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Brilliant Hanging Storage Ideas to Get Extra Space

Having limited space in the bathroom can be quite stressful, indeed, if you have many things to put. Therefore, it is necessary to maximize each area that includes the walls by installing hanging storage

Hanging storage is a brilliant idea to get extra space. It is affordable and mostly easy to make. Then, the other benefit is you do not need to sacrifice any area to get it.

However, if you do not build the storage correctly, tit can be an eyesore and make the bathroom look even worse. Therefore, paying attention to the tidiness of the room is essential.

Here are some great and unique hanging storage ideas to get extra space in your bathroom.

1. Hanging Storage with Wooden Shelf

Hanging Storage with Wooden Shelf

Hang on a wooden shelf in your bathroom. Either it is on the wall or at the back of the door.  For the bottom part, add some hooks so you can put your towels or clothes. 

Further, on the upper part, put some tin buckets. You can use this storage to keep your small accessories such as a toothbrush, toothpaste, or combs. To get a neat look, organize your things based on their use.

2. Black Wire Hanging Storage

Black Wire Hanging Storage

The black metal wire is a great option for those who need a strong hanging storage rack. This model allows you to keep all your big bottles like shampoos, conditioners, and lotions out of the way.

With the open design, this hanging storage rack can fit any kind of bottle. It also has a great advantage because you can take the bottles out easily without having to worry about messing with the other lotions. 

3. Bathroom Hooks

Bathroom Hooks

Bathroom hooks are a must-have item in almost all houses. This small yet functional object can be used for many things from hanging your towels to making extra storage.

However, to avoid looking cramped and full, make sure to give enough space between one hook with another. Therefore, whether you hang your clothes or add extra storage, they do not bump on each other. 

4. Hanging Storage Basket

Hanging Storage Basket

If you are afraid of ruining your walls with some hooks, then hang them on to the horizontal parts of the door. After that, put your basket on the bottom part to create extra storage.

A hanging storage basket can keep small items such as your brush, small towels, or some of your lotions. Importantly, do not put heavy things inside. 

5. Hanging Toilet Paper Storage

Hanging Toilet Paper Storage

Keep your toilet paper near you by using this hanging rope storage. With this design, put 3-4 rolls and take it out easily while running out. 

Another great thing about this storage is the trendy and stylish look. Also, the toilet paper holder will be a pretty accessory to the bathroom that gives an east coast touch.

6. Hanging Trio Tiered

Hanging Trio Tiered

Gather all your goods in one place but still, insight with this hanging trio tiered. It consists of three baskets where you can put your small accessories such as comb, nail polish to make up.

In addition, the design of this storage is open wide, so make sure to organize them well to look neat.

7. Mason Jars

bathroom apothecary jars

When it comes to hanging storage, mason jars come in very handy. Just putting them on the side of your sink or top of the toilet can create extra space. 

However, if you do not like the arrangement, try to attach a piece of wood on the wall to accommodate the Mason jar hanging storage. Due to the small size, you can use one item for each member of the family. 

8. Wooden Shower Caddy

Wooden Shower Caddy

Avoid getting your bathroom all wet with the wooden shower caddy. Install this storage below the spray, so you can get things easily without having to go out.

Moreover, the slim design takes only a small amount of space but provides extra storage for your things. Thus, it becomes a must-have item in the bathroom. 

9. Wooden Jewelry Organizer

Wooden Jewelry Organizer

Prevent losing your jewelry inside or outside the bathroom using this wooden organizer. Hang all your necklaces and rings on the hooks so you can find them easily.

10. Hanging Storage Bag

Hanging Storage Bag

This cute handmade crocheted is a great hanging storage bag to put in the bathroom. To avoid getting wet, keep your lotions and makeup inside.

To prevent it from falling, hang the bag behind the door or beside the mirror. Therefore, you can find and reach lotions easily. 

11. Iron Bar

Iron Bar

One of the simplest hanging storage ideas that you can come up with is an iron bar. Then, attach this rack holder anywhere in the bathroom, in the shower, or behind the door.

If you want to keep it simple, then install an iron bar to hang your towels. However, to be more functional, add a wooden shelf on the top part.

12. Pocket Organizer

Pocket Organizer

A pocket organizer is always useful and can be used for any storage including the bathroom. Then, hang this storage behind the door. 

Furthermore, you might fill these pockets with combs, lotions, brush, or any bathroom accessories. Also, place them near the shower to put shampoos and liquid soaps. 

Additionally, most of these organizers are from mesh or plastic, so you do not worry about them getting wet. 

13. Cabinet Wire

Cabinet Wire

Make storage inside your cabinet with wire baskets. The concept of this model is to hang the basket on the door, so it will not take any space inside. 

Alternatively, mount the basket on the walls beside the sink or behind the door. 

14. Hanging Buckets

Hanging Buckets

Another unique hanging storage for your bathroom is from buckets. With the big size, you can put almost anything inside like shampoos, brushes, and toothpaste. 

Besides, you can take the bucket off from the wall and bring it to the shower. When the storage is not used, hang it back.

15. Repurpose Ladder & Wire Basket

Repurpose Ladder & Wire Basket

If you have an unused ladder in the house, then repurpose it for hanging storage

Create this storage by hanging the ladder above the toilet. Then, on each level of the stairs, put a basket, and wire it around.

Last but not least, these hanging storage ideas are a great solution for those who have a narrow space in the bathroom. Make sure to use every spot from the walls to the cabinet itself.

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