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Creative Galvanized Wash Tub Ideas to Fill Your House

When it comes to designing and filling the house, many people think that it will be expensive and complicated. However, you can get rid of this thought by coming up with galvanized wash tub ideas. 

Reusing and repurposing old buckets are some more efficient ways rather than buying new objects for the house. Even though they cannot function normally, you can at least create something new from them.

Galvanized buckets are made with strong materials that can go against water. Therefore, you can reuse and repurpose them for a sink or a vase to put some flowers. 

Moreover, here are some great ideas that you can make from a galvanized wash tub.

1. Bathroom Sink

Bathroom Sink

Buying a new sink is quite expensive, so installing a vintage galvanized wash tub will be great instead of purchasing a new one. For this plan, it is best to use the small size buckets, rather than the long oval ones. 

However, to make it reach the water faucet, install a four-leg stand on the bottom part of the wash tub. Also, do not forget to make a hole on one side of the bucket, so the used water can flow out. 

2. Towel Organizer

Towel Organizer

For those with small bathrooms, a square galvanized wash tub is a perfect choice to organize towels. 

Thus, put the small tub in the corner, and then fold the towels neatly. This idea will not only save some space but also your money.

3. Bathroom Shelf from Galvanized Wash Tub

Bathroom Shelf from Galvanized Wash Tub

Another great idea you can make from a vintage galvanized water wash tub is a shelf. Especially for this plan, choose the long oval buckets. 

Thereupon, divide the inside into three parts using wood. Make sure to install them well, so they do not break easily. 

4. Bathroom Bucket Organizer

Bathroom Bucket Organizer

An old vintage galvanized water wash tub can also be used as a book and a tissue organizer inside the bathroom. Put your magazines and books inside the bucket, whereas the handle can the holder. 

However, if you do not like the color of the bucket, then apply a new color that matches your bathroom. 

5. Shower & Bathtub

Bathroom Bucket Organizer

If you like something rustic and vintage, then use an old large oval galvanized wash tub for the shower and bathtub. It is not big but will be enough to accommodate your body and water at once. 

Further, to make sure that the water does not flood or spray out, install a curtain around the bathtub. This will help prevent your floor from getting wet. 

6. Galvanized Wash Tub Flowerpots

Galvanized Wash Tub Flowerpots

An unused galvanized wash tub can function as a flowerpot in the garden. The size of the buckets is quite big, so there is enough space to put soil and plants. 

Wherefore, the best place to put these pots is outdoor, especially because they are big. If you do not have a large space, then hang them from the ceiling. 

7. Deck Planter with Galvanized Wash Tub

Deck Planter with Galvanized Wash Tub

Another great idea that you can make from a vintage galvanized wash tub is deck planters. To make sure they fit the area, cut them into small pieces then connect them according to the available space.  

8. Corner Planter

Corner Planter

If you cannot cut the materials into small pieces, then choose a small galvanized wash tub or buckets instead. Put them in the corner of your garden and repaint the surface to look pretty. 

9. Wood Organizer

wood organizer

Make your backyard look neat and tidy with a firewood organizer made from a large oval galvanized wash tub. You can use the bucket or make it stand by adding an L-shape on the bottom part. 

10. Hose & Gardening Organizer

Hose & Gardening Organizer

Another idea to make your garden look neat with a galvanized wash tub is to make a hose and gardening organizer. All you need to do is hang the bucket against the wall. 

Then, roll up your hose on the outside part of the bucket, whereas the inside can be used to put gardening tools. 

11. Small Side Table

Small Side Table

You might transform an old long galvanized bucket into a small side table. 

To make this DIY project, cover the top side with a plank of round or square wood. Therefore, it will be the tablecloth where you can put your belongings or other stuff. 

12. Galvanized Wash Tub for Coffee Table

Galvanized Wash Tub for Coffee Table

In the same way, try to create a coffee table that you can put in your living room. 

If you like a big coffee table, then use the large round galvanized wash tub for the base. Those who want something simple can choose the smaller size. 

13. Table Base

Table Base

Other than making a table, a large round galvanized wash tub can also be repurposed as a table base. In this project, you can add additional feet to make it higher. 

14. DIY Kitchen Island

DIY Kitchen Island

Who says that having a kitchen island must be expensive? You can have your own by making it from an old unused washtub. 

Furthermore, to make it look proper and smooth, rub and paint all the sides of the wash tub. Then, cover the top with hardwood and add a long stand on the bottom. 

You can also put an additional wood plank below the kitchen island to get extra storage.

15. Cutlery Organizer with Galvanized Wash Tub

Cutlery Organizer with Galvanized Wash Tub

Separate your spoons, forks, and knives with small galvanized buckets. Likewise, write the type of cutlery on the front side, so you can find and tidy them up easily. 

16. Store Shelves for Pieces of bread

Store Shelves for pieces of bread

If you have bigger buckets, then make them a display shelf for storing your bakery. Rather than laying the pieces of bread on the top of a table, put it inside the tubs. 

17. DIY Drink Station with Galvanized Wash Tub

DIY Drink Station with Galvanized Wash Tub

Place your drinks in a full bucket of ice and enjoy the moments with your friends. You do not have to buy an expensive fridge or drink holder, but repurposing the unused galvanized wash tub

Moreover, to make it more reachable and ergonomic, combine it with a table. On the bottom part, add an extra shelf to put other drinks that are not cold yet. 

18. Small Objects Holder 

Small Objects Holder

A trick to make your entranceway look tidy is by hanging a bucket behind your door. Therefore, you can use this to put odds and small items such as keys, hats, tissue, or just almost anything. 

19. Rustic Pendant Light

Rustic Pendant Light

Create a unique atmosphere inside your café by using rustic pendant lights. Further, make small holes on one or each side of the bucket to create this project. 

For the holes, you can make them in the shape of a pattern or just randomly. Then, install a connector so it can connect to a lamp.

20. Cooler Bucket & Cups Organizer

Cooler Bucket & Cups Organizer

If you are going to have a party and need to organize your cups, drinks, and tissue in one area, then utilize the unused small buckets. Hang the holders in one place, so people can reach them easily at once. 

21. DIY Sofa

DIY Sofa

Have you ever thought of making a sofa from a galvanized wash tub? Well, it is possible because some people have done this project before and the seating looks amazing. 

However, to make it stronger and look proper, you will need to do some retouch on the wash tub before using it. 

22. Outdoor Sink with Galvanized Wash Tub

Outdoor Sink with Galvanized Wash Tub

Use your old bucket or wash tub to make an outdoor sink. To create a rustic theme, add a pump to flow some water. Then, put the galvanized under it as the container. 

23. Decoration for the House

Decoration for the House

If you happen to have a small unused bucket, then try to clean it up with a special chemical for metal. This substance will make the appearance look clean and shining like new. 

Furthermore, you can use the bucket as a decoration for the house. Then, it can function as a flower vase, a place to put things, or just hang them in front of the house as a mailbox. 

24. Galvanized Wash Tub with Plants

Galvanized Wash Tub with Plants

Create a double use tool for your garden by making a washing planter and a sink at the same time. Divide the tub into two sections. The top part is for the flowers, whereas the bottom is for the water. 

25. Rustic Lighting for Porches

Rustic Lighting for Porches

A simple way to make your porch look rustic is by using this lighting. Then, you can create this atmosphere just by adding a galvanized around the bulbs. 

26. Outdoor Table

Outdoor Table

Build an outdoor table from a galvanized wash tub that can resist heat and water. To make it more interesting, repaint the bucket with your favorite color. 

Meanwhile, for the top part, install additional wood or hard material so you can use it as a tablecloth. 

27. Wash Tub with Sewing Machine Stand

Wash Tub with Sewing Machine Stand

You can makeover an unused sewing machine to create a stand for the bottom of your wash tub. Besides saving some money, it will also create a rustic decoration in the house. Above all, those are some of the ideas that you can make from a galvanized wash tub. For a simple task, make home decorations such as vases or tables.

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