Best and Vibrant Easy Flowers to Grow on the Backyard

The colorful and fragrant pieces create magic in your backyard. However, do they deserve your time and effort? The easy flowers will say yes to your request.

Maintaining flowers is a difficult activity if you prefer the wrong type. For that, make sure you choose flowers with easy care and do not need to make you spend a large budget.

Especially if you are a busy person, you should choose easy flowers that are as simple as possible to care for every day.

Some flower seeds do not require extraordinary care and are easy to grow even if you do not water them regularly.

Present gorgeous color to your page. Make it lively with some easy flowers seeds below.

1. Cosmos, First Easy Flowers to Grow


Cosmos has a small size, tiny leaves, as well as the stem. It is a sturdy flower, and can grow well even though you plant it in a tropical climate.

Despite being heat resistant, you can also plant Cosmos in arid soil. It does not require a lot of water so you do not need to water it every day.

However, make sure you avoid overwatering it because it can make it die. Flush Cosmos once a day with a little water is sufficient.

Cosmos has a broad selection of petals, from white, red, or orange. It is resistant to pests and can fertilize itself.

2. Yarrow


The second easy flowers to grow are Yarrows. You may be a little unfamiliar with the name, but they deserve a place in the backyard due to the magnificent shape.

Like Cosmos, Yarrow can live in very dry land or even fertile soil. You do not need to waste your budget on buying fertilizer. Yarrow only needs a bit of it.

There is no specific season for growing Yarrow. It can last all year.

3. Zinnia


It is a flower with a beautiful name and easy behavior. Zinnia can grow fast and is worthy of any hobbyist who is just learning to garden.

Zinnias are absolutely charming flowers and are loved by insect pollinators such as bees and butterflies, which is the reason why it has such fast fertilization.

However, be careful when planting this flower. Zinnia is prone to fungus if it is overwatering. When this disease happens, it can wither in the first frost.

4. Next Easy Flowers: Daffodils


Daffodils are easy flowers widely mentioned in various kinds of poetry and other literary works. It has a group like trumpets with very bright colors, evoking optimism in your backyard.

Daffodils are easy flowers to grow and they do not need too much water.

You can care for daffodils by planting them in soil with acid drainage and sunlight. They will live long and make your back garden like heaven.

When Daffodils grow in the backyard, they steal the show so you do not think of planting anything else there.

5. Daisies


Daisy Bell is sturdy and independent plants. It can grow on its own without human help.

Thus, buy daisies if you are busy. She is gorgeous with starry petals but does not need much water and does not require too much attention.

In summer, you will get a magenta and pink color palette on the petals.

Just like Zinnias, pollinators love this flower. It does not bother you and will bloom beautifully in your garden. Daisy bells are easy flowers that are worth buying.

6. Red Leaf Begonia


In truth, Red Leaf Begonia cannot tolerate dry, barren places. However, that does not mean it is anti sunlight.

You can plant the begonia in the sun, but make sure there is a protective roof on top, so it does not die. You can also grow begonias in pots. Put him on the edge of a window or near a bed in the sun.

Routinely, water the red leaf begonias with water once a week. This will keep it moist without over watering which is a reason for the flowers to wilt.

7. Marigold


Bright orange and yellow are the reasons why you deserve to keep Marigold. Apart from being a pretty color, marigolds are also easy flowers to plant and care for in your garden.

It is a flexible flower. You can plant them in the hot sun but you can also plant marigolds on the sidelines of a shady bedroom window.

Marigold can be planted on a variety of soil types ranging from fertile soil to dry soil, so you do not have to think about planting it in the yard.

Need not to worry about root knot problems. He can solve his problems.

8. Sunflower as Easy Flowers


As the name implies, sunflowers love sunshine. It will grow facing the sunshine, so you better put it where it is still covered by the sole light.

Sunflowers are easy flowers to grow wild in dry gardens. Even though he does need a lot of water, in the dry season he can survive.

Sunflowers need at least six to eight hours of sunshine each day and will be in your yard on sunny summer days.

9. Echinacea

Echinacea, a difficult name to spell but has a beauty that is easily caught by anyone’s eye. Besides its gorgeous appearance, it is also a herbal remedy to make the body’s antibodies stronger.

The good news is that Echinacea is a non-demanding flower. It can grow in dry soil. He also does not need watering every day.

These easy flowers can also bloom without being watered for weeks. This is an advantage for those of you who have less effort to maintain the backyard but want good results.

10. Lavender


Lavender is a calming plant. It is so beautiful with bright purple petals. The smell is so seductive; no wonder this flower is most-preferred aromatherapy.

Lavender can be grown in areas with arid climates such as Sicily and the Mediterranean.

Growing Lavender is easy. As a gardener, you should place them in direct sunlight for five to five hits each day. Second, do not plant the above drainage.

How do you water lavender? It is a simple thing. When the soil is very dry, you can soak it in water. Do it once a week or two weeks.

In spring, you can cut Lavender. This condition can make new seeds grow more fertile.

Plenty of easy flowers seeds are cheap and easy to care for.

A good effort causes a significant result, but of course, these easy flowers show miracles that are different from what many people believe about gardening.

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