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10 Farmhouse Mirror Ideas to Make You Feel Home

The decoration is one of the crucial things to beautify a home. Of the many existing accessories, one that is interesting to try is the farmhouse mirror.

Apart from its function as a mirror, there are aesthetic values that you can enjoy. You can also place it anywhere and with a beautiful design that will make the room livelier.

The following are some recommendations for farmhouse mirror ideas that you can apply at home. Not only buying, but you can also even design and make it yourself at home:

1. Add Some Useful Features

The best decorations are those that have both utility and aesthetic value. Therefore, you must be smart in choosing furniture and decorations that are useful.

A mirror itself is one of the objects that have a high use value. But by making it a decoration, of course, it is considered to have aesthetic value.

However, there is nothing wrong if you maximize this value. One example is adding a feature to the farmhouse mirror in your house.

One example is adding a hook that allows you to hang something on the mirror. Another example, you can combine it with the vanity in the bathroom.

2. Antique Farmhouse Mirror

For antique enthusiasts, aesthetic value is everything. The more unique the design, the more people are looking for it, particularly if the farmhouse mirror has a great background.

Many people agree that collecting something antique does bring its pleasure. It’s satisfying if we have something rare and the target of many people.

There are many ways to get it. Collectors generally get them from exchanges that are indeed a medium for selling and buying antiques.

Generally, objects that are considered antiques also have a very high value. However, collectors will have no problem spending a lot of money as long as the item is proven authentic.

3. The Frames

The frame is one part of the mirror that makes it deserves to be part of the decoration. The more unique the design, the more people are looking for it.

Therefore, when choosing a mirror, you also have to consider the shape and frame. Don’t forget to pick a color that suits your tastes and needs.

The farmhouse mirrors Amazon shown on their page is quite diverse and beautiful. You can also make it yourself by using items that are no longer in use at home.

4. Large Rustic Farmhouse Mirrors

Size does matter. Sometimes something large enough is quite a sought-after. It also applies when you choose farmhouse mirror.

Some people choose a large size because it is free to see shadows. Another reason, this kind of object can be classy furniture that adorns the corner of the room.

You can combine rustic and farmhouse concepts for this mirror. Choose materials from wood or stone, complete with rustic decorations and colors that give a warm feel.

5. Something Round

The form of decoration also affects the appearance of your room, so you need to choose it carefully. One recommendation that you can try is a round mirror.

This shape can be an alternative when a square or rectangular mirror starts to feel boring. You can place it in the bathroom, bedroom, or any other place.

To give a farmhouse feel, you can choose a unique wooden frame. Besides, don’t forget to add natural-themed decorations around it.

6. Full Length Farmhouse Mirror

Besides the large mirror, the full length can also be a choice for a farmhouse mirror in your home. The size is the same as the adult’s body will provide relief when using it.

Apart from the functions and benefits, these mirrors have decorations that reflect closeness to nature. Some of them also have a distressed or unfinished tone.

This kind of farmhouse mirror will give you a warm country feel. Generally, this decoration also uses distinctive colors that create a comfortable atmosphere.

7. Distressed Furniture

Another recommendation to bring the feel of a farmhouse in your home is to use distressed mirrors. The pattern that looks old, shabby, and unkempt is the main attraction.

Recently, this pattern has attracted the attention of many people because it has a high aesthetic value. For many people, this model can bring them to the feel of a typical peaceful countryside.

Besides, the colors that seem faded also exude their beauty. You can also add additional decorations to strengthen the natural feel in your room.

8. Farmhouse Mirror with Shelf

Combining farmhouse mirror with furniture is one way to increase use-value. Thus, it can provide more benefits to your home.

A shelf placed near a mirror may be useful for storing various items. Its existence can also be a storage area so that the items needed are not scattered.

However, you have to put the right shelf under the farmhouse concept that the mirror carries. Consider the material, color, shape, and a variety of other factors.

9. Farmhouse Window Mirror

In this world, many unique mirrors will make your home even more attractive. One of them is a window mirror that has a different design than the others.

At first glance, you will see it as a window on a wall. Some frames and frames complement it. But you will see the difference when you look at the glass surface.

The glass in this mirror turns out to be able to reflect images. The use of this design is already remarkable and is widely-used in bathrooms and other rooms.

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10. Cottage Mirrors

Another recommendation you can apply is to use cottage mirrors as home decoration. It won’t be hard to get it as it is widely available in various stores. Choose the best design you can find.

We all know that a mirror is a required item that should be in every home. But besides having a use-value, there is nothing wrong if this item also becomes a home decoration.

You will have no trouble getting a beautiful design because many stores offer unique products. You can even do a farmhouse mirror DIY for a model like no other.

Finally, we can conclude that objects with use-value can also be beautiful decorations. You can start embellishing the corner of your home by placing a farmhouse mirror.

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