Best Hanging Succulents to Choose and How to Display Them

Hanging succulents have recently become a popular choice for plant lovers. As it does not require a lot of water, it will grow well in locations that do not provide enough green areas.

With beautiful colors and shapes, succulent becomes a charming decoration item both inside and outside your rooms.

Moreover, the intensity of watering is not too often, which makes it easy for those who have a busy schedule.

Succulent is a term to refer to water-absorbing plants that absorb water and store it on the main stem. Cactus is one example of this type of plant.

Succulent is also a type of plant that requires more light than the average of other plants. He can indeed stand for days without being watered, but that does not mean that he does not need liquid at all.

However, using succulent as decoration is sometimes challenging. Here are the steps and strategies to grow and display them beautifully.

Popular Hanging Succulents to Choose

Popular Hanging Succulents

Before putting real hanging succulents in your space, surely you have to choose the right type of them. For starters, here are some suitable choices for beginners.

1. The Strings

Hanging succulent Strings

This is the best choice among hanging succulents. Having a long protruding shape, the strings will amuse you with a beautiful view when placed hanging.

There are several popular options to choose from, including a string of bananas, pearls, and fishhooks. The three plants have the same beauty with different shapes of leaves.

2. Burro’s Tail Sedum

Burro's Hanging Succulents

This silvery-green plan is so very beautiful in shape but does not strong enough. The leaves will easily fall-off during planting or transplanting. Burro’s Tail will plump up in cooler temperature.

3. Ruby Necklace

The appeal of Ruby Necklace is its shape, which has red-purple stems and yellow daisy-like flowers. Despite having very thin stems, it has plump leaves that make it unique.

However, it will not fall very easily as Burro’s Tail Sedum.

4. Elephant’s Food

Having thick stems and thick leaves makes them sturdier and hardier to the sun. Therefore, you do not have to water them frequently. Just do it once in the hot season and once in three weeks during winter.

5. Trailing Jade

Hanging Succulents indoors

Also known as hanging jade, it has thick stems and larger leaves than other succulents listed above. Growing this somewhat succulent is very easy as it can survive in dry soil conditions, even rocks.

Get Your Color

Rare Hanging Succulents

The beauty of succulents lies in its shape, color, and sizes. Therefore no need to hesitate to mix and match according to taste. Nowadays, people like to use ombre-colored succulents as decoration.

Displaying Hanging Succulents Indoors

Displaying Hanging Succulents

Hanging succulents will grow differently based on the amount of sunlight obtained. However, you can still place them in both places with style. It will be okay as long as you keep them healthy and happy.

1. Blend with Furniture

Blend Hanging Succulents

If you make it as a decoration in the house, make them blend with your daily life. One way is to place it as part of the furniture. Put it in a beautiful pot, on the table, or else to make your day. 

2. Using Glasses

Glasses for Hanging Succulents

Glasses, such as globe-shape, are the best choice to displays the strings. In addition to the shape that looks beautiful and elegant, clear material will also maximize the absorption of sunlight.

3. Use Some Unique Pots

To maximize the appearance of succulent, then you must use the right pot. Currently, there are many variations of pots available.

You can also use some recycled things around your house, such as your unused books.

4. Change It into other Forms

Succulents are flexible plants. You can even change it into many forms you like, such as the Christmas tree. Planting it in a cone-shaped structure, or else, will give you a fresh view every single day.

Arranging Hanging Succulents Outdoors

Hanging Succulents Outdoor

As stated before, succulents are flexible plants that will beautify outside and inside your house. Putting them outdoors means that you will do gardening. Challenging but fun!

1. Using Hanging Succulents Wall

Hanging Succulents Wall

Placing succulents on a wall is a very popular method done by people. However, more creativity is needed to do so.

First, you can use tools such as hanging succulents’ wall. Grow your plants in media that can be posted on it.

Grow several different types of succulents, and place them as beautiful as possible. If it has arisen beautifully, all you have to do is enjoying its beauty.

2. A Row of Succulents

Row of Succulents

Another way that can be taken is to place it in a row in one corner of your garden. You can choose the type of plants to be planted.

It is better if you choose small hanging succulents to avoid crowded impression. People use this method usually to decorate the entrance or put hanging succulents for sale.

3. Using Recycled Things (Again)

Why should you buy the new pots if you can use the old ones? Any unused items in your house will be the best decoration for the garden. Use them wisely and save the environment.

4. Make Some Rare Hanging Succulents Arrangements

The arrangement of plants is not only about flowers. You can even use hanging succulents to decorate your garden. Use unique-shaped media to grow several types of succulents at once.

To make it more artistic, try to assemble these succulents into unique shapes that provide the most beautiful views in each of your moments.

Place them in the best place to let them grow happily and beautifully together.

Keep Them Beautiful

After done designing, you have a final important process, keeping them happy every day! Although they do not need water every day, care is also an important thing.

Do not forget to keep providing the needed nutrition. Even for indoor plants, sunlight also needs to be given occasionally so that they continue to grow healthy.

Remember that they will pay you nicely for the kindness.

After reading the reviews above, you can decide which style is suitable for your plants.  One thing you should remember, hanging succulents indoors or outdoors is equally fun!

Those are some steps and strategies for designing hanging succulent for art purposes. Designing and looking after hanging succulents can be done by anyone, depending on taste and creativity. Happy trying, everyone!

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