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DIY Easy & Simple Home Depot Workbench

When you need to save extra money on your house furniture, then one of the best ways to do it is by making your home depot workbench.

It may need extra effort; however, you can cut off many costs by building them by yourself. 

You can make many kinds of home depot workbench from tables, the ultimate garage needs to tool cabinets.

They are all easy to build and most importantly, they are useful to keep your things tidy and neat. 

Thus, if you are planning to make your home depot workbench, here are some ideas you can try. The main material you will need is wood and some tools to support the process. 

1. DIY Portable Home Depot Workbench 

Make a portable workbench that you can easily move from one place to another. Make a dimension around 49”x24”x36”.

This size should be enough to bring around the house but not too small to put your things in. 

With this size, you can make around two portable workbenches from one sheet of MDF. Thus, not only will you save some money, but you can also get extra furniture for the house.  

The first thing you need to do is to assemble two of the same size boxes. Then, screw them together to make a rectangle shape. Make two of these with the precise length.

Make sure they have the same dimension because it will be used for the top and bottom part of the bench. 

Then, it is time to assemble the frame by attaching four pieces of longs wood on each side of the square. This is to connect the top and bottom sides of the workbench. 

For the bottom part, you can install four wheels on each side of the bench. This will help you push and roll the workbench from one place to another easier without having to carry it out. 

Once you are done, attach a shelf for both the top and bottom square frame. Nail it down to attach it to all parts of the wood. This way, it will make the workbench steadier and stronger. 

With these simple steps, you have your home depot workbench. If you make it with the precise dimension, you can get two of these types. 

With the same design, you can install some storage to get a workbench with drawers. However, the installment for this process is a bit more complicated and costs more. 

Husky Workbench Look-Alike 

One of the famous home depots that are known strong and steady is the Husky workbench. However, the cost of this equipment is quite pricey, especially for the big size.

Therefore, rather than buying them, why not make one on your own. 

A home depot workbench that you can make is their simple worktable. The concept of this design is just like a portable design. However, for this style, you do not need a shelf for the bottom part.

Moreover, you will not need the wheels to move it around. 

The concept of this table is simple but strong. Therefore, even though it is plain with no cabinet, it can be used for any kind of jobs like sewing, cutting, or hammering. 

Garage Workbench

To keep all your equipment, tidy and neat in your work area, then build a garage workbench. These models are very simple, but they are very useful to hang all your hammers, saws, and scissors. 

So, to make this workbench, use a wider and bigger size for the top surface, whereas the bottom part gives storage where you can put all your belongings.

The top part is made bigger because it will be the place where you will do your work. Therefore, you will need a big space to support your activities. 

Foldable Workbench

If you have a limited place in your house or the garage, then make a foldable home depot workbench. You can build it on the sides of your wall, so once you fold it; it does not look like a table. 

To make this kind of home depot workbench, you will need around 2 hours to build it and all the materials will only cost around $50 maximum. 

However, the only minus thing about this home depot workbench is that you will not have any storage to keep your belongings. You will need portable storage beside it to keep all your equipment. 

2. Mobile Workbench to Keep All Your Tools

Keep all your tools inside a small mobile workbench, where you can keep all your equipment. The size does not have to big because the main function is storage.

However, if you want to maximize the use, build a folding table bench with some legs on the side. Therefore, if you have a small project to make, you just need to open it up. 

3. Door Top Workbench

For those with a limited budget but needs, a strong home depot workbench can use door top surface. Just like its name, the concept of this design is using reused wood as the table for your work.

You can also use new doors; however, the cost could be more expensive, therefore if you want something cheaper then reused ones. The steps in making this workbench are just the same as the ones before.

However, for this type, you will need to adjust the length of the surface. 

Even though you are using reused material, however, the strength of wood doors is quite strong and still. You can even use if for serious work such as hammering or jamming things and it will not break. 

Despite the extra effort, you will need to build home depot workbench but building on your own can save some money. You can buy one at a shop but get two if you make one by yourself. 

You can also build more than one workbench using one material that you buy. Building your place to work also means you can create it the way you like it. 

Therefore, if you are planning to buy a home depot workbench, you can try considering making one on your own. With the help of the internet, everything is possible to make.  

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