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Repurposing Empty Paint Cans: 13 Creative Ways to Try

Don’t throw those empty paint cans away! Instead, use them to create something useful for your home space.

From creating a unique storage bin to a beautiful piece of decoration, the ideas of repurposing old paint cans are just countless.

To get started, you can see how others have done to repurpose these empty containers as follow.

Beautiful Hanging Pots

Save your budget to buy fancy planters at the nearby store by repurposing old paint cans.

This idea is pretty simple since you just need to paint or stencils the empty paint cans and turn them into beautiful hanging planters. You can use them to grow some herbs or blooming plants.

Install a hook and simply take advantage of the handles to hang the cans. On the other hand, you can just screw the paint cans straight away into a fence.

Unique Hooks from Empty Paint Cans

Do you need something to hang your coats around the front entry or in the mudroom? If so, turning some paint cans into hooks should be interesting.

Just stick some dirt free paint cans on the walls for an exceptional and practical storage idea. If you want to achieve a contemporary, industrial look, consider leaving the cans unpainted.

However, covering them with fun patterns and colors will not hurt as well. Not only works as unique hooks to hang coats or dog leashes, but these affixed paint cans also provide extra storage for mittens and gloves.

Outdoor Lanterns

Are you wondering what to do with empty paint cans? Then, these outdoor lanterns should spark a little inspiration. Grab your old one-quart paint cans and punch some patterns on the surfaces.

Use a nail and hummer to do so. Instead of painting them in black, you can cover the cans with your favorite colors for a more fascinating visual.

After that, put some tea lights or little candles inside. Now, you have some striking lanterns for a summer outdoor party at night.

DIY Trash Cans

Instead of buying expensive wastebasket, you are probably interested in creating a unique one yourself. Start by wrapping a rope in patterned fabric and stick it around the tin.

Once finished, you can also add other accessories over the enfolded cord. This creative trash makes a great addition to your guest or powder room.

Home Office Storage Units

Indeed, there are a lot of ways to transform empty paint cans into something more useful. For instance, you can create this storage unit for your home office.

Simply line up several cans on your open shelf and use them as additional storage units. To keep the things organized, you can attach a label under each tin.

Creative Bird Feeders

If you have some empty cans with lids, consider creating these beautiful bird feeders and hang them around the patio. For a more unique idea, consider painting the bird feeder to resemble a ladybug or bumblebee.

You can take advantage of white-painted washers as the eyes. Then, employ a black-coated pencil for the perch.

Meanwhile, the wings can be made from netting and metal clothes hangers. Go to a nearby craft store if you cannot find the materials around the home.

Beautiful Bouquet Art

After doing some artwork, you probably end up owning a bunch of empty spray paint cans. Rather than throwing the containers away, consider crafting them into a beautiful bouquet.

Arrange the flowers as shown in the picture. You can incorporate little wooden dowels for stems here.

Then, showcase your artificial flower bouquet in a vase or another repurposed tin can to encourage a piece of conversation with your guests.

Jewels Tin

Clean empty paint cans and adorn them with silk flowers, pearls, as well as ribbons. Decorate the canisters with any other accessories you have for an attractive jewelry tin.

This idea makes a good choice when you want to complete a girl’s bedroom with a jewelry case. Besides, you can also give this jewelry tin as a present for a DIY-minded person.

Artistic Lid Mirrors

After repurposing several paint cans for a DIY project, don’t get rid of the lids since they can be made into decoration items as well. Transform the can lids into such practical and lovely items like these mirrors.

Interestingly, you will not need to bring a lot of other materials to create them. Then, use your creativity to combine all the materials for a beautiful designer-style decoration.

Premium Pencil Holders

If you have several small paint cans, put them together and create these gorgeous pencil holders. Thanks to the golden paint, these pencil holders appear more premium.

No one will guess that they are made of unused cans. For an accent, you can cut some old jeans and stick the piece of fabric around the cans.

Stunning Centerpiece

From a holiday to wedding ceremony decoration, one of the simplest ways to repurposing empty paint cans is by turning them into attractive centerpieces.

Just like this winter floral arrangement that is displayed in a repurposed tin can. You just need to replace the paper cover of the can with something new. For example, a piece of patterned paper will work.

Besides, it is possible to incorporate some ribbons and other accessories to adorn the cans as well.

Colorful Wind Chimes

If you are a creative type of person, creating these colorful wind chimes will not be a challenge. This exciting idea requires some efforts to arrange the beads.

However, most of the materials will be very easy to find. Aside from the empty paint cans, you will also need several unused forks, spoons, and clear string to assemble the beads.

Moreover, colorful papers will be required as well to wrap the cans prettily.

Practical Bottle Rack

Are you wondering how to arrange your bottles in the kitchen? This idea will show you something pretty special to do so.

With no more than ten empty paint cans, this rack must be enough to hold your ketchup, oil, and sauce bottles.

You can even use it to store some wines. Instead of leaving the cans useless, you can paint or wrap them in something colorful.

To conclude, repurposing empty paint cans is a great way to bring something unique into your home. Besides, it allows you to help the environment by reducing the amount of waste.

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