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20 Easter Wreath Pictures to Welcome Spring

Easter wreath consists of colorful-looking accents that remind you of a particular blooming season of the year: spring! It is when vegetation begins to appear, at least in four-season countries.

Pictures of Easter wreaths in this article will help you ready welcoming Eastertide.

1. Green and Egg Spring Wreath


Lively colors seen in between grass are always fascinating to view. Thereupon, this wreath successfully mimics the natural appearance when springtime begins.

2. Burlap Bunny Farmhouse Wreath


This piece of art is so rustic since it fits a farmhouse door. Unlike the previous one, this Easter bunny wreath catches your attention with its burlap craft, paper ribbons, and artificial leaves.

3. DIY Grapevine Bunny Easter Wreath


Less is more, or so they say. Thus, need not to hold colorful accents or difficult creation. However, this wreath only utilizes grapevines to form a bunny shape and steal the spotlight already.

4. Spring Tulip Easter Wreath


This time is the season where you can enjoy tulips in their best appearance. Hence, this spring door décor gives you a head-up of how gorgeous a field full of the said flowers can be during Maytime.

5. Bunnies and Eggs Wreath


An Easter egg wreath is only natural seen everywhere. However, the versions are various as you see an example in this picture.

Furthermore, by combining two bunnies, polka dot ribbons, bright-colored eggs, and yellow flowers, this piece is ready to tell the outside people that its owner is ready for spring!

6. Burlap Carrot Wreath


After burlap bunny, this is a picture of a farmhouse Easter wreath in the shape of a carrot.

Well, you know, aside from eggs and blooming flowers, otherwise, this type of vegetable represents Eastertide, too.

7. Natural Wreath with Flowers and Eggs


Truthfully, you will not see a combination of eggs and leaves anywhere unless springtime comes because the two elements do not relate to each other.

Likewise, it is when people make Easter wreaths from what they think visualizing the occasion the best.

8. Eggs and Grass Wreath Home Decoration


Like leaves, like grass. They do not relate to eggs whatsoever, but when an Easter wreath involves those two, we cannot help but think that they are not awkward when combined.

So, you could adjust this idea to turn into another version for different occasions, like a wedding, for example.

9. Bunny Plush Peep Easter Wreath


Well, an Easter wreath made of plush peep could look nifty, too, in a picture.

Moreover, with bright-colored ribbons as the background, textured eggs in different colors and sizes, and lollipops, it is surely one of a kind.

10. Burlap Bunny Spring Wreath


Burlap is surely handy as a craft supply. Be it twisted, cut, shaped, or attached. Then, it results in an outstanding artwork. Just look at this picture consists of a bunny made of the said material.

Accordingly, using a polka dot ribbon, it tells you which ones the head and body are.

11. Birds Nest Straw Wreath


People are sure creative since they also can make an Easter wreath out of rice straws.

Wherefore, by arranging messily, this front door décor resembles a bird’s nest that you think it could deceive the said flying fowl.

Well, it is not to that range, but we have to admit that this wreath is one of a kind because no one would presume a bird’s nest to visualize Eastertide, right?

Why, the others are ready to grab some flowers, whereas this wall décor uses straws.

12. Tulip Front Door Wreath


Generally, this picture shows the most vibrant way to greet the coming guests.

Further, by using several stems of tulips and a bunch of wildflowers, all in fresh yellow shades, this front door wreath will gladden the visitors when coming in.

Additionally, the involvement of branches, green leaves, and white flowers make the arrangement lively.

13. Crooked Tree Creation for Easter Wreath


The good point of a wreath lies within its arrangement. As in spring floral décor, people count the brightly colored involvements. Then, the easiest is from plants.

Further, you see in this picture, tiny wild plants in green, yellow, and orange are what make this decoration majorly.

Moreover, crooked tree branches as well as knick-knacks in the form of a bunny and an orange carrot hold the minor share.

14. Origami Paper Flowers


Since wreaths from real flowers only last for a while, this origami paper version can substitute it. Hence, resembling tulips as the main actor of the season, it uses two contrasting colors.

Purple and yellow look so pleasing together. Besides, it would be nicer if the arrangement is less packed or the tulips are in various sizes.

15. Pompom Spring Wreath


Shades of green are surely calming. Thus, thank God, they are visible throughout the year everywhere you go. Then, this DIY spring wreath uses the said colors wonderfully in the forms of pompoms.

Moreover, with a white bunny sitting on top of them, this wreath portrays how a rabbit in its habitat is. Not to mention, the scattered eggs in varying colors here and there add fun.

16. Yarn Ball Easter Wreath


The materials to make a wreath are surely varying in a wide range. For example, you have seen ones made of burlaps, tree branches, real and artificial flowers, origami paper, and many more so far.

Accordingly, yarn balls make the list longer. This picture shows a satisfying example of an Easter or spring wreath made of the said material in soothing pastel tones.

Furthermore, this wreath will still be useful once the season is over because the yarn balls remain unchanged from the very beginning. Therefore, they can be used for the next crafting project.

17. Fluffy Bunny Easter Wreath


Bunnies have come a long way in this article. You have seen them out of burlaps, grapevines, felts, and whatnot. The picture here shows yet another material: fur!

Hence, the outcome is all in for fluffy texture and feels like the real animal would be. It will be the softest wreath you encounter. Indeed, a bump in the lowest part indicates a bunny tail.

18. Bunny and Bow Attachment


Implicating burlap materials in green, brown, and white colors, this frayed wreath also makes a nice spring decoration. Besides, a pair of ribbons in similar shades gives a sweet touch to the neutral-toned creation.

Above all, it wraps the list of Easter wreath pictures in this article. May the energy of spring spreads to your days ahead even until the season is over.

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