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10 Farmhouse Front Door Ideas to Welcome Your Guests

Having a beautiful house is the dream of many people. If you are among those who like to impress guests, why not try adopting a farmhouse front door?

Among the many concepts, the farmhouse front door is indeed quite interesting. With elements that bring us closer to nature, this style not only gives a warm feel but also attractive.

There are many ways to bring this concept into your home. You can even integrate it with sundry other styles. Here are the farmhouse front door ideas that you can choose:

1. Modern Farmhouse Front Doors

The modern concept and farmhouse have many differences. Even so, that doesn’t mean you can’t combine them into one style.

One application of this combination is to minimize space-consuming decorations. Besides that, the use of bright colors can also help exude a modern impression.

For the rest, you can use doors and decorations that use natural materials. Wood, stones, twigs, and plant parts are items that you can choose.

2. Through the Glasses

Some people may like privacy, but not a few are taking the side of the openness concept. This style prefers to let the room look spacious with the use of glass materials.

This style is a manifestation of modern concepts. However, you can make it look more country by adding some farmhouse elements.

One method is to use wood or stone material. Besides that, you can also add decorations that display natural elements.

3. Farmhouse Front Door with Sidelights

When it comes to decoration, most people only think about the decoration of the room. You also add useful items, such as lights.

As the farmhouse concept tends to feature warm nuances, the existence of lights is crucial. A little light will make your front door look catchy and attract attention.

The sidelights don’t have to be too bright, but they should be sufficiently illuminating. Besides, beautiful design choices will also make your farmhouse front door even more attractive.

4. Decide Your Farmhouse Front Door Colors

Besides design, another way to beautify your farmhouse front door decor is by playing with colors. The choice of tone will affect someone’s impression of your house.

Some people choose bright colors to make their front door easily visible. You can also add various typical farmhouse decorations to make it even catchier.

However, you can also choose a variety of softer tones to give an elegant impression. Bold colors can also be an interesting choice because they contain a strong character.

5. Fiberglass Farmhouse Front Door

Who says farmhouse front door is always identical with wood? Why not try to be different by using fiberglass?

This material can be an option for those of you who want to appear classier with transparent materials. Instead of using glass, fiberglass will be much safer and shatter-resistant.

Doors with this kind of material do not secure the privacy of the resident. However, you can add curtains or inner doors to keep your life private.

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6. Rustic Lover

Rustic and farmhouse are two closely related concepts. Both are based on nature and emphasis the aesthetic value of every piece of furniture and design.

Therefore, it will not be difficult to combine this concept. The use of wood as a front door can be a manifestation of both styles.

Rustic style is also synonymous with an unfinished look with objects that have irregular shapes. You can also place stone decorations around it to strengthen the natural feel.

Meanwhile, the farmhouse concept displays a typical rustic style with lots of natural decorations. Therefore, you can add accessories from materials such as straw, twigs, flowers, or leaves.

7. Farmhouse Wreath Ideas

Apart from emphasizing a touch of nature, the farmhouse concept also places a lot of decoration in various angles. One that you can display is the wreath decoration on the door.

This decoration is indeed quite popular, both as a complimentary for doors and room accessories. You can use various designs and styles to suit your home.

As a complementary, you can also add welcome words to the installed wreaths. Some people also add lights and other accessories to enhance this decoration.

8. Modern Farmhouse Double Front Door

In the previous discussion, we touched on the modern front door farmhouse. You also already know a strategy for combining these two concepts.

In addition to the way aloft, you also apply double doors to your home. Thus, there are two doors installed in a row at the front of your house.

This front door has several advantages, one of which is in terms of security. The double door will reduce the risk of crime or the bad influence of nature because you don’t have to open it too wide.

Besides, this type of door provides more protection for privacy. Another plus, you can also get the best designs that have more aesthetic value.

9. Looking at the Mirror

Many people like glass and fiberglass because they provide classiness. Unfortunately, such transparent materials do not protect the privacy of homeowners.

But you can try another alternative, namely using a mirror. Your front door looks classier without worrying about other people peeking at activities in the house.

10. Big Windows on the Sides

The doors and windows are a unit. But lately, many people choose to separate these two parts on the front part of the house.

There is nothing wrong with returning to traditional designs. Placing a large window next to the door is not a bad idea. Plus, you can also get more ventilation.

To give the impression of a farmhouse, don’t forget to add various decorations around the windows and doors. Make your house the most attractive.

It’s deniable that a front door is a crucial part of a house. Every guest who comes will be looking for, approaching, and knocking. Therefore, a beautiful design will also give a good impression.

For DIY-ers, there are many design references from various sources. But if you don’t want to bother, you can choose Lowe’s farmhouse front door displayed on the store and the website page.

Meanwhile, talking about concepts, magnificent and luxurious styles have dominated the world of home decor for decades. Now, it’s time to be different and start switching to the farmhouse front door.

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