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11 Exhilarating Farmhouse Rugs to Spruce up any Room

Whether you want to spruce up the interior design of your home or soothe any bare feet, farmhouse rugs will always have your back. Check out some ideas on how to pick them.

1. Rectangular Farmhouse Rug

Many people fail to notice the important role of an entryway. This is the premier room that your guests will notice and it is the place that welcomes your beloved kids and spouse.

For this reason, making it as comfortable and stylish as the other rooms is the right choice. To make it true, you can begin with laying a farmhouse rug on the floor.

The first thing you need to consider when choosing the best farmhouse rug for the entryway is the material.

Since the entryway entails a lot of traffic, the rug has to be long lasting, durable, and resistant to stain. Therefore, jute, wool, sisal, or synthetic fiber will be your safe bet.

A rectangular wool rug lies nicely on the floor, offering your bare feet the ultimate comfort. This kind of material is renowned for its durability.

This wool rug is as well simple to clean. You just need to use soapy water and a duster to remove the taint. More importantly, it comes in earthy tone that highlight the farmhouse style.

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2. Oval Farmhouse Rugs

A jute rug is another option for a high-trafic area, such as the foyer, living room, or entryway. This kind of material is made of natural fiber. It is well-known for being extremely durable and easy to clean.

If the rug is getting dirty, you just need to give it a good shake. You can also vacuum it regularly. However, this kind of rug as well as some drawbacks. It tends to be coarse, so it will not be comfortable for bare feet. It also tends to shed.

This jute farmhouse rug shows you how nice it is despite the drawbacks. The oval shape and distinctive pattern makes it look standout in this living room.

Laying it on light flooring, like what you can see here, is the best way to conceal the shedding.

3. Farmhouse Rugs for Kitchen

The kitchen is prone to stain and wet. It is imperative that you need to find the best rug that can withstand this condition.

As a good rule of thumb, a flat-weave rug would be better than those with a higher pile because it is easy to clean.

A flat-weave wool rug would be great as it provides extra comfort when you have to stand up for a long period of time cooking and doing the dishes.

This wool rug comes in off-white with grayish-spotted pattern that matches the granite countertop. It is quite easy to clean. Extra care is also necessary, though.

If you are looking for farmhouse rugs that can eliminate slippery floor in the kitchen without the hassle, consider purchasing polypropylene one.

4. Country Farmhouse Area Rug

Like the kitchen, the dining room is prone to spills. Therefore, a flat-weave or a short-pile rug would be a good match.

This dining room features an off-white cotton flat-weave rug that lies beneath the table and the chairs. The color hue matches the decor immensely.

The rug has a soft and smooth surface that can soothe the feet well. It also features embossed pattern that adds textural element.

5. Elegant Farmhouse Rug

Add a little bit touch of Bohemian style into your farmhouse living room with this short-pile rug. This rug features cream embossed pattern over light gray background, which makes it look elegant.

Since this is a short-pile rug, it is easy to clean, which means it is suitable for any high-traffic area.

6. Black and White Embossed Rug

An embossed rug with sophisticated patterns have never failed to add luxury to any living room.

As you can view, this farmhouse rugadds a touch of elegance to the room. It comes in black and off-white hues that match the couch and chairs.

7. Navy Blue Rug

8. Large Medallion Rug

This rug looks luxurious with a large medallion pattern in the middle as the centerpiece. It also has fringes on both ends to make an epic accent.

You will be able to get the ultimate comfort because of the cotton material with a blend of polyester and viscose that ensures softness and warmth.

Besides, these materials have made it become environmentally friendly. In addition to that, you will get to clean it without breaking a sweat.

Just put it into your washing machine, and you are all set.

9. Simple Sisal Rug

Sisal is natural fiber that can make a long-lasting and durable rug. It is even the toughest of the group. Therefore, it is perfect for high traffic areas.

Like jute, a sisal rug comes in a wide array of earthy hues. However, it is scant well than the other natural fibers because it is coarse.

This living room looks great with a sisal area rug. It features simple geometric pattern that adds subtle nuance to it. The earthy tone complements the table and armchair nicely.

10. Minimalist Gray Rug

This modern farmhouse living room looks chic with minimalist interior design. To round out it, a light gray wool rug lies on the floor.

You cannot find sophisticated pattern in this minimalist farmhouse rug. Nevertheless, it still looks stylist because its simplicity is the main charm here.

This rug stands out well on the concrete flooring. The texture and subtle pattern matches the wicker basket well.

11. Hand-Knotted Dark Blue Area Rug

Earthy tones tend to work well in a farmhouse interior design. That is not always the case. In fact, a dark blue rug can bring in a distinctive charm to the space.

This hand-knotted farmhouse rugis worth considering. The combination of subtle pattern coming from different blue hues and the texture adds warmth and style at once.

Since this rug is made of the combination of New Zealand wool, jute, and cotton, it is quite long-lasting and durable, making it a great choice for your living room and bedroom.

When it comes to purchasing a farmhouse rug, you need to consider not only the designs but also the materials so that you can get a chic one without compromising your ultimate comfort.

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