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18 Farmhouse Wreath Ideas for Your Home Sweet Home

For decades, a farmhouse wreath has been a favorite decoration of many people. This natural flower rounded-arrangement seems to be an integral part of western culture.

This decoration is also very multifunctional and applicable anytime and anywhere. The only thing you need is to adjust the design to the moment and time of use.

The use and placement of the wreath itself are quite diverse. Some people place it in the room, and others use it as a mainstay decoration to welcome guests.

It is easy to find the materials, as well as make these decorations. The following are some examples of farmhouse wreath ideas that can be an inspiration for your home decor.

1. Summer Farmhouse Wreath

The farmhouse wreath that you display should match the current moment. Then what kind of design is suitable for summer decoration?

The strategy is that you have to choose plants that reflect the atmosphere of the season. Summer is synonymous with something bright and describes joy.

You can use flowers with bright tones, for example, sunflowers, dahlias, daisies, and so on. The addition of dry grass will also enhance your farmhouse wreath.

2. Winter Decoration

Farmhouse wreath seems to be mandatory during winter. This beautiful flower arrangement is well-integrated with Christmas and New Year decorations.

Many people give a touch of white that is synonymous with snow. However, typical Christmas colors such as green and red can also be choices.

This decoration is commonly placed near a fireplace or in front of a door. Don’t forget to add additional items, such as lights or small bells, to make it more beautiful.

3. Spring Vibes

This awaited season is the moment when various beautiful flowers bloom. Therefore, any farmhouse wreath that appears this season is also more diverse and colorful.

You can use a variety of beautiful flowers with striking colors. Some of the options that you use include daffodils, magnolias, tulips, and so on.

Besides flowers, you can also add green leaves or plants. Thus, the wreath you make will look even more attractive.

4. How to Live Your Fall Season

When autumn comes, you will see the flowers and leaves starting to dry up and fall. However, there are warm nuances that you can feel at this moment.

To complete this atmosphere, you can display a wreath farmhouse with a warm theme. You can use the dried flowers and leaves as decoration material.

Apart from that, you also have to consider color. Orange, brown, and dark red can be options. Also, add decorative twigs and dry grass to make it look beautiful.

5. Small Farmhouse Wreath

A wreath doesn’t have to be large. You can make it in mini size but with an attractive design. Don’t forget to adjust to the current moment.

6. Extra Large Farmhouse Wreath

Apart from the mini size, there are also several large wreath farmhouses. Usually, this decoration is used on the doorstep to welcome guests or as a gift for others.

7. Modern Farmhouse Wreath

If you carry a modern feel, you must present monochromatic colors like white or black. This style is commonly-found at weddings, garden parties, or other events with an angelic feel.

8. Rustic Wreath

A rustic farmhouse wreath not only gives the impression of being close to nature. The use of flowers, twigs, grass, and other natural materials will bring beauty to your room.

9. Farmhouse Wreath for Front Door

As mentioned above, one of the functions of the wreath is to decorate guests. For this purpose, of course, you need an attractive design and can be seen clearly.

You can use plants that grow in that season and arrange them nicely. Hang it in front of the door, and combine it with the welcoming words.

10. How to Make a Farmhouse Wreath

A farmhouse wreath is a craft that you can make yourself. The following are some natural materials that you can use:

· Use Some Branches

Dry twigs are one of the materials that are easy to find but has high aesthetic value. Choose a type that is still strong enough and pair it with leaves or flowers to make it look alive.

· Eucalyptus Farmhouse Wreath

A popular plant as a farmhouse wreath material is eucalyptus. The green color makes your decoration look beautiful and alive. Plus, it is easy to assemble and combine with others.

· Be Creative with Moss

Many people consider moss as weeds because it can make buildings weathered. Instead of letting it go to waste, why not make it an attractive decoration?

You can assemble the mosses into an attractive wreath. Of course, you can combine it with various other plants to make it look even more beautiful.

· Burlap Farmhouse Wreath

Instead of plants, you can use other materials such as burlap for your homemade wreath. Fold and shape it beautifully before putting it in the string. It will provide a rustic feel.

· Fabric is Also Good Idea

If you don’t have burlap, then the fabric can also be an option. There are many recommendations for making a beautiful wreath with this material.

· Reuse the Unused

Apart from using flowers and leaves, you can also make use of unused materials. With treatment, used cans, wood, and other objects will make your decoration even more charming.

· Play with Colors

One of the tricks to make a beautiful wreath is to give it attractive colors. However, you have to adapt it to the season, the moment that is happening, and the purpose of making.

· White as Cotton

Another material that is quite popular apart from flowers, leaves, and twigs is cotton. Its naturally white color will give you a clean, luxurious, and beautiful feel at any moment.

· Additional Cute Items

Just displaying the wreath might be boring. Therefore, some people provide additional items to enhance the beauty of their farmhouse wreath.

One thing you can do is give a frame to the craft before displaying it. Some people also add a message to an envelope before giving it to someone.

Farmhouse wreath is the most attractive choice right now to beautify your room. Based on the designs shown above, you can explore your creations and create the best decorations.

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