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12 Creative Farmhouse Window Treatments that You can Copy

Farmhouse window treatments are not merely something that alleviates the glare of the sun. Read on to find how to make or use them properly.

1. Farmhouse Window Decor

Farmhouse style brings elegant and classic ambiance to the space. Therefore, the window treatments tend to be a little bit rustic.

Burlap is one of the most common farmhouse window treatments. The texture of it brings in rustic flair while blocking the light quite well.

The color of burlap fabric usually comes in earthy tones, which contrast with the white window trims and the clear glass, just like what you can see here.

This farmhouse window treatment features burlap valance and cafe curtains for the lower part. What makes them wonderful is you do not need to see the pieces.

First, you need to pin two of the burlap edges to the window. Get two pieces of jute twine, and tie the fabric loosely. That’s it!

2. Modern Farmhouse Window Treatment

Sheer curtains would be the best choice if you want to add a little bit of modern look to your farmhouse interior design.

The crisp white of these curtains matches the trims and walls nicely, which completes the look well.

Another good thing about sheer curtains is they can provide privacy while allowing subtle natural light come into the space, making the room feel airy and open enough.

Furthermore, sheer curtains can make your small bedroom appear to be larger depending on how you hang them.

Instead of hanging the curtains right above the window, it will be better if you suspend them from the ceiling to the floor.

By doing this kind of trick, you will make people think that you have a large window. Besides, hanging the curtains a few inches off the floor is somewhat awkward.

3. Farmhouse Window Valance

If you want to expose the trims of your window, but you cannot put up with the light, hanging a valance will be your greatest bet.

Valance might be one of the most versatile farmhouse window treatments. You can make it out of wood, rope, weft, or anything that you can think of.

Unfortunately, valance only conceals the upper part of the window, letting the rest remain uncovered. It means you will not get your ultimate privacy.

To overcome this problem, you can add a window blind to block the view as well as the glaring sun, just like what you can see here.

This living room uses a fabric valance and white blind for the farmhouse window treatment. They look chic because they complement the trims a lot.

4. Affordable Farmhouse Curtains

Farmhouse window treatments are not always expensive. If you make it yourself with the materials that you can find at home or a dollar store, you can salt away your money.

This farmhouse window treatment, for example, is made of burlap. It has printed pattern that can jazz up the kitchen.

If sewing is not your metier, do not worry! You just need to find burlap coffee sacks, hem the edges for a neat look, install some curtain rings, and – finally – hang them on the rod.

5. DIY Farmhouse Window Treatment

Making a farmhouse window treatment yourself is the best way to get the one that suits your requirement without costing you a fortune, just like this one.

To make this DIY roman shade, you will need 2 yards fabric, 4 wooden dowels, a 1×2 plywood and brackets that you will use to mount the window treatment, and thin nylon string.

You will also need 2 eye screws, 8 small plastic shade rings, wood staple gun, needle, thread, and sewing machine.

6. Drop-Cloth Curtains

Like sheer curtains, drop cloth can make a pretty good farmhouse window treatment. But it is more suitable for a classic style rather than a modern flair due to the off-white hue.

This farmhouse features off-white paneling for a classic nuance. Drop cloth makes a great addition as they share the same color hue, which creating a cohesive look.

Try hanging the drop-cloth curtains close to the ceiling and let them dangle to the floor. To show the rustic look, you can add burlap valance.

7. Bamboo Roman Shade and Wreath


Bamboo roman shades have always bring in a little bit of traditional ambiance to the space.

Besides, they provide some small gaps so that you can still enjoy sufficient natural light and observe what is going on outside.

This kitchen uses bamboo roman shades to cover the window over the kitchen sink. To make it look more appealing, you can hang a wreath over it.

8. Stripped Valance

This valance lends a little bit of French-country style to the space, which makes it look stylish. You can try out to make it at home.

To make this valance, you will need wooden board, trim it to form the pattern that you like. Sand it down thoroughly to remove any splinter.

After that, apply primer and paint to form the stripped pattern. Seal it with polyurethane to make it long lasting. Finally, screw it to the window trim.

9. Checkerboard Roman Shade

This roman shade adds retro vibes to the space due to the checkerboard pattern. It also matches the backsplash of this kitchen immensely, creating a nice harmony.

10. Christmas Vibes

You do not need to wait for December to feel the festive mood of Christmas. With some little creativity, you can bring the vibes throughout the year.

This farmhouse window treatment features cafe curtains and a wreath. The gray fabric has distinctive patterns that resemble snowflakes.

The green wreath conjures up the moments of decorating a Christmas tree together with all of the family members.

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11. Floral Valance

Add some sort of elegance with this valance. It is made of crepe fabric with floral pattern on it.

Red tassels make a good border for this valance, carving out a luxurious appearance in this kitchen.

12. Wrought-Iron Valance

Sometimes people install a farmhouse window treatment to beautify the interior design, not to block the light. If that is the case, a wrought-iron valance can do the trick.

This wrought-iron valance cannot alleviate the glaring sun, nor give privacy. But it definitely makes your window look stunning.

You have many options of farmhouse window treatments in hands. All you need to do is to ask yourself what you really need – a privacy, a shade, or a style?

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