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9 Outstanding Farmhouse Shelves You Can Use at Home

The farmhouse shelves are popular among the furniture collection. It might bring us back to the old-time and make the house look subtle. 

These furniture pieces function as storage in the kitchen and bathroom. However, we can turn them also into a decoration for aesthetic reasons.

Moreover, placing the farmhouse shelves will change the way you look at your house and deliver a tidier look at your home. So, keep on reading these wonderful ideas. 

1. Chunky Wood Farmhouse Shelves Idea

Chunky Wood Farmhouse Shelves Idea

A chunky wood shelf exposes the beam, and it conveys a warm sensation at home. It is easy to match the farmhouse styles with various stuff and make the house look more subtle. 

Also, we love the fact that the shelf does not require lots of space. The thin stuff can fit a tiny space. Thus, the design works well in a minimalist house.

Then, you can make use of the empty corner and install this chunky wood shelf

It can function as a furniture piece to display all of your decorations ranging from picture frames, souvenirs, and DIY art projects.

Besides, the chunky wood is environmentally friendly, and unlike the metal, it is not prone to rust. Thereupon, you are going to adore this piece.

Furthermore, to save much of your budget, consider picking up the unused chunky wood, coat it with lacquer, and the DIY farmhouse shelves are ready to charm up your house. 

2. Natural Pallet Shelf

Natural Pallet Shelf

No wonder people love the use of a pallet accent in their house.  

Not only easy to maintain and is affordable, but this material also produces a warm vibe to your home. Besides, it is easy to combine with any decorative piece.

Look at this pallet farmhouse shelves. It is an effortless task to make the storage wonderful and look brand new. Besides, you should not paint its surface to keep the natural appearance.

In addition, the pallet farmhouse shelves are easy to customize, so it fits the space at home. It will be gorgeous to add some tiny indoor plants and other rustic decor pieces. 

3. Rustic Open Kitchen Shelves 

Rustic Open Kitchen Shelves

The idea to feature the rustic kitchen shelf never dies. Thereupon, the farmhouse shelves makeover is lovable, and they blend so well with the white tiles backsplash.

We love how the distressed wood looks strong enough to keep many kitchen utensils and even so, make them look like decorative pieces.

Likewise, with the farmhouse shelves idea, the kitchen looks more attractive. People will love to be there to try various cuisine recipes.

4. Wood Plank with the Scripted Sign

Wood Plank with the Scripted Sign

We include this decorative piece in the farmhouse shelves idea just because it has a double function. 

As a shelf, it is sturdy enough to keep your stuff such as books and the photo frame. Meanwhile, it conveys natural charm to your room as a decorative piece.

Additionally, you can make it more attractive by adding a plank with scripted signs. It is playful and screams shabby chic.

5. Shelves That Screams Vintage

Shelves That Screams Vintage

When you see the picture above, it feels like the time machine is real. The design looks like it comes from the past.

If you love the old way, you can bring it into your modern world through this farmhouse shelves idea. 

For example, a simple concept comes with the use of regular wood planks and some vintage stuff, from an old scale, wooden kitchen utensils to the tiny indoor plants.

Furthermore, the decision to feature neutral shade as the color of the kitchen accentuates the classic nuance. If you prefer the farmhouse style, this is the best option.

6. Shelf from Old Window Frames

Shelf from Old Window Frames

The old rack makes the collections seem more boring, except for these old shelves.

It does look old, but not too dull. Indeed, every element that exists in this farmhouse book rack idea seems so touching and boosts your mood in the living room.

The use of outdated windows creates a nice and touchy statement. It blends well with the additional decorative piece from the old frame to the wreath.

Additionally, the shelf gives you a feeling of being in a classic shabby chic world. This world is full of digital matter, and these interior designs get you out of that boredom.

7. Plank Wall Farmhouse Shelves

Plank Wall Farmhouse Shelves

The bad thing we must deal with about the bathroom is the limited space. Usually, the vanity and sink are enough to make the bathroom look stuffy.

Wherefore, if what you have is only a tiny bathroom, no need to worry about where and how to store the thing. 

We like the idea of how you can explore the wall. Instead of letting it empty, the idea of filling the space above the water closet is brilliant. Also, it offers an inviting look to the bathroom.

The styles of farmhouse shelves idea are also a great choice to store things in the bathroom, so it will not look stuffy.

8. Three Farmhouse Shelves in a Row

Three Farmhouse Shelves in a Row

This farmhouse style shelves are so lovable because it conveys natural ambiance.

Again, another good thing about these shelves is that you can store many things there and put the decorative piece.

The three shelves in a row create harmony and enhance a pleasant look. Besides using it as storage, you can use it to exhibit your collection.

9. Basket Crate in the Wall as Farmhouse Shelves

Basket Crate in the Wall as Farmhouse Shelves

A basket is always a brilliant idea to store the stuff without taking up too much space at home. 

However, putting the basket will give your room a messy look. That is why we shall try other things.

Then, you can stick the baskets to the wall. The stuff will function not only as storage but also as wall decoration.

Therefore, pay attention to the tape you would use to stick the basket. Make sure it is strong enough so that the stuff will not fall.

The charm of farmhouse shelves creates a magnificent accent to your home sweet home. Let us grab paper and design the storage pieces that you want to have at home!

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