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Farmhouse Kitchen Lighting Ideas for a Vintage Touch

If you are in love with rustic and vintage designs, then you must agree with the ideas of farmhouse kitchen lighting. They are classic yet modern in many ways.

To nail a good farmhouse style, it is better to use metal, wood, and glass for the materials. The combination of these three elements will make a beautiful rustic look.

Another way to create an antique farmhouse kitchen lighting is by using unique shapes of bulbs. They will make your lights stand out and shine. 

Furthermore, if you like the ideas of farmhouse kitchen lighting, here are some great ideas for your reference.

1. Weathered Iron Chandelier for Farmhouse Kitchen Lighting

Weathered Iron Chandelier for Farmhouse Kitchen Lighting

A simple yet glamour version of the farmhouse kitchen lighting is the weathered iron chandelier. This design has six candelabra bulbs that will warm the whole room.

What makes the chandelier more interesting is the looping scrolls in each arm. The color is also very rustic that enhance an old and vintage vibe. 

2. Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Lighting

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Lighting

One of the modern farmhouse kitchen lighting ideas that you should try is the birdcage pendant. 

For this design, the cage comes with open sides to let people see the bright bulbs inside. However, rather than an oval shape, this is from a square cube to make it look simple but modern. 

3. Mason Jar Farmhouse Kitchen Lighting

Mason Jar Farmhouse Kitchen Lighting

Hanging Mason jar lights is a great choice for homeowners who are looking for modern farmhouse kitchen lighting ideas. 

The farmhouse lighting designs are vintage, but it can pair well with a modern theme kitchen island. 

Moreover, to make it match, use a wood board for the upper base of the lamp. As for the colors, both white and yellow are great to use. 

4. Orbit Accent Chandelier

Orbit Accent Chandelier

If you have a shabby chic kitchen, then the orbit accent chandelier should be a great match. This design of lighting is just like any other lamp.

However, to evoke an interesting look, there is an orbit around the chandelier bulbs. These additional accents will make the lamp look modern and chic.

5. White Leg Farmhouse Kitchen Lighting

White Leg Farmhouse Kitchen Lighting

When most people use table farmhouse kitchen lighting ideas, try a white leg lamp as a change. The whitish hue may seem old; however, it will add a vintage touch.

6. Metal Shades Pendant Lights

Metal Shades Pendant Lights

If you still like the over table farmhouse kitchen lighting ideas, then check out metal shades pendant lights. These are a great choice for those who have a rustic theme.

At a glance, these metal shades look like milk jugs. But do not worry, they match perfectly with the farmhouse kitchen.

7. Farmhouse Kitchen Lighting Pendants

Farmhouse Kitchen Lighting Pendants

The glass shade pendants are also a great combination of modern and rustic lightings. They help the lights shine bright and look modern, whereas the chains hanging on makes it look more rustic.

8. Chicken Wire Lighting 

Chicken Wire Lighting

One of the famous lightings that many people have been using is chicken wire lighting. This lamp is everyone’s favorite style because it is easy to make and gives a great rustic effect. 

To make this, you will need some wires, or you can get a real chicken wire cage. Then, adjust the shape and size according to the size of your room. 

9. Pulley Sconces

Pulley Sconces

For antique farmhouse kitchen lightings, try using pulley scones for the hanger. Thus, you can apply these designs by hanging the lamps on several parts of the room.

Further, to make the lighting even better, use an antique lamp with a metal cage around it. After that, hang the light around your kitchen to create a warm ambiance.

10. Metal Bathroom Light

Metal Bathroom Light

Metal bathroom lights are always a great choice of farmhouse lighting that you can use anywhere in the house. The bold colors and the globe bulbs help the light stand out in any space. 

Additionally, to match this design, combine it with wood and white accents such as for the flooring or the storage. 

11. Black Metal Chandelier

Black Metal Chandelier

People who are searching for a simple, yet elegant chandelier should certainly use the black metal chandelier. Different from the other types, the bulbs in this design are arranged inside a boxy frame.

Inside the boxy frame, four pointy bulbs are frosted white. Likewise, it is to make them look less intense but still attractive. 

12. Crystal Chandelier with Wooden Ladder

Crystal Chandelier with Wooden Ladder

A fancy farmhouse kitchen lighting that not many people may think of is the crystal chandelier with a wooden ladder. 

In this design, a ladder consists of three crystal chandeliers. Therefore, the combination of these two elements brings an elegant and old fashion feeling into the kitchen. 

13. Chandelier in Bell Jar Cover

Chandelier in Bell Jar Cover

For classic farmhouse lighting, the chandelier in bell jar cover is a great option to choose from. The style and design of this lamp are just perfect for creating a relaxing and warm atmosphere in the kitchen. 

If you have a small kitchen, then hanging one in the middle is enough. However, if the room is bigger, 2-3 chandeliers are better. 

14. Rope-Wrapped Chandelier

Rope-Wrapped Chandelier

Another unique style of chandelier that will give a rustic accent to the kitchen is the rope-wrapped design. Just like its name, the lamp is wrapped with a certain rope.

All parts of the lamps are wrapped with a rope except for the light fixtures. Thus, it will make the lighting stand out especially at night.

15. Ceiling Light Chicken Wire Shade

Ceiling Light Chicken Wire Shade

Rather than making your chicken wire, why not use the existing cage. You can utilize the material for your lighting by sticking it upside down on the ceiling. 

Likewise, for this design, you do not need to hang any lights, just use the existing one. Next, install the chicken cage so that it looks like you are closing the lamps. 

16. Simple Black Barn Lights

Simple Black Barn Lights

Nothing can go wrong with a simple black barn light. This is one of the best farmhouse lighting style ideas that is suitable for any place in the house. 

Moreover, it is modern but still gives a touch of rustic inside the room. To conclude, whatever your house design is, farmhouse kitchen lighting is one of the best options to use. It can make your place shine bright but offer some vintage and rustic touch. 

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