DIY Fruit Press to Produce Fresh Apple Cider with a Blink

The fruit press is a tool that has developed since ancient times. One of the functions of using this tool is as a producer of apple cider.

As is known, this fruit extract does have tremendous benefits for health, lifestyle, and beauty.

Benefits of Apple Cider

Apple cider is one of the most well-known fruit products around the world. Apart from being easy to make and consume, its benefits are also known for health.

It contains various nutrients such as antioxidants, vitamin C, and sans gluten. The following are some of the benefits:

Apple as a Superfood

Because of high vitamins and antioxidants, apples are in the superfood category.

Antioxidants are necessary substances that are in fresh foods and vegetables, and function to fight free radicals in the body.

Prevent Cancer and Other Serious Diseases

Because of its function as an antidote to free radicals, apple cider can prevent various diseases, such as cancer and heart disease.

Vitamin C for the Immune System

The vitamin C content in an apple cider is also useful for boosting immunity. Thus, you can stay protected from various kinds of bacteria, viruses, and disease-causing agents.

As a Diet Alternative

Consumption of apple cider is perfect for those on a gluten-free diet. The nutritional content in it is also powerful enough to help destroy the fat and lose weight.

Healthy Beer

Experts are also developing apple cider as a healthy alternative to beer. The sugar in the apple cider is processed into alcohol with a fragrant aroma that will arouse your appetite.

The above review is just a few benefits of apple cider. Many believe that direct consumption will show a good effect on beauty. Therefore, many have put effort into developing this fruit into various forms.

What is Fruit Press Machine?

A fruit press machine is a device used to extract fruit juice before processed into a cider. The working concept of this tool is simple, namely by doing tight pressing to take the water contained in the food ingredients that are put into it.

The results are squeezed from theĀ fruit pressĀ then flow to a container that is also a series of machines.

If the result is enough, then the juice is processed and consumed for various purposes. Currently, many modern devices offer more convenience in the process.

So far, apples are the most common ingredient in the cider-making process. The reason is, this fruit is known as a superfood whose benefits last long after being converted into liquid form. Besides, the processing is also the easiest.

Best Fruit Press to Choose, Electric vs Homemade

Over time, fruit press technology is always experiencing developments. In the past, this tool was made from natural materials with simple designs.

However, many electric fruit presses offer instant results now. The products are also easy to find everywhere.

For those of you who want quick and easy results, you can choose a fruit press for sale with various tantalizing specifications. However, you need to know that tools that use electricity sometimes leave a not-so-good impact.

With the instant fruit press, its purity is sometimes in doubt. Besides, electricity can affect the results of taking apple cider and decrease the benefits. Therefore, in some situations, the use of traditional tools is preferable.

How to Make a Homemade Fruit Press

Using an electric fruit press might be easy, but it is also risky. Besides the higher price, this tool will also consume a lot of electricity to swell your bill. To minimize some negative things, why not try making it yourself the traditional way. Here are a few easy steps, as reported by Bob Villa.

Designing the Fruit Press Juicer

Even though they have the same function, there are a lot of fruit press designs on earth. Therefore, you need to determine which one you think is simple and easy to use. Feel free to look for references to find out which one is the best.

One popular method is to extract apple cider with a tubular grinder. Besides, you can also do pressing the apple until it is flat to take the water. The results of the pressing gathered in a container provided.

After finding the right design, then start taking measurements. You do not need a lot of ingredients to make it, such as are power drills, carriage bolts, stainless steel-based nails, screws, jointer, and carriage bolts.

Starting the Project

If the designs and materials are ready, then it’s time to cut the materials as needed. Customize it with the design you have chosen.

If you are using a milled design, then a wooden tube, attach several nails to the surface. It will help crush the apples.

The same is with pressing designs. A nail is attached to the tool used to press and squeeze the apples.

Install it in a way that looks neat but is also effective at making vinegar. After that, assemble all the tools so that they become one complete machine.

Sterilize Tools

When the appliance is ready to use, then you can start producing your favorite apple cider. But before use, make sure the tool is sterile by spraying iodine solution on the surface. Wait for some minutes to dry.

Start to Use the Fruit Press

After the iodine solution is dry, and then you can start using your apple press.

Make sure the apples you plan to cook are acidic enough. Start adding the fruit and grind it according to the procedure. Make sure you hold it safely.

Enjoy Your Apple Cider

After taking the juice, now you have a fresh apple cider product that is ready for consumption. Store in a safe container and avoid direct sunlight. To maintain freshness, do not store it for too long or place it in the refrigerator.

If you already have your fruit press, don’t forget to keep doing maintenance. You must do cleaning and sterilizing so that the resulting product remains of high quality. Otherwise, dirt and bacteria can threaten health.

End Verdict

Producing fresh apple cider with a DIY fruit press certainly gives you satisfaction when consuming it. Besides being able to ensure the quality of the fruit, using your tools will also make it easier for you to make new products at any time. Good luck!

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