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18 Modern Farmhouse Art Designs for A Whole New Level

Farmhouse art is one of the most favorite wall ornaments for many people. It is due to its warmth that can keep your home up to date. This decoration comes from obsolete things that you upcycle.

However, now many stores provide amazing farmhouse wall hangings that are worth buying, from the vinyl decor to the multidimensional ones.

So, here are 18 farmhouse wall art ideas that can upgrade the look of your home to an awe-inspiring one. It will be a pity if you miss it!

1. Gather Invitation Vinyl Decal

Gather Invitation Vinyl Decal

Installing a vinyl decal like this in your dining room will make all your guests feel more welcome. Also, simultaneously they will feel at home.

Likewise, with a warm invitation sentence and emphasized with happy words like “Laugh Often,” this space soon becomes a favorite spot for conversations.

2. Farmhouse Burlap Wall Art with Dahlia

Farmhouse Burlap Wall Art with Dahlia

Consider purchasing this farmhouse art burlap to use as your wall decor is a brilliant idea you ever take.

Thus, the combination of light brown sackcloth and warm white dahlias will make your living room look brighter and ready to bring you close to nature.

3. Scrabble Letter Family Gallery

Scrabble Letter Family Gallery

One of the rustic farmhouse art that you can use to enhance your rural living room’s appearance is these scrabble letters. 

Then, by arranging them to form all the names of your family members, plus some photos in the frames, and a wooden blessing sign, now you have a sweet gallery that everyone craves.

4. Industrial Framed Farmhouse Art

Industrial Framed Farmhouse Art

The combination of a wooden table and a set of industrial black and white printing in dark frames are a kind of farmhouse design that you cannot afford to leave. 

Furthermore, this concept is the best design to accentuate the power of real rural life.

5. Rustic Metal Wall Word Art

Rustic Metal Wall Word Art

One of the most prominent characters of the farmhouse style is the number of word arts placed in every corner of your home. Apart from vinyl, there are also those made of metal like this.

Indeed, farm life is synonymous with adventure, so this wall art comes as an option. However, there are no special provisions for that.

You can also choose a series of other words, such as metal positive word signs or motivational quotes that you like.

6. Personalized Room Sign

Personalized Room Sign

The customized farmhouse art sign as above does not only apply to the kitchen. You can also install it in other spots such as the laundry space, dining site, and even the bedroom.

Moreover, getting this wall art is easy. Purchase the room signs in stores or create a DIY project by using the barn wood that you have.

7. 3D farmhouse Family Tree

3D farmhouse Family Tree

The family tree is also a very captivating component of the farmhouse. Instead of installing one made of vinyl, it is a good idea to choose an embossed one. Hence, it seems to be more real to the eyes.

8. Rustic family’s Name Wall Décor

Rustic family’s Name Wall Décor

To give a personal touch or proclaim that this dwelling is yours, it is a good idea to install an extra-large farmhouse wall art like this established board.

Therefore, consider choosing one with distressed dark painted wood and white writing so that the rustic feel in your home will be even more pronounced.

9. Farmhouse Fun Sign for Dining Room

Farmhouse Fun Sign for Dining Room

Choosing a monotonous home design will undoubtedly be boring. Therefore, you have to give a few delightful ornaments so that the atmosphere in your house is not stiff.

For example, this fun wall art provides various cute and framed quotations to line up in your living room.

10. Animal Farm Painting Set

Animal Farm Painting Set

Farmhouse ambiance will feel less than perfect without animal painting on your white wall. Thereupon, enliven your dining room or kitchen with the presence of these cows, chickens, and pigs.

11. Farmhouse Adventure Map

Farmhouse Adventure Map

It has been said that farm life is closely related to adventure. Therefore, you need to put up a rustic wall map to trace the destinations you have visited.

So, your journey story with your family will be well remembered.

12. Mason Jar Farmhouse Wall Art with Flowers

Mason Jar Farmhouse Wall Art with Flowers

The next farmhouse art comes with the creative usage of the mason jars. Then, choose some frosted duck egg blue with white flower trimmings.

It will be especially suitable in summer. Alternatively, you can also choose Mason jar wall art with string lights as decorative radiance for your relaxing evening.

13. Farmhouse Metal Wall Art

Farmhouse Metal Wall Art

Are you looking for vintage farmhouse wall art? Again, enrich your design with industrial metal ornaments. However, the decor should not always from a wheel. Instead, you can also choose some in tile forms.

14. Farmhouse Windmill Wall Décor

Farmhouse Windmill Wall Décor

Well, here it is. Metal windmills can also be an alternative for you who want to have an industrial farmhouse art.

Further, you can set it in your living room, right above the desk. Then, consider adding some metal ornaments and greeneries beneath to make it more eye-catching.

15. Farmhouse Distresses Wooden Arrow

Farmhouse Distresses Wooden Arrow

Do not forget the rustic arrows with their distressed designs! This wooden arrow can be placed anywhere with its bright colors, such as your living room, bedroom, or even your porch.

16. Farmhouse Fused Glass Wall Art

Farmhouse Fused Glass Wall Art

Apart from using the leading light, you also need to provide additional lighting such as this fused glass. Besides, you might put it in the reading space or your master room.

During the day, this farmhouse art will give a striking appearance rather than other wall ornaments. Meanwhile, at night, the dim lighting can offer a romantic impression in your space.

17. Shiplap Sign for Nursery Room

Shiplap Sign for Nursery Room

Enhancing the farmhouse ambiance in your nursery area is not difficult. Only by installing this wall art shiplap with your daughter’s name on it, now you finally get a sweet and elegant look at once.

18. 3D Wooden Square Farmhouse Art

3D Wooden Square Farmhouse Art

Do you want another multidimensional farmhouse art? Well, this wooden squares wall decor is the best solution.

Its gradient colors, which come with brown, beige, gray, and a little greenish, will give you a powerful rural vibe. Above all, those are 18 farmhouse art ideas that can modernize your home decor. Don’t forget to have one and be ready to be adored by many people!

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