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9 DIY Floor Flange Projects that Will Amaze You

Industrial décor is loved for its edgy aesthetic. If you are into it, build functional home pieces out of elbow joints, floor flange, and other plumbing supplies.

Black fittings have gained wide popularity. Back then, they only sit behind the home walls. Now, those items become stars in various designs.

Using basic plumbing parts for your projects is such a brilliant idea. They are not just sturdy, but also practical and inexpensive.

Creating home units with pipe and plumbing fittings will let your creativity shine. Without further ado, read on for some ultra-cool DIY projects.

Industrial Pipe Shoe Racks

There are so many pairs of shoes in your home. Do not let them cause clutter! You need to make shoe racks yourself instead. The freestanding racks are an ingenious shoe storage solution.

They organize your footwear without taking up too much space. As you see, the racks feature black fittings and boards. To build them, follow the instructions below.

Steps :

  • Prepare four wooden boards (12″ wide), some threads, floor flange, 24 ½-inches floor flanges, and nipples (straight pipe plumbers).
  • You also have to purchase eight ½”x8″ nipples for top levels. Meanwhile, the bottom ones require four ½”x12″ nipples.
  • After you tighten the threads to join both flanges and nipples to each other, position them on the center of wooden boards.
  • Secure them with some screws through flange holes.

DIY Magazine Rack

For those of you who like to read magazines in the bathroom, give this idea a chance. The project certainly helps you save some money.

The multipurpose rugged magazine rack is constructed out of a black metal pipe, two ½” floor flanges, elbows, screws, S hooks, and chicken wire mesh baskets.

Once you have built the rack, mount it on the whitewashed brick wall. In a flash, it delivers visual drama to your space.

Do not forget to add chalkboard labels to the baskets. That way, you can grab the right magazine quickly.

Curtain Rod Built with Plumbing Parts

This homemade curtain rod instantly gives the space an industrial aesthetic. For the project, you need a long pipe. It must extend 2-3 inches beyond your window.

Moreover, you should prepare two ½” nipples, 2 pieces of the ½-inch flange, and a couple of ½-inch elbows. Then, measure everything thoroughly.

In this project, you have to mark the spot for the curtain rod, too. Set anchors into the wall, insert the first flange with screws, then add elbow and nipple.

Fix another flange on your window’s opposite side. Secure one side of a metal pipe. Slide the white curtain on. Attach both elbow and nipple on the other window side to fix the pipe. Lastly, put the curtain in place.

Rustic Bathroom Vanity

If you are sick of black iron pipe fittings, purchase silver plumbing supplies. They are equally sturdy to hold your bathroom sink.

Here, the bathroom vanity features a cool, open framework out of floor flanges and nipples. The pipes can serve as a towel rack.

In case you have some spare wooden boards, repurpose and attach those pieces on top of the flanges as well as nipples.

Compared to the standard, store-bought vanity cabinet, this one provides larger storage. Additionally, it is more cost-effective and charming.

DIY Coffee Cart

Are you a coffee addict? If so, you should construct a rolling cart out of wooden boards and black plumbing parts.

The homemade coffee cart is not just budget-friendly, but also easy to move around. You can reposition it in another spot with ease.

To build a portable cart, mark where you’ll install the wheels. Be sure the flange holes are not as big as the caster ones. Thread in fairly tall pipes to hold containers and mugs.

Then, add wooden boards and other pipes until the cart is two shelves high. Secure the wheels to the bottom shelf. After that, attach a handle. That way, you can easily transport your coffee cart.

Industrial Pipe Lamp

This black industrial-style desk lamp is super cool. It is made out of plumbing parts and standard light fixtures put together. First of all, create an eccentric base.

As the image shows, it is comprised of a half-inch flange set into a square wood piece. The next step is wiring your lamp through black iron pipes. Fix the socket, then join the wires together.

Lastly, add a bulb. The steampunk one is a nice choice.

DIY High Table for Breakfast Nook

floor flange

Just because your home is small, it does not mean you can’t designate a space as the breakfast nook.

You can take inspiration from this ingenious idea. Here, the eat-in nook boasts a rustic yet terrific high table. It is beautifully fashioned from pipe fittings and long thick pieces of wood.

You have to create the table legs first. Use four 2″x30″ nipples on the top of feet built from 2″ 90° elbows.

Moreover, make sure you equally tighten the floor flanges to the metal pipe. That way, the table won’t be unlevel. Lastly, use a nice, food-safe wooden finish.

Pipe Cabinet Hardware with Floor Flange ½ Inch

floor flange

Do you still have floor flange and other plumbing supplies in your garage? Convert them into the sleek cabinet hardware.

The hip cabinet hardware is quite expensive. With your DIY-ing skills, you can build drawer pulls for only $20.

Furthermore, each pull for a cabinet is made from a ½-inch nipple 10-12 inches shorter than the drawer, 2 pieces of the ½-inch flange, and 2 elbows.

DIY Open Shelves with Floor Flange

floor flange

If you desire something rustic and modern, try this idea. As the picture shows, the floating shelves are crafted from black pipe fittings and wooden boards.

Moreover, the fittings serve as brackets. Each wall-mounted shelf requires a couple of ½-inch floor flanges, two half-inch caps, and 2 ½”x10″ nipples.

First of all, join the black fittings together. Then, insert them into your wall studs using some screws threaded through flange holes.

The last step is topping a pair of metal brackets with the stained wood board, firmly fixed behind the pipe caps. Feel free to showcase anything on the shelves.

Those DIY projects with floor flange are worth to try. Not only do they add some modern appeal to your home, but also save you money.

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