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Many Inspiring Things from 5 Gallon Bucket

What can you do with a 5 gallon bucket? Some people might think to throw it away after a single-use. Yet, a reduce-reuse-recycle project is worth trying with this stuff.

You can turn a 5 gallon bucket into something more valuable. Let us see what things we might get from this unused stuff.

1. A Retile Bucket

Within a certain period, you need to retile the floor or the backsplash in your house to keep it looking clear and shiny.

This process requires a mixture of several types of ingredients, such as caulk and cement.

After mixing the various ingredients, put them in the bucket, and use a brush to do the retile process

This big bucket can hold many retiling fluid so you can do this process on all floors in your house.

2. Molds for Chairs

You can do a bar stool with an industrialist theme using a bucket.

This material can be used as a mold to print the surface of the barstool. First things first, pour cement into the bucket with the height you want.

Then, place the three chair legs in the wet cement. Let it dry for some minutes before you pull the stuff from the gallon bucket.

After the dough is dry, you can pop the chair by holding its legs. Now you get a simple bar stool with an industrial vibe without having to spend much money on it.

3. Kids’ Swing from 5 Gallon Buckets

You can please your child with simple things, for example buying him a swing.

On the contrary, what do you think if you save a little on budget by removing your swing from existing materials at home?

A bucket and rope are enough to make a fun swing.

Cut the bucket according to the swing chair pattern then hang the object on the tree using a rope.

Make sure you use a strong rope so that your child does not fall while playing the swing there.

You can paint the bucket so that the color looks more attractive, for example with white or pink.

4. Supplies Organizer

Do you often feel confused about putting some supplies for household needs?

Some people decide to put things in the back of the bathroom and it certainly makes the bathroom messy.

To overcome this trouble, you can use a bucket to store various kinds of household supplies.

Buckets make the organizing process easier and object easier to find.

A five-gallon basket is sufficient to hold all the household supply. You can store a soap mop and even a brush for the floor.

A bucket is also easy to clean using just soap and a brush.

5. The Towel Storage

Messy towels are a problem that is quite annoying in households.

Some storage, like bathroom cabinets, is too big only to store small towels.

You do not need to be confused about this because a large gallon bucket can be used to store towels to keep them neat.

Prepare a used gallon bucket then paint it with the color you want and give it a little decoration so it looks beautiful.

This gallon bucket makes an inexpensive as well as an impressive decoration for this DIY storage idea.

After that, put a towel in it. You can place this gallon bucket in the bathroom.

6. 5 Gallon Bucket Plants

Do you like large flower arrangements or other lush plants?

Instead of giving a new pot, you can try to recycle gallons of used packages and turn them into pots.

Clean the used gallon bucket from dirt that is on the inside and outside using water and soap.

Then paint it the color you want. Give some decorations like gravel or imitation flowers. After that, put the plants in this gallon bucket.

Now you have magnificent 5 gallon bucket plants!

7. A Laundry Basket

laundry gallon bucket

Instead of using plastic to put dirty clothes, it would be better if you use something stronger and more durable, for example, like a 5 gallon bucket.

This thing is big enough to hold many dirty clothes.

To make it look more attractive, you can use paint or use a rope to decorate the surface.

After that, let it dry and put it in a package near the bathroom so that it is easier for you to throw away dirty clothes before taking a shower.

8. The Toys Box

The toys that are messy and scattered all over the place may upset you.

You can easily tidy up your child’s favorite items if you recycle the 5 gallon buckets.

You can wash them clean and then paint them in festive colors that kids love.

After that, your child’s toys can be stored in this 5 gallon bucket. Having a toy box is essential for teaching your child how to be tidy and make items that do not get lost easily.

9. Mop Bucket

mop gallon bucket

The plastic problem is a serious one. You may be looking for ways to reduce your plastic consumption, and this idea is good for you.

Instead of buying a new bucket, why don’t you recycle the 5 gallon bucket and make it a bucket for mopping floors?

You do not have to do anything with the gallon bucket, or maybe you want to paint it to make it look new and fresh

Then enter the mop soap and gallon bucket water is ready to use every time you want to clean the house. It can be washed after this household work is done.

10. A Waste Basket

waste gallon bucket

When choosing a trash can you may not think about the aesthetic side. However, there is nothing wrong with choosing a trash can that looks attractive to support your room decoration.

You can choose a 5 gallon bucket to make a magnificent and playful trash can, so that dirty things that you throw there will not make your room less-aesthetic.

First things first, clean the gallon bucket and paint it with the color you want. Add some interesting ornaments like stickers or glitter. You have an untrashy trashcan.

Such an amazing thing to realize the wastebasket can be a decorative piece at home.

There are many things that a 5 gallon bucket can give you to decorate your house and keep things.

Let’s make use of the old stuff at home, be creative, and do not spend too much budget with a 5 gallon bucket!

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