How to Build Fire Pit Insert Outside Your House

You often see the fireplace design inside a house but what about the fire pit insert on the outside part of your home? That must be something new. Nothing wrong with warming yourself with an outdoor fireplace under the moonlight and stars. Together with your loved ones, it is the best moment you can get at home.

gas fire pit insert

You can find the built-in fire pit insert ring or square easily on the market. However, making it by yourself can save a lot of money and give you a fireplace that suits your favor as well. Do not hesitate to ask for help from your partner or friends because this DIY needs teamwork. Now, let’s start making your fire pit inside and see which steps you need to take to make this DIY as simple as possible. Let’s take a look!

Prepare the Equipment

Fire pit

Before we step to the process, we need to prepare the equipment to make this outdoor fire pit insert. The things you might need are as follow:

  • Fire Pit kit/ concrete blocks
  • Shovel
  • Tape measure
  • Level
  • Sand
  • Gravel
  • Color spray paint to create a mark
  • Concrete retaining wall block
  • Stone/concrete adhesive
  • Hand gloves to protect yourself
  • A mask to cover up your mouth

Follow the Simple Steps

Have you prepared all of the pieces of equipment needed? Now, let’s start to follow the steps.

Check Whether the Area Has Low Fire-Risk and Permission.

Before digging a hole that you are going to use for a fire pit insert, make sure that the area is safe and you’ve got permission from the neighborhood and the authorities.

You require legal permission because building a fireplace is a risky task that might affect other people in your neighborhood. After you report about your plan to make an outside fireplace, an inspector will come to your house. He will check whether your house is suitable to build an outdoor fireplace or not. You will get permission after he finishes checking the area.

Determine a Safe Area

Choose a location that is relatively safe to build your first fire pit. Flatland that is located far from another housing part is the right choice. Make sure you have cleaned tree branches or other flammable objects around the fire pit insert area. Measure the wind moves the day before building a fireplace.

If the wind blows too strong, you can postpone this project until the condition suitable to build a fire pit insert. Do not forget to check where the fire smoke will blow. Make sure it won’t blow toward your house or the neighbors. If there is a wooden fence in the yard, then take some distance between the fire pit and the rail to prevent the fire from burning other objects.

Arrange Fireplace and Fire Pit Inside Ring

You can opt for the shape and size you want. An ideal fire pit people often use is between around 36-44 inches in size. Make a ring mark using color spray paint. Then arrange stones or concrete in a circular shape to create a single layer ring.

Dig off the Fireplace

After the stone or concrete lies in a circular shape is firmly established, you can start digging the area inside the circle. Use the shovel to dig the soil about 6 to inches deep. You might dig deeper for a particular house surface.

Fill Your Fire Pit

After dealing with the excavation process, fill your fire pit with sand for approximately 2 inches in thickness. Pile up the sand and make sure the surface has a level. Then, you can arrange a second layer using stone or concrete. Glue the stone or concrete with glue on the first layer. Repeat this process until you create the third coating. To quicken the air circulation, you need to leave a small gap between the blocks built.

Add Layers to the Fire Pit

On top of the sand layer, you can add gravel as a second coating. Include about four inches of crushed stone into the fireplace pit. Place the two-beam rings. Let the adhesive dry. Usually, this step will take approximately two days. Before the adhesive is completely dry, it is not allowed to flame the fire, otherwise, you can burn yourself. Be patient until everything is ready.

Light the Fire

After everything is ready, you can flame your first fire in the fire pit insert. Turn it on by burning some newspaper cuts. You might use a few dry leaves and tree branches in the hole. These two ingredients will help the fire to ignite quickly.

Add more burned newspaper into the hole. Wait a few moments until the fire is turning on. Look for a bigger stick and firewood. Make sure the twigs or firewood are dry enough to burn. After the fire pit is finished, turn off the fire immediately and do not leave it to avoid terrible things from the fire.

Once the combustion process is complete, usually the ashes of wood-burning accumulate in the fire pit. Clean it directly. The remaining ashes will fly in the wind and can pollute the area around the fire pit. It is not good for you to breathe.

Scrape the ash using shovels and wrap it in a large bag, then dispose of it in a landfill. How if you don’t have enough time in cleaning this dust, use a vacuum to prevent the ash from accumulating on the fire pit and make it less durable.

Check the Fire Pit Regularly

You need to check the fire pit regularly to see whether there is damage you need to fix. Every time you clean your backyard, you can also inspect every fire pit insert’s part. Is the dust getting heavier? Or a broken layer?

Having a fire pit insert obligates you to be more concerned since it is a risky area. You need proper treatment and don’t let children play near it without supervision from the adults.

Now, let’s invite your beloved ones to join your homey party at home and turn on the flame in your fire pit insert.

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