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12 Inexpensive Glass Wind Chimes to Create at Home

Glass wind chimes can easily boost the style of your deck, patio, garden, and balcony. More interestingly, you don’t need to break the bank to get these décor solutions.

With unused items and inexpensive materials, you can still create such eye-catching wind chimes. To help you get started, here are several DIY wind chimes that are made of things around your tool shed, kitchen, and garage.

Simple Glass Wind Chimes

This beautiful wind chime hints a playful decoration in your outdoor area. Made from some pieces of a sea glass shell, it is something everyone can create at home.

Arrange the materials with floral wire and add some beads as finishing accessories. In case you cannot find glass pieces, try other items. Anything that can be drilled and threaded will work for this idea.

Sea Shell and Wood

Instead of the above sea glass wind chimes, you can create this stunning outdoor decoration with a variety of other shells.

If you have a bunch of shells from your last vacation to the beach, it is time to make them into a beautiful wind chime.

Use a twig to put the strings together and hang the finished wind chime around your patio. You will be reminded of the previous beach getaway anytime some wind strikes it.

Metal Fish Wind Chimes

Do you have a bunch of old silver spoons in the kitchen? Repurpose them into these unique glass wind chimes.

None will guess that these cute fish are made of spoons. Although you need to rework the materials, the finished work makes it worth to try. Lastly, you can anchor all the pieces together on driftwood.

Copper Tea Pot

If you need a vintage alternative for glass wind chimes, this idea will probably draw your attention. Combining a copper teapot and a bunch of spoons, this wind chime can offer a splash of color in your garden.

In addition to the silver spoons, you can also restring artificial pearls onto the fishing line for a sweeter tinkling tune once the weather is breezy.

Moreover, it is also possible to add a string of unused xylophone keys or flat glass pieces to the bottom of the pot.

Old Tools

Do you need another perfect candidate to create glass wind chimes? Then, a selection of small metal tools will be an ideal solution.

From old wrenches to broken gauges, a lot of metal tools make great materials for this DIY project. For a hint of color, you can use bright blue cording to hang the tools on a metal holder.

Colorful Keys

If you are interested in adding rainbow glass wind chimes around the balcony, this idea can make your dream come true.

Employing several painted keys, this wind chime will be a perfect addition to your outdoor area. Use colorful string to suspend the keys on a twig.

For creating a more interesting sound, you can hang them in chains instead.

With these DIY glass wind chimes, you don’t need to get rid of those unidentified keys anymore. Besides, it allows easily finding them when needed.

Recycled Bicycle Gear

You don’t need to throw your old rusted bicycle as well. Simply upcycle it into something useful like this sweet-voiced wind chimes. Just take the gears and chains out.

Then, spray paint them carefully. You can utilize one of the gears as the foundation. After that, incorporate several metal rings and some lines to put them together.

Finally, you can hang this DIY wind chime in your patio or garden.

Salvaged Tin Cans

If you have kids at home and want to do a fun project with them, creating a simple wind chime will never go wrong. Grab several tin cans that come in different sizes and paint them in various colors.

You can also attach a picture of a cute bird on each container for a more appealing look.

Furthermore, it will be a good idea to include metal washers to the chimes. This way, they will produce a sweet tinkle when the wind blows.

Cookie Cutters and Molders

Gather some vintage cookie cutters, molders, beads, silver spoons, and keys to create this beautiful wind chime for your garden. You can use a simple chain to finish the arrangement.

If there is no chain available in your home, simply go to a nearby local hardware store for one. For a brighter look, try to spray paint the cookie cutters and molders.

However, you can also leave it natural to offer a vintage, weathered appearance.

Pencils and Ruler

Glass Wind Chimes

Instead of crystal wind chimes, you can create a more unique one with some pencils and a ruler.

This idea is far more affordable for any pocket as well. Now that taking notes can be accommodated by a tablet and smartphone, you may have a lot of pencils cluttering up your cases or drawers.

To solve this issue, you can sharpen the unused pencils in dissimilar lengths and hang them to a ruler. Voila, now you have such an exceptional alternative for wind chimes made of pencils and a ruler.

Twig Wind Chimes

Glass Wind Chimes

This is another inexpensive way to create a DIY wind chime. Using several twigs, you probably won’t spend any dollar for this project. Get several thicker twigs or some tiny pieces of hardwood.

Don’t forget to grab a big one as well as the base. Then, tie each thick twig onto the wood base. Once you fasten all the small stems, hang the finished wind chime on your garden or balcony.

Bottle Caps

Glass Wind Chimes

Save your glass bottle caps to create these pretty wind chimes. You can also use plastic tops of other containers to execute this project as well.

This simple and exciting DIY project will be perfect for kids too. All you need to do is making some strings of the caps. Then, fix them onto a circular metal base or tree branch.

To conclude, many futile items around your home can be created into a sweet-voiced wind chime to beautify the outdoor area.

Now, you can follow one or two of the above ideas to make your own glass wind chimes at home.

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