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Hanging Spice Rack and 11 Other Ingenious Storage Ideas

Seasonings are important, flavorful ingredients in any kitchen. They can perk up your recipes. A hanging spice rack is what you need to declutter them.

Every time you cook, finding the right spice is such a challenging job. With proper organization, your favorite flavors will always be close at hand.

In this post, we have collected some clever spice organization solutions. They can be implemented in both small and large kitchens.

These storage ideas do not require your actual woodworking skills. Additionally, they include custom-tailored holders and upcycling projects.

Hanging Spice Rack Under Cabinet

If you have a tiny kitchen, give this storage solution a go. The hanging spice rack is not just space-saving, but also cheap to build. It allows for quick access, too.

To create this floating spice rack, prepare strong glue, metal sheet, glass food jars, and magnets. You can get this project done in less than one hour.

First of all, fix the metal sheet to the cabinet underside. Glue magnets to the jar lids. Then, hang food jars from the magnetic spice rack.

Spice Rack Ideas for Drawers

Unlike hanging spice rack, this pull-out organizer occupies drawer space. It keeps your flavors decluttered and out of sight at once.

Since the kitchen drawer is shallow, you need to incorporate inserts into it. That way, spice jars and bottles won’t roll against each other.

In this example, the elevated drawer inserts let you store spices as well as remove spills with ease. Aren’t they amazing?

Repurposed Vintage Trays

Bring your old vintage trays back to life by transforming them into spice racks. Not only are they functional, but also stunning and eclectic.

  • Prepare silver paint, vintage trays, glass shakers, hooks, and two pieces of wood.
  • Spray the wood shelves with silver paint, so they match the trays. Let them dry.
  • Attach them securely to the tray. They should span across the middle.
  • Set nails into the kitchen wall. Mount the silver trays on it.
  • Fill the rows with shakers. They serve as spice jars.

Modern Spice Rack Ideas

Even though this file box is small, it can accommodate your spices safely. Be sure you pack them in reusable ziplock bags first. Do not forget to add typed labels to the spice bags.

Arrange them in the file box alphabetically. Then, place it on your countertop. This organizer instantly delivers drama and modern appeal to the kitchen.

For a more budget-friendly option, use an old photo box as the spice holder.

Glass Test Tubes

The kitchen is your lab. That’s why you should store your spices in glass test tubes. They allow the bright colors of the seasonings to stand out.

This design of the tube spice rack may be simple, but it deserves a space on your wall. Additionally, the organizer doubles as a showpiece.

The project requires you to drill some holes into the wood strip and top the tubes with cork stoppers. This is one of the most brilliant hanging spice rack ideas.

Hidden Spice Rack Ideas

hanging spice rack

Optimize your cabinet storage space with this two-tier wooden caddy. It perfectly sits underneath the shelf. The cabinet caddy keeps your seasonings and other dried goods organized.

When you need some spices, just pull it out. You can stash away different spice jars in this caddy. For quicker access, store your frequently-used seasonings in the top tier.

Vintage Soda Crate

hanging spice rack

Are you looking for rustic spice rack ideas? It’s time to create an unusual organizer out of a coke crate, then. First of all, turn the soda bottle box on its side.

Next, attach it to your kitchen wall for a simple hanging spice rack. Add chalkboard labels to the jars, so you can easily find the right spice. Then, store them in the compartments of a soda crate.

DIY Pallet Spice Rack

Do you have leftover pallets of wood? If yes, convert them into a terrific yet functional spice rack. It saves you some money. Be sure you do sanding as well as staining.

That way, the handmade pallet spice rack will get more charming. It helps elevate your kitchen, too. Create extra storage space by fixing hooks to the bottom of the rack. They can hold your cooking utensils and coffee mugs.

Display It

hanging spice rack

Dealing with tight space? No worries. You can showcase your spices on the side of the refrigerator that is usually overlooked. This innovative storage solution makes spices and herbs easy to access.

Additionally, it is gorgeous and practical. Transfer spices into magnetic tins first. Then, stick typed labels on the lids. Lastly, display them on your refrigerator. It’s easy, right?

Hanging Spice Rack Made from Wire

This handmade spice holder is constructed from a cooling rack. You can buy it at an online store for about $1. Set hooks or nails into the kitchen wall, and mount.

Pour spices into glass canisters and store them on the rack. Wrap brown ribbons or jute rugs around the canisters’ necks. They will adorn your spice containers in a jiffy.

Curtain Rod and Clips

hanging spice rack

Similar to hanging spice rack, this one clears your counter and drawer space. It also offers a stylish look and industrial charm. After you purchase spices in bulk, transfer them into reusable clear bags.

Install a black metal curtain rod on the kitchen door back. Furthermore, you need to prepare metal binder clips. They are great for securing the bags, thanks to their strong bodies and thick handles.

Tiered Spice Rack

You still have cabinet space to spare? Install a three-tier space rack inside it. The unit can corral your favorite spices securely. If you find a white wire rack too sterile, paint it in your choice of color.

Sky blue is such a gorgeous shade for sure. Moreover, make sure your spice containers don’t come in different sizes. Then, store them on the steps of the wire rack.

When you want to spruce up recipes, just pull the rack down. Since the countertop is clutter-free, cooking will get easier.

Hanging spice rack is certainly a must-have kitchen unit. It can also be combined with other storage solutions. Are you ready saying goodbye to clutter?

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