Geothermal Heat, a System for the Unlimited Energy Source at Home

You must have heard of geothermal heat and the way it can overcome complicated energy problems. In this modern era, people use fossil materials as one of the most substantial sources of energy.

Meanwhile, the scarcity of fossils is a real problem we must confess from time to time.

Fossils take thousands to hundreds of thousands of years in the soil. With uncontrolled use, the availability of fossils compared to human needs becomes unbalanced.

To overcome the energy scarcity caused by the overuses of fuel, humans must find renewable energy sources. Renewable sources must be easier to process and more environmentally friendly compared to fuel energy.

Geothermal heat is the solution to this problem in the United States alone, there are already more than 1,000,000 geothermal systems installed.

The advantage of this geothermal system is that it does not need fossils to be able to produce energy.

The manufacturing process is also very economical since it features the heat from unlimited sunlight.

How Does Geothermal Heating Work?

How Does Geothermal Heating Work

Compared to the mechanism of turning fossils into energy such as gasoline, for example, the use of this energy is quite rare in our society.

It is contrary to the fact that the process of energy production in geothermal systems is much simpler and faster than fuel.

Geothermal surfaces in homes and buildings will capture and then change the natural heat from the earth.

The natural heat will be the sole energy to operate various kinds of electronic equipment at home.

The system also only includes a geothermal surface, the loop of the pipe, liquid to transfer and absorb heat, as well as a pump unit.

The pump unit is a device for processing the energy obtained from geothermal surfaces and passed through a loop of the pipe.

This unit will increase the natural heat from the earth based on the energy consumption of a home or a building.

The energy itself is more personalized and it costs lower than the energy you use from the fuels.

The Advantages of Geothermal Heat System

Geothermal Heat

You might not want to waste more time replacing your old energy system with geothermal heat, whereas you can reach plenty of advantages through this modern heating system.

1. It is Eco Friendly

geothermal heating installation

Unlike fossil fuels, geothermal heat systems do not provide harmful gas emissions to the environment.

That happens because the heat source itself comes from the natural geothermal.

The fuel residues have some severe impacts on environmental pollution, respiratory problems, and cause a greenhouse effect on the earth.

That is the reason why the air remains unhealthy and the earth’s condition gets hotter day by day.

By using the geothermal heat method, you help to reduce the level of environmental emissions. You also participate in reducing the worst effects of air pollution and keep the earth from damage.

2. It is Cheaper


The process of installing a geothermal system in a home or building might be higher in the first place.

However, when we compare it to the consumption of fuels over the years, the costs you have to spend on this geothermal system are cheaper.

By using a geothermal system, you no longer need to think about the issue of electricity costs every month.

You do not have to worry about energy scarcity, which is why it is affordable!

3. It is Quite Safe

geothermal heat condition

The geothermal heat process does not involve harmful equipment. Moreover, the heat energy produced comes from natural energy, which our Mother Earth keeps from the sun.

This energy does not provide flammable energy like you can find on the fuel.

Using a geothermal heat system will reduce the possibility of dangerous disasters occurring in your homes.

4. It is Unlimited

As we have mentioned before, the fuel energy is limited since it takes a long period to turn the fossil into liquid energy.

Simultaneously, energy from geothermal energy is unlimited. As long as the sun is still shining, the Earth will store its heat every day.

The geothermal heat systems will convert the sun heat into energy that can turn on various kinds of electronic objects in homes and buildings.

Energy scarcity is undoubtedly a fundamental problem since we cannot control the increase in the human population.

However, you can control yourself by using the right and unlimited energy choices such as geothermal heat energy.

The Cost of Geothermal Heating Installation

Geothermal heating installation

Geothermal heating installation is a bit expensive in the first place, but it costs rather lower compared to the fuel consumption year by year.

Jim Bose, an International Ground Source Heat Pump Association Executive Director stated an important thing regarding the geothermal heat.

By switching the home energy into geothermal heat, you are successful in reducing energy consumption by up to 50%.

That is good news if you want to maintain the earth while saving the household cost.

However, not many people know the exact cost of the geothermal heating installation.

To establish the ground-source system, you need around the US $1,000–US $3,000 per ton of capacity.

Before installing geothermal heat at home, you can choose two types of geothermal heat based on the loop system it possesses.

The first geothermal system you can pick is an open-loop system. Much more different from what you know about geothermal heads in general, the open-loop system uses heat from groundwater.

The groundwater retains constant heat because it is located within the earth.

This water will be pumped and the geothermal unit will process it. The energy produced will power various electric appliances at home.

Meanwhile, the close loop system uses heat from the ground. The closed-loop system costs more because you have to prepare enough usable land.

Geothermal pipes will be installed as deep as seven feet into the ground in a length of 100–700 feet. For limited space, you can use vertical loops, but you have to make small holes 100–400 feet deep.

If you want to install a geothermal heating system for home, an open-loop system is a better choice, as long as there is enough well water deep down the ground.

However, if you do not have enough water, the vertical closed-loop system is the best choice for you.

The geothermal system is the best solution for a better earth and your health at home.

We suggest you attempt this geothermal heat method, and you can see a good change come in your life.

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