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10+ Chic Farmhouse Entryway Ideas for the Utmost Hospitality

The first thing that your guests will notice when stepping into the front door is the hallway. Therefore, it has to be epic. Read on to find chic farmhouse entryway ideas to jazz up it.

1. Farmhouse Entryway Bench

Some entryways serve a double duty. They are the spot that welcome your guests while becoming a pretty good mudroom.

For this reason, they usually have a bench so that the homeowners or guests can put on or take off the boots or shoes easily.

You can find many farmhouse entryway ideas with bench, just like what you can see here.

This farmhouse entryway a rustic herringbone bench with pegged legs that add the touch of modern flair to the space.

You can also see some hooks that are ready to hold coats, caps, and bags in place so that they will not make a mess.

2. Farmhouse Entryway Wall Decor

Wall decor plays an important role in every room. In fact, it can be a top-notch choice when it comes to embellishing small space.

Since wall decor can draw the eyes instantly, people will forget about the limited space, and begin to adore the interior design. It also happens in an entryway.

Farmhouse entryway wall décor ideas are about who you are. They have to show what you are into and what kind of person you are.

This farmhouse entryway looks like a mini gallery that can entertain your guests. You can find photos, signs, and quotes on the wall.

The quotes are exhilarating. They will kindly remind everyone stepping into the entryway to be grateful for whatever he gets.

3. Modern Minimalist Farmhouse Entryway

If you are into a minimalist look, this farmhouse entryway idea is for you.

Unlike the previous idea, this entryway does not display various kinds of pictures and signs. It remains simple a bench, a round mirror, and some wicker baskets.

A decorative plant adds a lively lift to the entryway. To kick it up a notch, attach maple leaves onto the white paneling.

4. Farmhouse Entryway Lighting

Lighting is one of the most indispensable things when it comes to decorating a room. It is not only about illuminating the space properly but also carving out a certain nuance.

An impressivefarmhouse entryway also needs the right lighting. It has to be a little bit rustic and gives the look of country style. Therefore, wrought-iron pendant light would be great.

When entering this house, you will be amazed by the wrought-iron chandeliers that bring in classic ambiance to the space. Two identical sconces flank the bench nicely.

5. Farmhouse Small Entryway Ideas

A small entryway is not a dead end at all. You just need to find the right pieces for it so that they will decorate the space nicely without being messy.

This small entryway features a bench that you can use to sit on when putting on your shoes.

You can find enough space underneath, so it would be better if you put two baskets here.

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A ladder leans against the wall to take over the role of hooks. You can hang your scarves or coats there.

For the final touch, a wreath and a “Home Sweet Home” wood sign makes an epic hospitality.

6. White Farmhouse Entryway

The crisp white of this entryway denotes the modern farmhouse style immensely. Besides, this color hue is the best option when it comes to limited space.

This entryway lacks space. Fortunately, it is not a big deal. You can make it appear to be larger by investing in white furniture.

White console table matches the wall perfectly, which makes them look united. Top the table with some accessories of your choice, such as chandeliers, a vase, and a quote.

Add some greenery to freshen up the space. A green wreath would be perfect to enhance the farmhouse style. Having ivy dangle over a photograph can be a dramatic addition.

7. A Cozy Nook

An entryway usually comes in the form of a corridor that links the front door and the living room. However, this one is a bit different. It is good, though.

This entryway comes in the form of a cozy nook instead of a long corridor. The good news is you can hang out in here with your friend if you want.

It has an L-shaped built-in bench that can accommodate more people. This farmhouse entryway also has more hooks to host coats, scarves, and hats.

You can even find corkboard with holder to store keys and some wooden racks for letters or special notes.

8. Scrabble Time

Scrabble is a fun game that helps you enrich your vocabulary. Now, you can take it to the next level by incorporating it into an epic farmhouse entryway.

Once you come into the entryway, you will be amazed by the decoration. It is like you are playing scrabble now.

The names of all the family members come in the form of scrabble tiles. To make it look better, you can hang some signs or photos around them.

9. Welcome Halloween

Halloween is over. But you can always bring in the vibes throughout the year by decorating your farmhouse entryway.

This entryway has a black console table that hosts a witch doll, a vase, and two pictures. A thin black transparent fabric covers it, emulating a spider web.

To beef up the look and accentuate the vibes, attach some black bats on the white paneling.

10. Rustic Farmhouse Entryway

An impressive farmhouse entrywaydoes not always have to be fancy or sophisticated. Even a simple and affordable one can work like a charm.

This entryway is DIY-friendly. You just need to attach corrugated sheet. Top it with a wooden shelf and some wrought-iron hooks. Add two sconces for a more rustic look.

11. Add Some Greenery

Earthy tones are what you commonly see in a farmhouse entryway. They can be in the form of a bench, a table, a rug, and paneling.

If you think it is a bit mundane, you can add some greenery to freshen up the space. Grow some ivy in a planter, and put it on a shelf so that it can dangle dramatically.

Decorating a farmhouse entryway does not have to make you short on money. You can just shop around your home or dollar store to gather some rustic items.

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