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9 DIY Free Standing Closet Ideas to Save Space In Your Room

For a room without a wardrobe, people will need a free standing closet to organize their clothing. It’s an open storage solution for a bedroom with limited space. This kind of closet can turn all of your clothing into artwork. Even you can build it on your own. There are many DIY ideas out there to inspire you. We gathered 9 DIY ideas for you to make your free standing closet to save some space inside the room. These storage solutions would convince yourself that you don’t need closets.

1. Rustic Free Standing Closet Unit

Rustic Free Standing Closet Unit

This closet is a combination of reclaimed wood boards and steel pipes structure. It’s a free-standing unit that features an interesting design. Check out that upper pipes structure. It uniquely adapts a “stair-step” effect which looks visually interesting. Besides, that structure allows you to hang the dresses, coats, shirts, and any type of clothes easily. With hangers, you can organize all of them in style. Moreover, there are some shelves on the side of the closet unit. Those spaces give you a chance not only to store but also to display the shoe collection you have.

2. Minimalist Closet with Steel Pipes

Minimalist Closet

If you think the previous unit is too rustic, you may wanna check this one out. The design is very simple and minimalist. It only consists of one lumber for the base and black steel pipes. It’s a perfect DIY project you can do during your spare time. It will keep your space from looking cluttered. You will only need a few lengths of pipe and some of its fittings such as the Sighle Socket Tee, 90-degree elbow, and Flange.

3. Industrial Style Portable Closet

For those of you who are currently living in an industrial loft apartment, this is the closet that you must have in your room. You can build it with some simple materials. Just prepare some pieces of wood that are sealed and stained. Then, combine it with black pipes and the fittings.

A few shelves would be very useful to put some folded clothes. For the coats, dresses, and shirts, you can hang them on the pipe. This type of clothes would expose all of your wardrobes. So, you have to make sure it’s neat every time. So, it’s recommended for you who has a minimal set of clothing. However, if you have so many clothes, you may wanna choose a few items to expose to this closet. The rest should be hidden.

4. Portable Closet with 20 Cubes

This portable free standing closet is something you can purchase from an online store like Amazon and Walmart. Besides its portability, you can also customize it the way you like it. That’s why this cube portable closet has an amazing system. All the cubes are connected. You can assemble them in any way you want it.

You can set one line to be a space for hanging clothes and the other one for shelves. Just feel free to assemble the closet according to your need. It comes with a bright yellow color which is fun for your kid’s room. This product is also cost-friendly. You can buy it from the store for only 61 bucks. On the contrary, you can have this product as the inspiration to build one for your house with a plywood board.

5. Rolling Clothing Rack with Shoe Shelves

Rolling Clothing

For more simplicity in your interior design, add this free standing closet in your bedroom. This simple rack comes with casters. So, you can move it to the spot you want easily. The only place to find the rack with the exact design is at Target. This stylish closet has a bar to hang the clothes with hangers.

Besides, this rack also features two-tier lower shelves to store the shoes. The oversized bar gives more space to change the clothing. This rack would make a great inspiration for your next DIY project. With a few boards and pipes, you can build it at ease.

6. Open Closet Solid Wood Shelving System

Open Closet Solid Wood

With the addition of some pipe closet rods, this DIY free standing closet becomes complete. It’s an open storage solution for you who have more clothes than the closet itself. Just get some solid wood for the shelving structure. You don’t have to paint it a new color. Instead, just leave a natural color of wood on it to create a chic and rustic feeling to it.

7. Practical Freestanding Clothes Storage

Practical Freestanding Clothes

These sleek free standing closet consist of a shelf on top, a closet rod, and two drawers at the bottom. This storage system is something that everyone needs. You can purchase this product online and assemble the pieces at home. It comes with steel legs and outer frame. The drawers help a lot to keep some things away from sight. It would be great that every free-standing closet feature some drawers. That’s because there some things that need to be kept hidden behind the closed door.

8. Minimalist Free Standing Closet

Simplicity is everything in the world of minimalism. The first time you see this closet design, your minimalist sense might be tingling. This open storage system offers you a space for hanging the clothes. This closet is made of powder-coated metal that suits your modern style of interior. There is a shelf underneath the rail for hangers. It’s a nice spot to organize your shoes, bags, and other things.

9. Mobile Open Wardrobe

This clothes storage system will be popular among females. The sleek white color offers the clothes a chance to decorate the scene. You can fill the storage with your colorful clothing. It will provide a fun view of the room. Don’t forget to organize it neatly to maximize the entire look. This is the type of item that can be perfect for any style you have in your house. It consists of two hanging rails on the side, a 3-tier cube in the center, and 6 wheels.

Those 9 ideas are quite enough to get you ready to decide the best free standing closet for your room. You can choose one according to your budget and skill or built it yourself if you have the time.

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