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Best Glow in the Dark Ideas to Live Up Your Party

Glow in the dark ideas has recently become a trend among partygoers. With a little creative touch, various knick-knacks that seem ordinary at first can liven up the party atmosphere.

The good news is, making a glow in the dark party is not as expensive as it seems. The reason is that anyone can make these knick-knacks in an easy way and without having to drain the bag.

The items needed are not difficult to find. Here are some glow in the dark ideas that you can choose according to your party needs:

1. The Fairy Jars

You can impress everyone at your party with the presence of luminous jars as if there are fairies inside. Of course, the glow in the dark decorations will look luxurious.

However, the process of making fairy bottles was not as difficult as imagined. The items you need include jars, lightsticks, water, and plastic netting (optional). Here are the steps for making it:

  • Fill the jars with water.
  • Cut the lightsticks and put them in the water.
  • Cover the jars, shake, and make sure the chemical liquid mixes with water.
  • After mixing, the lightsticks glow in the dark for several hours.
  • If using plastic nesting, the light will be able to come out of the jar. However, this choice is optional.
  • To give a prettier effect, use lightsticks with several colors.
  • For your information, hot water will make the light brighter. However, if you use the cold one, it glows fainter but lasts longer.

That’s how to make a simple fairy jar. You can make several at once to make your party even more festive. This decoration is perfect for glow in the dark activities for adults as well as kids.

2. Glow in the Dark Paint

The other glow in the dark party ideas that you can apply is to use phosphor acrylic paint. Besides being used for art, it has a luminous effect in the dimmed room.

You can use it on various surfaces such as porous, Styrofoam, textile, canvas, and other media. You can even use it on glass for a more beautiful effect.

If you have chosen the media to paint, you can immediately use it. However, some ingredients may not show a burning effect instantly.

You have to expose the phosphorus to light or luminous things for some time to take effect. After that, everyone will praise you for presenting the best glow in the dark ideas.

With the pictures burning in the dark, the party you are throwing will be even more festive and impress many people. Are you ready to try?

3. Get Creative with Lightsticks

The easiest way to liven up the party is with lightsticks. You can create a various glow in the dark crafts with it. Most lightsticks that are available in the market are ready to use. However, you can also turn it into a variety of beautiful crafts.

4. Get Glow with Jell-O

Besides the method above, jelly can also be an alternative glow in the dark ideas. Not only as a dish, but it can also liven up the party atmosphere.

To achieve these glow in the dark ideas, we will use Jell-O. This jelly ingredient contains quinine that will emit light when mixed with tonic water. Here’s how to make it:

  • Place one packet of Jell-O in the container. Meanwhile, boil the water according to the amount.
  • After boiling, put the water in a container filled with Jell-O and stir until evenly distributed. Let it steep for 2 minutes.
  • Afterward, add a cup of tonic water to the Jell-O solution. The solution will bubble when you mix it, but it will disappear after a while.
  • Let the mixture sit for a few moments and print in small containers.
  • Place the Jell-O in the refrigerator for 2-3 hours.
  • After it is cold, you can decorate it with whipped cream, sprinkles, or other sweet ingredients.

When you are in a bright place, you may not be able to see the effect directly. You will only admire these glow in the dark ideas after turning off the lights.

5. Glow in the Dark Stars

Everyone is familiar with toy stars that emit light when you turn off the lights. Its beauty makes these items very popular as bedroom decor.

Instead of just staring at it in a closed room, why not make it an alternative glow in the dark ideas? You can stick it nicely in the party room as a decoration.

The starlight that lights up in the party room will make the atmosphere even livelier. These glow in the dark ideas are perfect for Halloween or a party held for children.

Although the star is the most popular, you can use a variety of other shapes to be attached to the party room. Sticking with lots of them will be the best choice for glow in the dark ideas.

6. Spark and Glow in the Dark Ideas

Another glow in the dark ideas is to use the water gel pearls. When you buy, it is in the form of small beads that are similar to sprinkles or fish food.

However, when exposed to water, the pearls will expand and turn into a round and clear gel. It looks like marbles but has a juicy texture like a gel.

The water gels on the market may not all have a luminous effect. Therefore you must ensure this before buying and using it.

For parties, you can place it in a clear container like a fishbowl. Don’t forget to choose beautiful colors so that the light can liven up the atmosphere of your party.

7. Don’t Forget the Balloons

A party without balloons does not seem complete. But the colors will be invisible if you throw a party in the dark. Therefore, a touch of magic is required.

Before attaching them as decorations, make sure the balloons have enough water inside. Add some light to it so that it will glow visible in the dark.

You can do something similar to making fairy jars. You can use cut lightsticks or add glowing paint to water balloons.

Those are glow in the dark ideas to choose as your party decoration. Of course, a DIY will save a lot of money. Besides, pick light colors and items that suit your party!

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