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Incredible Half Wall Facts & Tips

Do not ask whether the half wall is outdated, because every today’s trends are influenced mostly by the old or vintage style.

Having a half wall or pony wall in your home, mainly when placed on the right spot, promises you adorable interior design.

Its open-layout style makes you realize that many natural lights emitted by the sun and healthy air circulation turn your home into a fresh and well-sanitized one.

Besides, you do not need to worry when you have to work on some things in one room, while your children are playing separately.

Merely look through the pony wall, to where they are in, then you will find that they are okay. That way, the half wall keeps the interaction among householders.

Suppose you are curious, why does this kind of interior design return to attract the public interest? This article will show you the answers.

The history of its unique naming, half wall ideas, and tips to install it will captivate your mind to create similar home decor immediately.

1. Its Attractive Name Regards to Its Value

Naming without any value is nonsense. Since 150 years ago, the half wall has already known.

It depicts a short wall that was deliberately built for the first time by a Nebraska farmer named Walter Cydell to watch over his horse in its stall.

Besides called half wall, this wall is also often called a ‘pony wall’ or ‘knee wall’ because of its height that does not reach the ceiling.

It is about one yard-height room partition, which allows us to see anything across the room quickly.

2. Pony Wall Characteristics

We can generally find two types of walls in a house building. The first wall is bearing walls that function as support for the overhead part of the building.

While the second wall is called the partition wall, which is a wall that does not support the ceiling, the knee wall falls into this latter category.

Usually, a wall like this is installed only by attaching its sides with the bearing walls that are in contact with it.

Alternatively, it could be by stabilizing the pony wall’s bottom part on the concrete floor.

3. The Best Spot to Execute Half Wall Ideas

Instead of giving the impression of being narrow in the house, this half wall can still maintain the feel of a large, spacious home.

It is because of its open-looked model by only providing a room partition that as high as the countertop.

For a comfortable and perfect home interior, place knee walls in these sections.

The Half Wall Is the Best Idea for an Entryway

As usual, a house entrance hall is the first point visited by guests, placing a half wall in this room is the right choice.

That way, visitors will be presented with your well-decorated rooms in a full view, without being blocked by anything.

Half Wall Shower Room? Why Not!

For you who have a large bathroom, installing a pony wall as a barrier between your lavatory and powder room will be smart.

On the other hand, as an alternative way, install the partition feature as the base of your glass panel.

Throughout the Staircase Aperture

Installing a half wall on one side of the stairway is the best construction your builder ever made.

Instead of using full walls on both sides of the staircase, the knee wall can protect you from falling down the edge. Furthermore, it can also be a perfect place to arrange your other furniture.

Set It as the Wall Partition for Your Kitchen and Dining Room

Do you want to keep cooking while keeping an eye on the children eating in the dining room, but afraid that all the dirty mess in the kitchen will annoy eyesight?

The half-wall is your best solution for it.

It’s Also Perfect For the Great Room Divider

Besides being useful for dividing the kitchen with the dining room, this partition also makes it easier for you to split your great place into a workspace and a comfortable playroom.

4. Knee Wall Best Recommendation Details

Not all of the points below are mandatory for building a knee wall. However, your interior design will look even more stunning when applying these things:

  • Maintain the natural impression of your home by installing a drywall and painting it in a color that fits your wall’s original color.
  • Choosing a contemporary color will make your half wall look attractive.
  • Apart from drywall, half wall panel and breadboards can also be used to install partitions in a dry room, such as the living room or eating room.

Moreover, the cap of it is usually made of painted plywood or hardwood.

  • Meanwhile, for a wet room such as a bathroom, tiles are excellent material for sides and its cap.
  • Setting an additional decoration such as cubbies on your pony wall is also beneficial for arranging your books. This half wall with shelves idea cannot go wrong!

5. Half Wall Construction Tips

It is undeniable that everything related to the DIY installation will be preferable to others, including this partition construction.

There is no need to pay expensive builders if you can do it yourself at home with basic carpentry knowledge.

Below are the systematic you can do to construct your partition.

Construct the Frame First

Need not for advanced skills. Merely build the frame as the framers do on home construction. When it is complete, you can start to attach it.

Use Your End Wall to Support Your Knee Wall from Both Sides

For a nonprofessional, this method is the most effective to follow because it is an obvious step for most people.

Cut the wallboard you have before, and then attach the end side of your new partition to the existing pillars.

Half Wall In More Than 3 To 4 Feet Long Needs Extra Reinforcements

A very long half wall is not recommended, as it will be shaken easily.

Only to widen your knowledge of installation, this kind of partition construction requires you to cut the subfloor and give it more reinforcements beneath.

Direct Installation for Shorter Length Pony Wall

In one simple step, a short half wall only requires you to nail and screw its bottom part to the subfloor without cutting any of it. Now, it is time for you to build the one in your dream home!

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