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20 Interesting Farmhouse Coffee Table Ideas to Build Yourself

Hearing the words “Farmhouse Coffee Table”, the first thing that comes to mind would be a shabby chic and rustic style. Well, it is actually more than that.

Get ready to expand the knowledge about the beauty of farmhouse furniture. We have gathered 20 coffee tables that would make a great idea for your living space.

You might have some classic chunky farmhouse elements with a rustic finish in your area. Otherwise, aiming to include something less expected like an industrial wooden spool.

Furthermore, the best thing about these inspirational ideas is DIY-friendly design. You might create all ideas in this article by yourself.

1. Modern Farmhouse Coffee Table


Who said a farmhouse aesthetic needs to be rustic, stained, or shabby chic? If you want it to be sleek and clean, aim for a modern version of this style.

Then, as you can see, it will be a stunning addition in the middle of a living room. This element is pretty enough to stand in the entire area.

Indeed, this DIY farmhouse coffee table is perfect for homeowners who like the modern farmhouse-style decor. The two-tone concept would be a great fit to be in front of a sectional sofa.

2. Faux Industrial Table with All Wood


This farmhouse coffee table set brings an industrial vibe because of its design. However, you do not need a steel or metal material to incorporate the style.

The coffee table is all-wood furniture with two different colors of stain. Then, its basic structure gets a black-stained finishing to get the metal charm.

Next, for the tabletop, wood planks with a reclaimed look support the successful faux appearance of this industrial furniture.

So, there is no need to spend a lot of money on a metal-structured table. This idea will only cost you within $75 for the materials.

3. Rustic X Design for Coffee Table


Incorporating a farmhouse aesthetic into space is actually very simple. This table becomes a good example of simplicity.

The table in this picture is beautiful rustic furniture which is easy to build. Then, the wooden materials have some natural patterns. Its nature-based style makes it special.

Besides, the X form on each side of the table looks eye-catching. It strengthens the structure and visual appearance which is typical to a farmhouse element.

Moreover, there is an open storage space under the tabletop. You can use it to store the book collections, magazines, and newspapers.

4. Espresso Farmhouse Coffee Table with Storage Drawers

This furniture looks like an old coffee table that you find in the flea market. Then, the surface has got stained and cleaned to make it appropriate for the living room.

However, that is totally wrong. It is a newly built coffee table from pieces of wood. The designer applies a dark espresso stain to cover the entire structure.

Thus, to get it perfect for a farmhouse style, sand and finish the table as good as possible. Otherwise, you can choose to paint it with a new bright coat for a modern design.

Further, this coffee table features three drawers on the bottom part. Also, there is an open shelf under the top that functions as storage.

5. Industrial Farmhouse Coffee Table


It is another furniture that has some industrial vibes but this one is a real deal. The table consists of metal and wooden material.

It offers some kind of universal design that could fit any style. Therefore, this coffee table can in both modern and rustic places.

Moreover, a black steel structure and a gray tabletop work well together to make such a contrasting scene. It seems like the elements around it are in line.

In addition, a space below the table can be nice storage for a couple of woven baskets. Those elements would emphasize the farmhouse aesthetic in the area.

6. Herringbone Table for Modern Living Room


The furniture becomes a great focal point for your modern farmhouse living space. On top of this coffee table, you can see the wooden herringbone pattern that would catch everyone’s eyes.

This style is such a pleasing detail that a lot of designers won’t consider it. Thus, with that simple idea, you can turn an ordinary farmhouse table into a spectacular one.

Furthermore, the structure design is extraordinary. The diagonal installation of the wooden material seems to match with the herringbone concept of this entire furniture.

In addition, the designer decides to paint the structure in different colors from the top. The bright white helps to highlight the natural texture of the tabletop.

7. Classic Farmhouse Coffee Table Design


Farmhouse furniture with its classic charm would elevate the living space atmosphere. Further, check out the detailed legs. Those are what make the coffee table so interesting.

Besides, its design has a weathered wood look that you can achieve with certain staining techniques. It looks beautiful and classic.

So, set the table in the middle of a neutral bright space to keep the stunning contrast. It would expose the weathered to look even more. That is with your farmhouse space needs.

8. DIY Coffee Table Idea with Hairpin Legs


The previous idea suggests you have a more detailed texture on the legs. Meanwhile, this one is like the opposite of it. These farmhouse coffee table legs are in the hairpin style.

Likewise, the main attraction should be what is on the tabletop. Well, it will be a disappointment. As you can see, this coffee table has a special feature.

Thereupon, the placement of the boards is in diagonal. This look offers a modern vibe to space. In fact, you can do this easy project in about 15 minutes or so.

However, avoid a modern look or texture to the tabletop material. Make sure that it is stained and weathered enough to incorporate the farmhouse style.

9. X-Leg Coffee Table


This simple coffee table design has an industrial flair that comes from the industrial pipe. Then, add a nice small shelf to store stuff.

The shelf looks like a space under the tabletop without the drawers. Also, those X legs are strengthened by the steel pipe that keeps them together.

Furthermore, the black-colored pipe is a necessary addition to keep all of them together. The Thick and solid wood materials are all supporting the farmhouse look.

10. Chic Furniture with Storage on Wheels


The addition of metal castors and hinges increases the portability of this furniture. You can always move this mobile table to other areas.

Then, let’s talk about the hinges. They create a stunning farmhouse element for your living room. Therefore, the box on wheels looks like a chest design.

Moreover, dark-stained wood materials are used all over the structure. It is such a closed coffee table concept that has no shelf, even drawers.

So, if you have nothing to balance the strong farmhouse vibe, just leave it that way. The style would be the only thing that shines bright in the living room.

11. White-Washed Trunk Coffee Table with Casters


This picture shows another farmhouse coffee table on wheels. The creative idea is suitable for your living room. Then, the look and design of the trunk will define the style of the scene.

The weathered white paint all over the trunk is enough to call it shabby chic furniture. Besides, you can still have the function useful. Store all the clutter away from sight inside the container.

However, taking things out of the trunk is quite a fuzz. As you know, the table would already be filled with centerpiece, decoration, or other things.

12. Functional Pullouts in a Table


Pullouts elevate the value and quality of a coffee table. Even though the size is small, it has a lot of them.

You can have those elements to keep the puzzle, games, crafts, books, and others. Besides, people use it as an extra serving space.

13. Simple Coffee Table with Farmhouse Vibe


If you just love the living room layout to be simple, add a focal point that does not stand, this farmhouse coffee table has enough features to impress with its simplicity.

Indeed, The design is still open for more customization. You can probably add a few things to get away from being too simple if you do not like it that much.

Moreover, it is a great surface for farmhouse coffee table decor. This beautiful furniture would fit almost any space.

So, no matter what style you have in the living room, this coffee table is still a great choice.

14. Farmhouse Round Coffee Table


This is a picture of a custom-built round X brace farmhouse coffee table. The structural design of the legs makes a perfect circle to maintain the tabletop.

Actually, the round top is enough to indulge the farmhouse vibe into any space. However, the designer decided to take it to the next level.

Wherefore, architecture has all the characteristics of a rustic theme. It reminds you that a coffee table does not always have corners.

15. Modern Farmhouse Table in Trunk Style


It is one of the products from Savvy Discount Furniture that you can purchase right away for about 250 dollars. However, there is always another way, a more affordable one.

You can take the design as an inspiration for the next DIY project. This farmhouse coffee table with storage keeps all your belongings safe and hidden. It is because that what a trunk does.

Additionally, the deliciously rustic coffee table has some metal bracket accents. The combination of modern design and farmhouse style works well.

16. Large Wooden Spool Furniture


For another round farmhouse coffee table, this one should be on your wishing list. This furniture would be super easy to make because you do not even need to build it from scratch.

Usually, some large wooden spools are available in certain places and stores. Thus, their durability and rustic accent would be perfect for the living room.

To achieve this table, the project is as easy as painting the surface to give it a new life. For example, a white color seems to be perfect for a modern-style living room.

Otherwise, you can just stain it to emphasize the natural wood look that exposes the rustic charm.

17. Crates Coffee Table


Crates are the most popular materials for DIY furniture. You can make almost anything from these wood elements including this table.

If you do not want farmhouse coffee table plans with an extreme shabby chic look, you should stain it to make the crates look clean first.

Moreover, this specific table uses six wooden crates. Stick them all together to form a rectangular shape. All you need to do is add the legs and another wood plank to fill the empty top.

18. Small Farmhouse Furniture


Even though your living room space is limited, you can still add a nice farmhouse coffee table in the middle. Thus, this one is the perfect furniture for those who are short on space.

Besides, you can use this piece as a side table or an accent thing, but the size is smaller than the typical furniture.

However, this one provides a storage solution at the lower part. It also has an X board detail on each side. Therefore, the features add texture and character to the design.

19. Coffee Table with Sliding Barn Door


Check out the interesting feature in this coffee table. It comes with a sliding barn door that is very uncommon for this kind of furniture.

The farmhouse-inspired design comes from the solid wood that forms a rectangular shape. Also, there is a large storage space that you can access through the unique door.

Likewise, the barn-style door is the main attraction of this coffee table. Apparently, you can place this piece in any style to add a rustic flair.

20. Slender Coffee Table with Lightweight Vibe


Generally, a coffee table tends to be solid and bulky. However, you should not follow it if you do not want to. Thus, a choice to make the style slender and lightweight is your call.

This one is a Nadell table which has a rectangle shape with a flat surface. The gray and white combination strengthens the lightweight vibe.


Now, it’s time to decide which farmhouse coffee table would fit in your living room. Then, get ready for your next DIY project.

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