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11 Enchanting Entryway Mirror Ideas to Beautify Your Foyer

A well-arranged entryway mirror can make your doorway look more expansive and beautiful at once.

It is because a mirror plays a significant role in casting back the natural light from both the lamp and the sun. Besides, this item can provide a perfect reflection of all the objects in front of it.

Apart from helping you check your appearance before you meet the world, choosing the perfect shape and color for the entryway wall mirror will make the space unique.

Below are the 11 best front entryway mirror ideas that can inspire you to redecorate your entrance.

1. Sunburst Mirror from Cylindrical Rural Wood

Sunburst Mirror from Cylindrical Rural Wood

Most homeowners prefer rustic style as one of their favorite home decor themes. Even today, where minimalist and modern nuances are flourishing, we still find some furniture with a rural vibe.

One of them is this entryway mirror. Once combined with the cylindrical wood material, the irregular sunburst model will create the most beautiful rustic vibe you have ever had.

However, you do not need many decorative elements to beautify it. Merely put a few vases on the dark wooden cupboard, and this space will become one of the focal points that your guests crave.

2. Simple Rectangle Entryway Mirror for Perfect Natural Light Catcher

Simple Rectangle Entryway Mirror for Perfect Natural Light Catcher

Who says a hallway mirror with a rectangular shape is no longer attractive?

Indeed, many people today use this type of mirror as a decorative element in both the bedroom and hallway. Moreover, you have two techniques to organize this item in your entry hall.

The first is to hang the mirror, and the second is to make it stand against the wall. Simple, right?

However, this mirror will provide beautiful natural light illumination from your window during the day.

3. Golden Sunburst Wall Entryway Mirror

Golden Sunburst Wall Entryway Mirror

Do you want a modern entryway mirror? So, having this sunburst looking glass is the best choice.

The golden shade goes excellent with gray walls and white furniture. Also, you can plan to install a feather-shaped candle holder with a matching color on both sides.

Thereupon, you now have a luxurious hallway mirror that will please all the household members and guests at once.

4. Big Round Wooden Entryway Mirror for Earthy Vibes

Big Round Wooden Entryway Mirror for Earthy Vibes

An earthy round entryway mirror is coming to town! Look how impressive this entry hall is.

Then, if you have a home decor dominated by white, installing this wooden mirror will not ever go wrong.

To increase the earthy vibe in this space, you need to place a wooden bench with a matching color.

After that, combine it with other natural decorative items, such as greeneries embedded in clay pots, as well as rattan storage for storing shoes. 

Furthermore, you can put a rug with a traditional wood pattern to cover the floor.

5. Repurposed Mirrored Table Trays

Repurposed Mirrored Table Trays

Suppose you are getting bored with your old table trays and need other new ones immediately, but hesitate to throw them anyway. Then, repurposing is the best answer to that.

Instead of being unsightly, transforming the old table trays into decorative hallway mirror can bring new vibes to your doorway. Merely hang the trays vertically, and set the modern cupboard beneath.

Further, put some ornamental items such as candles and flower vases. Finally, your modern-look foyer is ready to greet you.

6. Bubble Entryway Mirror

Bubble Entryway Mirror

A bubble hallway mirror above is a DIY example of the Easter eggs that successfully creates an attractive frame for your doorway spot.

To do a DIY mirror frame similar to this, you need many plastic Easter eggs to attach to a circular wooden board. After that, you have to paint it in a shade that suits your home design.

Moreover, as an alternative to using cupboards for storage, you can also consider an entryway mirror with shelf that goes well with this looking glass style. Want to try it soon?

7. Silver Starburst for Elegant Entry Hall

Silver Starburst for Elegant Entry Hall

Besides the sunburst looking glass with its classic gold color, now there is a starburst that gives off an elegant vibe to your entryway mirror.

Then, placing this metal starburst mirror against a wall with gray paint is an excellent decision. 

Additionally, giving some knick-knacks from the same material and a succulent in a glass cup will make this space even prettier.

8. Semi-Circled Entryway Mirror with Tassel

Semi-Circled Entryway Mirror with Tassel

Do you want a unique and anti-mainstream entryway mirror ideas? Then, try to decorate your semicircle looking glass with tassels.

Further, complete your way in with a rustic bench and rattan basket. Besides, remember to put the final touch in the form of greeneries.

Likewise, if you want a more functional theme, you can replace these tassels concept with an entryway mirror with hooks as a place to store your bags.

9. Quatrefoil for Simple Foyer

Quatrefoil for Simple Foyer

Some people might think that the quatrefoil mirror is an outdated and boring style. However, that will not happen if you can mix and match all the decorative items you have in your foyer.

Thus, you can combine your gold mirror with a long table, basket, and other rustic style storage. Then, arrange some photo frames and motivational quotes on it.

Also, you can provide illumination from the two table lamps you have made from repurposing your used milk bottles.

10. Window Frame Doorway Mirror

Window Frame Doorway Mirror

Do you believe that you can also upcycle your old window frames into a great hallway mirror? Of course, it is possible!

Hence, you only need to white-wash your old window frame and then install the looking glass in it.

As the final step, attach the mirror to the right spot. Its ability to reflect objects in front of it will make your entryway space look more expansive.

11. Glass Entryway Mirror

Glass Entryway Mirror

A stunning material for the entryway mirror frame is porcelain. If you are wondering about its high price, then choosing to do a DIY project will be a good idea.

Furthermore, utilize some artificial material similar to the frame is the best option to take.

The trick is to choose materials with pastel colors and combine them with gold or silver paint to fill the edges. Therefore, you can get a luxurious entryway mirror at an affordable price.

Above all, those are the entryway mirror ideas that you can apply in your home. Have you decided which model suits your interior design perfectly?

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