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10 Stunning Fireplace Hearth Stone Designs

More often than not, our fireplace hearth stone becomes our focal point in the house. Over the years, probably you feel bored. For that reason, consider a simple revamp up to an overhaul. You know, there are innumerable kinds of fireplaces; you have to choose the most fitting.

Does it sound arduous? Kick your fears away; we help you to crack your matters. Check our 10 fireplace hearth stone designs to refresh your dwelling. Off we go!

1. Dual Function

In some particular times, we do not need fireplace hearth stone that much. What will you do with it? Instead of leaving it vacant, you can apply this one in yours. Cover it with a wooden see-through mantel and screen. It contrasts the white themed room and bricks. The shade will conceal the blank space behind. Place a hexagon mirror above together with some add-ons will be great; forget nails or hammer, combine small-big concept. A green touch will wrap it.

2. Airy Fireplace

Airy Fireplace

A nice blend of an outdoor fireplace that still a part of the house. It is a savvy trick to get open-air without stepping outside. It is best if you put it on the second floor, surrounded by trees and fresh air. Select soft, natural colors to match the wooden ceiling and flooring. Put some artificial or original branches on top as the logs. Some mobile lamps will erase the dark when it is not in use.

3. Warm the Farmhouse

It is a simple yet artistic blend of modern design and urban style. A complete black fireplace hearth stone, wooden edge, and flowery walls pair flawlessly. At all times, woods deliver a warm feeling in any house. The chosen wallpaper motif neutralizes it from going too rustic. Some dark dots on the wood are not displaying any defects, they reflect imperfect nature instead.

4. Liven Things up

For a focal point, a fireplace hearth stone needs to be well-planned. It is an example of a bright theme uplifting the whole room successfully. Blue sky expresses freedom; white ambiance helps widen the room. Some details like a dainty chandelier, a wooden box, plus an indigo carpet accompany the rest. Then, the fireplace itself is not going dark completely. It has a rich design and colors, avoiding a monotonous atmosphere.

5. Back to Nature

Yes, we are getting closer to nature. Put a fireplace hearth stone outside, near the green woods. Place some plants on the fence, gorgeous. A big umbrella will save you from the rain. It makes a perfect place to hang out even when it is drizzling. It will wow your guests as they cannot easily find it.

Ensure all of your furniture is water-resistant. You do not want them broken rapidly just because of water. At least, they are light and easy to move.

Tip: Stainless steel material is a great option to prevent any corrosion.

6. The Walnut Way

Imagine rectangle-shaped stones, a square dark fireplace design. It feels dull and dreary. Moreover, it is too symmetrical to see. Then, the dark walnuts come to the rescue. The mantel design follows the trunk contour. No more additional color, the wood pattern is more than enough. The wall paint makes it stick out and exposed. In the middle, a plank of wood perfects the gate. True, without the dark walnut burls for the mantel, it is an ordinary fireplace hearth stone.

7. White Marble

For eons, vivid colors brighten up any chamber. They will lift the rooms’ mood and luxury. It works for any fireplaces too. Here, we have a premium natural marble. The white marble goes in two ways, plain and pattern. Wooden furniture and flooring open up the middle spot. Add intense stuff on a clear table to complete it. Keep in mind to place stand out accessories for tallying the plan. A striking mix of dusky and lively items delivers a deluxe passage.

8. Sophisticated Look Fireplace Hearth Stone

A fireplace resembles hand-molded natural stones. It adds considerable old-fashioned charm to your main room. We realize it is quite packed. Nonetheless, take a closer look. You will find they are well-placed in harmony. The balance between both sides is seamless. No one exceeds another.

Think about the frills. In the middle, there is a mirror to reflect the ceiling. It also makes an impression of another “room” across the wall. The shelving content is steady and ship-shape. The white flower comes in agreement with the fireplace. It is crowded yet a state of the art.

9. Simply Elegant Because Fireplace Hearth Stone

It is unfussiness at its best. After visiting a quite busy fireplace hearth stone, let’s move to a truly humble one. You know, some people just like minimalist style. To be frank, it is just a pile of stones. Still, there is something notable there. Rather than going in half, it climbs up to the ceiling. The dark line, ingeniously, separates the tower. To get the desired pattern, fireplaces like these are usually a product of non-natural material.

A tranquil transition comes from analogous surroundings. It presents a peaceful, serene feeling after a frantic day in the office.

10. Eco-Friendly With Fireplace Hearth Stone

Where do you live? If your answer is in a city far from the woods, then this one fits your residence. It is a modern-day fireplace, an electric-powered flame. It has a thin and straight design. Sized at 22 inches, the screen perfectly catches the appearance of natural flame and logs. To set it up, you only need to tap a button.

Enjoy crystallines, small fossils, and clean look surround inside your house. A 3D technology visualizes authentic flames. It also carries a 12 months guarantee. Gone the days where you have to travel just for logs. You will not smell any smoke and are free from cleaning the ashes. Moreover, it reduces the wood usage.

Well, those ten fireplace hearth stone designs will change your house look right away. Consider your budget, space, and environment around to pick one of them. Bear in mind that they are alterable and adjustable. It means you may modify your fireplace at your will.

What are you waiting for? Revamp yours into fireplace hearth stone, now!

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