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Hanging Bird Bath and Other Ingenious DIY Ideas for You

No yard or garden is complete without some additional accessories. If you want to decorate your outdoor space, look no further than hanging bird bath.

As the name indicates, a bird bath allows feathered visitors to bathe. It is not just an adorable piece, but also really functional.

Instead of buying a bird bath at the store, you should make it yourself to save some money.

The project can be done in less than a day, too. In this article, we have rounded up 14 DIY bird bath designs. From tomato cage to repurposed lamp, you will find that they are cheap and easy to make.

Copper Hanging Bird Bath

Searching for metal hanging bird bath ideas? You can create a little garden spa out of an upcycled solid copper bowl.

It is deep and strong enough to hold water. Use small copper chains to build the hanger. Once you have made the bird bath, hang it from a tree. We guarantee your feathered friends will feel welcome.


  • Hanging bird bath does not sit in the ground. It collects less debris.
  • The project is budget-friendly.
  • Copper bowl sets an inviting mood.


  • Copper bowls are not available in all thrift stores.
  • You have to polish the copper bird bath regularly. Otherwise, it won’t remain shiny.

Marvelous Mosaic

This is one of the homemade bird baths we love. It features broken glass pieces, terra-cotta pots, and saucer. A mosaic bird bath is truly inexpensive but gorgeous.

Additionally, it brings splashes of color to your garden. Unlike a hanging bird bath, this DIY bird spa is more time-consuming because of the mosaics. However, it is worth every effort.

From Bricks to Bird Bath

Do you have leftover bricks? Transform them into an awesome bird bath. It definitely won’t break your bank. All you have to do is stacking spare bricks into a sturdy pillar.

This base imparts a feeling of coziness in no time. The next step is attaching a terra-cotta saucer or bowl to the bird bath base. Be sure you use construction adhesive.

Solar Bird Baths

You probably wouldn’t believe that this solar-powered bird bath is less than $50. It boasts ornate copper pedestal and fountain bowl. Bird bath fountain lets hummingbirds shower safely.

Meanwhile, other feathered friends can enjoy a dip in it. Since the bird bath employs a solar fountain, it is environmentally-friendly for sure. It also adds visual interest to the garden.

Pretty Platter

Needless to say, this bird bath is super chic. More importantly, it does not cost too much. Follow our tutorial to create a colorful garden spa.


  • Purchase a rainbow chip platter at your local dollar store.
  • Secure it to the black metal stand.
  • Fill the bird bath with water. Then, wait for your feathered visitors to bathe.

You can also construct the bird bath out of the serving tray. It does the trick. Just swap out the single metal base for the plant stand.

Terra-Cotta Bird Bath

As shown in the picture, this handmade bird bath works as a cheerful garden accent. It is wonderfully comprised of terra-cotta saucer and pots.

Place the first terra-cotta pot upside down in the ground. After that, place on the second one using glue.

Paint them in vibrant colors. Fill the second pot with soil. Lastly, add a terra-cotta pan or saucer to the pots for the water vessel.

Recycled Lamp hanging bird bath

If you like something eccentric, give this idea a chance. Marry your vintage lamp base and clear glass plate together to form an impressive bird bath.

Unlike hanging bird baths, the repurposed garden spa stands on the ground. It instantly delivers interest and glamor to the outdoor space, too.

Unique hanging Bird Baths

hanging bird bath

You have unused saucer and teacup. Why not put them to good use? Those unexpected items will offer design and a touch of whimsy. First of all, wedge a wood base into the ground.

Next, secure the saucer to it using construction adhesive. Lastly, place a teacup on top.

Vintage hanging Bird Bath

hanging bird bath

Compared to a hanging bird bath, this one is more aesthetically pleasing. It combines stunning spindle and round galvanized metal tray. Both the pedestal and water basin were painted bright green.

They lend the garden rustic charm and vintage appeal at the same time. The tray itself is big and deep enough. It allows your feathered visitors to have their bath comfortably.

Beautiful Branch hanging bird bath

This bird bath requires little to no cost. It uses an old fire pit and a large tree branch. That’s why the base can accommodate the water basin weight.

There is a rubber ducky in the middle of the bird bath. It adds a pop of color to space and doubles as a lovely centerpiece.

Upcycled Candle Holder

hanging bird bath

If you love gardening and baking, try this idea. Apply fresh coats of paint on the old metal candle holder and bundt cake pan.

Both pedestal and water vessels stand out due to their vibrancy. In addition to that, the bird bath offers a quirky style.

Solid Concrete Bird Baths

hanging bird bath

In case a hanging bird bath does not interest you, consider building this tiny garden spa. It features a concrete leaf-shaped water basin. The bird bath is inexpensive and sturdy.

For the water vessel, you need a few bags of concrete. Form the liquid into a leaf shape and place it on the pedestal top.

Terrific Tomato Cage

Who says tomato cages are just for plants? You can turn them into a pedestal for your handmade bird bath. They are simple but strong.

Before you set tomato cages into the ground, cut them down to your desired size. Next, put a terra-cotta saucer or plate on top.

Stacked Stones

hanging bird bath

Here, the base and water basin are constructed out of stones. They make a rustic bird bath that goes well with the garden setting. You need to balance the stones.

That way, the birds can refresh themselves without getting injured. Hanging bird bath and those handmade decorations make your garden more attractive, so what are you waiting for? Let’s get DIY-ing!

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