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Flame Genie and 12 Affordable Fire Pit Options

There is nothing better than sitting around a crackling fire with loved ones in summer. Make your nights perfect by adding Flame Genie to the backyard.

Fire pit helps keep the cold out during fall months and offers a cozy glow on summertime gathering. It also brings utility and style to your outdoor space.

Moreover, a fire pit can double as the centerpiece. It also allows you to roast delicious marshmallows and enjoy them with your family or friends.

Whether you desire an open, steel fire pit or the enclosed one, just keep scrolling. Here are some stylish yet inexpensive options to consider.

Flame Genie Wood Pellet Fire Pit

This smokeless fire pit is certainly a nice addition to the streamside or backyard. You don’t need logs anymore since it burns wood pellets.

The Flame Genie fire pit features a powder coat in the shade of black. This protective finish ensures that it can resist high temperatures and last for years.

Speaking of weight, Flame Genie is just 12 pounds. You can easily move it around your backyard to please the guests.


  • Flame Genie is durable and allows for easy cleanup.
  • It is spark and smoke-free.
  • Wood pellets are economical than logs.


  • Too small for a large backyard.
  • Flame Genie doesn’t match with streamlined furniture pieces.

Landmann Northwoods Steel Fire Pit

Unlike Flame Genie, Landmann Northwoods fire pit requires wood logs. It can house lots of firewood due to its sturdy base. Furthermore, it boasts screen walls.

They prevent sparks from dirtying surroundings as well as clothing. The Northwoods fire pit comes with cooking grate, durable handle, and stoking tools. It is not only charming but also easy to transport.

Sun Joe Cast Stone Wood Burning Fire Pit

No doubt, Sun Joe fire pit will be the highlight of any outdoor space. It includes an artificial stone finish. This unit features poker and dome spark-screen.

They enable you to lift wood logs easily as well as promote maximal airflow. The Sun Joe wood burning fire pit produces an intimate glow. Its cylindrical shape conveys a sense of togetherness.

CobraCo Fire Pit Made from Copper

This hand-hammered copper fire pit from CobraCo is so delightful to look at. It has an extra-deep basin that is great for holding long-lasting fires.

The fire pit employs a dome-shaped mesh screen, too. It allows for quick refueling and shields the surroundings from flyaway ash.

With CobraCo fire pit, marshmallow roasting couldn’t get any more fun. Over time, the copper will age to a marvelous rustic patina.

Crosley Hudson Outdoor Fire Pit

Do you need warm fires all summer night long? If yes, buying Crosley Hudson wood burning fire pit is such a good option.

This fire pit comes with a large black steel bowl. It can accommodate plenty of wood logs. The poker helps you move the firewood easily.

Moreover, the full-coverage mesh lid protects against ash. Meanwhile, basketweave patterned walls vent the flames.

Hampton Bay Quadripod Round Fire Pit

Compared to Flame Genie fire pit, this one is bigger. Even though Hampton Bay seems bulky, you can reposition it without any difficulty.

The unit is beautifully outfitted with a deep basin, too. It helps the fire pit generate warmth up to 12 square meters or about 40 feet.

Furthermore, the antique bronze finish gives the whole patio vintage appeal. The dome mesh screen keeps sparks from flying through the air.

Sunnydaze Big Sky Fire Pit

If you want to spend endless summer days outside, this Big Sky black round fire pit is a must. It makes your campfire or backyard gatherings fun. Big Sky fire pit is simple to transport and set up at once.

That means you and your guests can quickly roast the marshmallows quicker. The moon and star cutouts create a relaxing nighttime atmosphere.

Both you and your guests can look up at the stunning night sky while munching on s’ mores.

Rusted Steel Fire Bowl from Esschert Design

The Esschert Design outdoor fire pit has an open design and rusted metal finish. It is also equipped with a simple dish and square base.

Moreover, the fire bowl holds a fairly generous supply of firewood. It casts mesmerizing low flames, too.

In no time, this open solo fire pit exudes a rustic feel. For sure, it will complement your weathered brick patio or aged wood furniture units.

Sol 72 Cast Iron Wood Burning Fire Pit

Sometimes, summer nights can get chilly. You can keep your backyard warm after dark with this classic outdoor fire pit.

Since the fire pit features a cast iron finish, it is a great complement to any backyard decor style. Meanwhile, the blazing fire lets you have tasty s’ mores.

Low Profile Iron Fire Pit from Terrain

Flame Genie

To get a modern vibe, opt for an iron fire pit like the one pictured above. It is manufactured by Terrain. As you can see, the fire pit comes in a sleek low profile.

The square basin itself boasts a quite wide center. You can place this practical fire pit on your patio. It may weather with prolonged use. However, that only improves its rustic look.

Fire Sense Patio Fire Pit

Flame Genie

This black fire pit is not just handy, but also magnificent. It comes with mesh screen walls to shield against sparks.

Moreover, the fire pit boasts two doors. They make marshmallow roasting and cleaning easier, while the handle and wheels allow for easy movement.

Pure Garden 26 Inch Square Fire Pit

Flame Genie

If you can’t afford an outdoor fire table, no worries. Do not spend so much money on it, purchase this unit instead.

The fire pit includes a mesh lid and four woven metal screen walls. It is such a perfect item for sitting around.

Uniflame Firehouse in Black

Flame Genie

It is a luxurious, enclosed fire pit. It employs a slide-out, chrome cooking grate that doubles as a wood-fired grill.

The wood grate is also featured. Moreover, the chimney directs sparks and smoke away from the gathering. Lastly, the removable receptacle makes cleanup easier.

You don’t need to spend a fortune on a fire pit for your campfire hangs or backyard gatherings. Just buy a Flame Genie or other outdoor fireplaces.

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