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15 Stunning Hanging Room Dividers That You’ll Want to Steal

Adding hanging room dividers will help you provide extra privacy in a tiny area. Besides, they can define a division in a big, open space.

Meanwhile, the visual appeal of a room divider will create an interesting focal point in your interior. You can refer to the below ideas for some inspirations.

1. Rustic Shipping Pallets

Shipping pallets are very versatile materials that have been used to create a lot of awesome things. It is no surprise that they make a great piece for building a semi-private divider too.

You just need to sand the pallets and hinge them collectively. They will be a perfect permanent partition that provides extra privacy without blocking airflow and light.

2. Hanging Room Dividers for Apartment

Living in a studio apartment often limits us to have a room for a different purpose. However, don’t make it to bound your creativity.

It is possible to have a walk-in closet, a home office, or other spare rooms in your apartment by installing this kind of wooden board divider.

3. Bookshelf Divider

Another easy way to divide an open space in your home is by adding a bookshelf. Simply put the bookshelf in your desired place and arrange the items displayed as you please.

For instance, creating a block of similarly colored books will be beautiful. Whether the bookshelf has an unfinished or finished back, it will work properly to define your space.

4. Unique Window Divider

This is one of the most unusual hanging room dividers on the list. Made from a selection of windows, this space partition is perfect for any home style.

For a rustic interior, you can go for old, antique windows to support the theme. Find ones that are in similar size to make it easier for constructing the divider.

Boost privacy by adding a drape. On the contrary, you can simply open the curtain when seeking more light.

5. Curtains

Meanwhile, you can also use curtains as a stylish hanging room divider. This window treatment will provide enough indoor privacy as well.

All you need to prepare are drapery panels, a curtain rod that is hung from the ceiling, and hooks or rings. This room divider is pretty flexible since you can effortlessly open and close the curtains when needed.

6. Old Door Divider

If you are looking for DIY hanging room dividers, this idea is pretty easy and affordable to try. Utilizing old doors, this room partition will make your space appear extraordinary.

Consider touching them up with some paints to boost the look. You can get the old doors at garage sales, salvage yards, dumpsters, or flea markets. Try to combine some entrances with different styles for a visual appeal.

7. Repurposed Vinyl Records

Don’t know where to keep your collection of Vinyl LPs? Then, gather them to create these hanging room dividers. Start with making four holes in each vinyl and put them together by using metal string or rings.

For more interest, you can paint the LPs in any suitable color. Instead of painting the LPs, it is possible to cover them in pretty paper too. If you prefer a café vibe, simply leave them as they are.

8. Chalkboard Paint

Offering a practical and playful appeal, this is one of the most creative hanging room dividers on the list. Besides being a useful room divider, a chalkboard will allow us to take notes.

Moreover, you can also change the look of this partition daily. Simply get several pieces of cut plywood and use hinges to put them together. Then finish them with chalkboard paints.

For a more standout divider, you can try several different chalkboard paint colors too!

9. Colorful Cloth Hangers

If you are interested in plastic hanging room dividers, take your project to the next level by utilizing multi-colored cloth hangers. You will need an unused plastic hanger.

While it may take time to make it, the result is just superb. Not only helps to define your space, but this fancy divider will also work as beautiful artwork in the room.

10. Beautiful Green Wall

There is nothing more refreshing than introducing a green wall in your space. This shelving system of one-variety plants makes a perfect example.

Aside from defining one space to another, this room divider also works to add natural beauty and make the whole area feel more alive.

11. Natural Tree Divider

Hanging Room Dividers

This is another way to bring the beauty of nature into your room through hanging room dividers.

It is perfect to complete a rustic space or soften a contemporary room. If you want to have more privacy between the areas, try to make the tree denser.

12. Nautical Hanging Divider

Hanging Room Dividers

Add a nautical look into your bedroom by creating this hanging divider. Count on this partition to keep the space open and airy as well.

You can use burlap ropes to create this room partition. Instead of fixing the cords from ceilings to floors, try to release the lower part and let them hang freely.

13. Creative Divider

Hanging Room Dividers

Two words that can describe this unique room divider: artistic and creative. Made of plastic construction toys, this space partition is just amazing.

Consider adding a support system in the form of cabinets or bookshelves to make sure the divider won’t crash down when someone bumps into it.

14. Trendy Headboard

Hanging Room Dividers

When you have a small room, there is no other way than being creative in placing the furniture. By orienting the bed in the right way, you can add a headboard that doubles as a practical room partition.

Opt for something spaced so that some light can come in. However, if you love to add extra privacy, employing a more solid one will be perfect.

15. Slatted Room Divider

Hanging Room Dividers

If you prefer hanging room dividers that look simple yet elegant, this idea may suit your need. Without impeding light and views, this space partition makes an excellent solution for those who own a tiny, poorly-lit room.

This slatted room divider is ideal for you who want to do a simple DIY project as well. The materials will include framing wood, nails, screws, and stain.

To conclude, the right hanging room dividers not only make your interior look defined but also appear more stunning than ever before.

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