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Entry Table Ideas for Different Use & Style Foyer Decorating

Many people use furniture inside their house to make it more comfortable. However, not many of them are aware of the entry table and what it is used for.

When coming in, many people don’t realize that they usually put their things recklessly, making it easy to get lost. One of the ways to solve this problem is by having an entry table at the entrance of the house.

Entry Table Ideas for Small Entryway

Entry Table Ideas for Small Entryway

If you happen to face a narrow entryway, then try choosing a small design that can fit in. Here are some entry table ideas that you can try for you as an option:

1. Sofa Table 

Sofa Table

The first type of furniture that you can use is a sofa table that is normally used for a chair. People usually put this in their living room as a coffee area or a place for their lamp.

However, because a sofa table is small, this option doesn’t have too much storage. To add more space and

make it look neater, add some baskets or boxes and put it on top or below the furniture.  

2. Small Side Entry Table

Small Side Entry Table

If you have limited space in the entryway, then try using the side entry table. The design is simple so it will not make the area too cluttered.

Just like its name, this design is to put the table on the side of the entryway. You can install it at the end of the entryway or one of the sides of the walls.

3. Nesting Tables

Nesting Tables

Those looking for versatility can choose nesting tables as an option. People also know this as a 3-in-1 table because it consists of more than one piece.

For normal use, store the unused parts under the biggest part. On the other hand, if you need more than one, just extend them along the wall.

4. Pedestal Table

Pedestal Table

A pedestal table is a next option for those looking for something simple yet a bit traditional. However, the top part is usually round, so it may take a bigger space compared to the types before.

For those with a smaller area should choose a long narrow entry table design rather than a rounds one. It is slimmer and takes less space so it should fit easier in the entryway.

5. Custom Entry Table

Custom Entry Table

If all the ideas above are all impossible to apply, then why not make a custom entry table. By making customized furniture, you can ensure that it will perfectly into the house.

One of the ideas to try is a hanging table or shelf on the wall. With this solution, you’ll also have plenty of space under it to add some floor baskets or umbrella stand.

Entry Table Traditional Themes

Entry Table Traditional Themes

Some people look to put a certain design inside their home and one of them is a traditional look. For those who are looking for an old entry table theme, here are some recommended options:

1. Norcastle Traditional Glass Top Console

Norcastle Traditional Glass Top Console

This antique and unique looking table is made by Ashley Furniture. It has many kinds of eye-catching details that will make it look pretty when you put in your entryway.

The design comes in oval, square to round entry table so you can choose the one that fits the size of your entryway. Even though there is not much storage here, it will be enough to put a plant and your keys.

2. We Young Wood Console Table

We Young Wood Console Table

A simple yet attractive option that you should check out is the We Young wood console table. The design is very basic however it offers an elegant look to the entryway.

The wood console table is shaped rectangle and is made narrow but long. It also has small drawers where you can put your keys or mails in.

Other than the plain wood design, the table also comes in a farmhouse chic style that will give a retro touch to the house.

3. Vasagle Console Table

Vasagle Console Table

Another recommended console table comes from Vasagle. This product is a combination of simple aesthetic, sleek design with a touch of industrial.

Some of their products offer small drawers underneath while others are just a simple table. The good thing is, the bottom part is quite big, so you can put a basket or make it as a storage.

4. Purlove Console Table

Purlove Console Table

If you’re looking for style and storage, then the Purlove console table is the best option. This product offers many drawers and a wide space underneath it too.

The design is also very catchy because it is not just plain brown or like normal wood color. Most of the tables are colored green and white, making it look like a farmhouse chic style.

Entry Tables with Storage

Entry Tables with Storage

While many entryways are a bit narrow, some people still need storage to put their belongings. Here are some suggestions that can fulfill both of your needs:

1. The Stately Cabinet Entryway Table

The Stately Cabinet Entryway Table

Those who need extra storage but don’t have a wide entryway can use the Stately Cabinet. The design of this product is made slim, so it will not take too much of your space.

However, there are drawers and a huge space underneath that people can use storage. Therefore, even if you have limited space, the bottom part can be the solution to place your things.

2. Bedroom Dresser

Bedroom Dresser

The bedroom dresser can also function as an entry table. However, this is not recommended for those who have narrow entryways.

Even though it is bigger than normal tables, this option gives you a complete package between size, storage, and design.

3. Apothecary Cabinet

Apothecary Cabinet

A unique table that can give a traditional touch and extra storage is the apothecary cabinet. This product has many small cabinets where you can put your small little belongings.

Other than the storages, the design of an apothecary cabinet is unique. By using this in your entryway will surely give a traditional touch to the house.

Other Ideas for Entryway Tables

Other Ideas

You don’t always need a specific entryway table for the entrance area. Try to use furniture inside the house or come out with different ideas to give space. Here are some recommendations to try:

1. Slim Desk

Slim Desk

Why not function your slim working desk as an entryway table too. If the width and size are enough, then make it do double duty.

By putting it in the entryway, you can use it as a working table and an entry table too. Just make sure to keep things tidy by making places for each need.

2. Bench


Rather than using a table, a seating bench can be a great alternative. With this option, you will not only great extra space but also a seat to put on your shoes.

For a more functional option, try making a customized bench. Make a design that contains storage under neat the seats to put in your shoes. Then add some hooks on the back to put hats and jackets.

3. Bookcase


Last, why not just put a bookcase to substitute a table. It is big, but you can get a lot of storage to put all your belongings.

To make it look neat and tidy, place boxes or boxes. Then, organize your belongings and put them all in their place.

A customized entry table is one of the best options to choose from. By making your furniture, you can fulfill your needs, design, and space.

However, if it’s just too much you can always buy a simple entry table. Just make sure to choose the right design that can fulfill your needs and place.

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