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Home Exterior Colors to Make a House Stand Out

Choosing home exterior colors is one of the hardest tasks in planning a house. Usually, people do this part in the end, to prevent it from not matching it with the interior. 

However, other than the interior, there are many things to consider when it comes to choosing the best home exterior colors.

You will also have to pick whether you want a bold, simple, or industrial kind of tone of your home. 

The choice of your home exterior colors will determine whether your house will look boring or eye-catching compared to other houses.

To help you choose, here are some of the best and popular tones that people have been using the past few years. 

Best Home Exterior Colors 2020

If you are confused about which paint to choose, here are some of the best exterior house colors 2020 you can use as a reference.

These tones have become a favorite to many people because they can make your place pretty. Now, they are a trend. 

Light & Dark Grey

One of the 2019 popular exterior house colors that are still famous until today is grey. This tone brings a cool and solid effect overall design.

It is also a perfect choice for those who want to have an industrial home. 

To create a calm design, then choose light grey as the main color of your house. You can also combine it with other tones such as blue, crème, or brown.

Combining these will show the warmness of your house to other people. 

On the other hand, if you want something bolder than using charcoal grey for your painting. This is darker, but it does not create a spooky or negative atmosphere in your house. 

For industrial design, color your entire wall exterior with charcoal grey. You can give a bit of white for the windows, so there is an additional touch on it.

If you like this color but do not want it bold, then combine it with some light tones such as crème. This combination will give you a bold yet warm atmosphere from your house. 

Blue & Navy

One of the 2019 best exterior house colors that is a favorite again this year is blue. Whether you like it classic or dark, this tone is still used by many people until today. 

To get a bold looking house, you can use nave for your home exterior. This color will give a sharp and outstanding design that will make your place noticeable easily by other people. 

However, if you are not ready to use all navy, then you can use it for the accents part of the house. For example, paint your doors, windows, or teals with this color.

This will make those parts stand out more than the other sides. 

For a calmer look, you can use classic blue as the accent or main color of the house. Even though they are both bold, but this tone is softer and is better to use for combination. 

Beige & Cream Color

One of the best home exterior colors that are very popular since years ago until today is beige. This is one of the neutral tones that can be combined with any kind of design and painting. 

However, it is recommended not to use all beige for your house painting. Try combining it with other home exterior colors to make it sharper.

It will cool down bold colors and will make soft colors softer, so almost nothing can go wrong by using beige for your dominant or accent painting. 

Lighting Red

For those who want bold exterior house paint colors should surely use red as one of the parts of their design.

Whether you use it as the main painting or just the accent, this tone will surely make your place stand out. 

However, because of this reason, not many people are in this color. Red is always about drama, brave, and standing out. 

Therefore, if you love this color so much, but do not want it to stand out too much than use it for your door or windows. It will make your exterior pop out and, but the overall design still looks calm.

You can combine it with other home exterior colors such as black, grey, beige, or white. However, it is best to use it with neutral paintings so that your house does not catch people’s eyes too often. 

Lighting Green

If you want other exterior house paint colors that can make your doors pop out, then use green painting.

Just like red, not many people are into this color because it is just too eye-catching and is hard to match with. 

However, you can always combine it with home exterior colors such as beige or brown. These two tones match the best with green, even though it is still unique.

To make it easier to match, use soft or mint green color for the doors. This way, you can use green but not make your house stand out too much. 

Black & White

Home exterior colors that will never go wrong and can be combined with almost anything is black and white.

These are the most neutralist paint that almost everyone will use whether it is for his or her interior or outside design. 

If you want to play safe and use both colors too, then it is possible. Make the basic paint white, whereas the accent black. 

The combination of these two home exterior colors will make a classic and pretty house. You can add some white flowers in the front yard, to complete your design. 

If you have a hard time in choosing the best home exterior colors, then it is best to consulate it with your architect. Therefore, they can help you choose the best tone that can match your taste and interior design. 

For those who do not like their house to stand out too much, then it best to choose soft and neutral home exterior colors. Some of the most popular tones that have been used this year are beige, white, and grey. 

On the other hand, for those who want to make their house stand out, they can use bold home exterior colors such as red and green. Even though the tones are hard to match, it is still possible to use. 

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