tight, the door may be difficult to open and close. On the other hand, we also cannot attach it loosely because it will affect security.

To solve this problem, people put rubber on the bottom of the door. This item is well-designed so as not to withstand friction, so you can still open and close the door smoothly.

Besides, it’s a good idea to use a snake when you get extra protection from outside threats.

Installing Door Insulation Side

For insulation on the side, you should use double security. Besides using foam, don’t forget to glue the weather-stripping so that the door draft is completely closed.

Some people also install an additional layer of window film and curtain for maximum protection.

Adjusting to the Type of Door

Each door material may have different characteristics. Fiberglass will probably provide less protection than steel.

Therefore, handling is not the same. It’s a good idea to consult with an expert to get accurate information about how to insulate your door.


Security and comfort at home are indeed the main things for every occupant of the house. Fortunately, now the security system is very sophisticated so you can quickly get materials.

One thing that needs to emphasize is that door insulation must be a concern for the residents of the house.

If left unchecked, door drafts can cause various problems, ranging from economy to health. Do not forget to check succinctly so that your home is free from disturbances.

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