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10+ Hat Organizer Ideas that Save Your Bucks

If you have a bunch of headwear or headdress in the closets, owning a hat organizer will be a lot of help.

Although closets are supposed to conceal stuff and make everything seem decluttered once the door is closed, it doesn’t mean that you can just throw your hat collections randomly.

Instead, you can make these storage spots even more user-friendly and attractive by adding such a creative organizer.

For some practical inspirations, these hat organizer ideas will help you put your headdress and other things in order.

Coat Hanger

Let’s start with something as easy as adding a hanger on your closet’s door. This idea can help you organize several baseball caps without any difficulty.

Organizing and stacking baseball caps can be a bit hard due to their unique shapes. However, you can deal with this problem by using some curtain rings.

Just grab several shower curtain rings and clip them onto the bottom crossbar of a hanger. Then, strap the caps on them. Make sure that you use a sturdy hanger so that it can hold your baseball cap collections.

Hang-Up Hat Organizer

hat organizer

For a selection of fedora or floppy hats, it will be difficult to store them all together in a single holder. Instead, you can create a handmade wood hanger to hold the headdress.

Simply use a small wooden post and rope to create the hanger. Then, use some clips to hang your hats.

If you are using metal clips, consider inserting a piece of felt before clipping them. The felt can prevent marks on your favorite headwear.

Simple Pocket Organizer

Most people tend to employ a pocket organizer for storing shoes. However, you can use it for other things too.

Hang it at the corner of your closet and use the pocket to store some hats. Of course, you can also store ones that are flexible enough to fit into the organizer.

You can also put this hat organizer in the entryway to store other things like gloves, dog leashes, and a bottle of sunblock.

Meanwhile, for a bedroom closet, this organizer will make a great place for leggings, tights, and even repair tools.

Old Frame and Wire

hat organizer

Who knows that an old frame can be repurposed to a useful hat organizer? This idea will help you keep your collection at hand. Simply make an old frame and screwed some eye hooks into its back.

Then, install some thin wires between them. You can use a clip or curtain ring to hang your caps on the wire. To complete the look, spray colored paint on the frame carefully.

Set of Boxes hat organizer

If you don’t want to keep your headdress hung on the open air, this hat container should be a great solution. Rather than hanging your headdress, you can keep them on cardboard boxes.

However, to make the packages look visually pleasing, consider wrapping them first with pretty paper.

Stack the boxes on an open shelf and consider adding a label on each box to make it easier for you in finding your favorite hats.

In case there is no open shelf in your closet, try repurposing a tiny bookcase or dresser to store the boxes.

Vintage Wine Rack

hat organizer

You can repurpose a vintage wine rack into a special storage solution for your collection of cowboy hats.

Hang the old wine rack on the wall and organize your hats based on their colors. This way, they can double as an eye-catching decoration.

Trunks and Boxes hat organizer

This open shelving unit filled with old trunks and boxes. If you want to bring a vintage flair into the closets, it will make a perfect idea.

Furthermore, you can use the trunk as hat storage or even keeping other things like kids’ toys, extra towels, and socks.

Tidy Open Shelves hat organizer

hat organizer

If you have a wide collection of golf hats, this storage solution should be sufficient to hold all your favorites and keep them tidy.

You can short your hats based on their functions and label the shelves or simply put them randomly to create an appealing wall decoration.

More interestingly, this golf hat organizer allows you to grab your headwear instantly. It is possible to leave some space for other decorations as well.

White Wicker Baskets

Paint your old wicker baskets in white and use them to store caps and other items. You can also add a beautiful white ribbon on each container for extra visual interest.

In case you want to store different things in these cap holder ideas, consider attaching a label on it so that your family members can find what they need easily.

For example, if the basket will be used to store some pain relievers and bandages, you can stencil a red cross on the front side.

Repurposed Paint Cans

Rather than throwing some paint cans away after usage, try to repurpose them into a useful storage solution. Simply clean some paint cans and use them to store small items.

You can even use them as a hat organizer if needed. To personalize the cans, you can print a sticker to name what items stored in the container. It is also possible to tag them with vinyl lettering or chalkboard labels.

If you don’t have any paint can in the house, consider repurposing beach buckets. They will be perfect for a storage solution too.

Repurposed Towel Bars

hat organizer

Towel bars are just as versatile as hooks. You can mount the rails on the wall and use them as a hat organizer.

To hang the caps on the bars, you will need several curtain clips. If a single rail is not enough, mount another one underneath.

Besides, this design will also make a great shoe and hat organizer. You can use the idea to store tall boots that cannot fit into your footwear cubbies.

All in all, there are many ways to organize your headdress. For a quick and easy method, steal the look of the above hat organizer ideas and keep your collection tidy in no time.

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