Best Way on How to Clean Paint Rollers

Understanding how to clean paint rollers means you do not have to spend the money on problems you can avoid.

The lifespan of the paint roller is quite short, but you can extend it by taking care of this one thing. The paint roller is a tool for painting walls or floors easily and more systematically.

Unlike a brush, you can reach high places using a paint roller and can make artistic and perfect paint accents.

Paint rollers are inexpensive. Its costs are cheap and you can find them anywhere, like hardware stores or on e-commerce platforms.

Nevertheless, if you keep changing paint rollers every month, in total you are already overspending an enormous budget per year just to buy this stuff, especially if you paint your house regularly every month.

Save your money for the more valuable things and discover how to clean paint rollers cheaply.

1. Knowing the Characteristic of Paint before Understanding How to Clean Paint Rollers

Paint Rollers

On the market, there are various types of wall paint.

  • The first is water-based wall paint, the second is oil-based wall paint, and the third is powder-based wall paint.
  • There are various ways to clean a paint roller based on what type of paint you are using to paint the wall.

Nevertheless, regardless of the type of paint, you have to know how to clean paint rollers from it.

Easiest paint to clean be water-based paints because they are not thick in texture and do not soak up quickly into the paint roller.

After you identify the different treatments based on the type of paint used, now you can easily determine what kind of paint you want to use.

Next, decide how to clean paint rollers after use and what ingredients you have to prepare.

2. How to Clean Paint Rollers after Use from Water-Based Paint


Cleaning water-based paints are easier because they are not very sturdy.

You only need to prepare water and soap to clean the watercolor residue. It would be better if you use detergent.

Compared to bath soap, detergent is faster at cleaning stains. Thus, you do not need to worry about the remaining stains on the paint roller.

How to clean paint rollers from the remaining stains is by rubbing the brush with detergent and water in the same direction.

If there is still paint residue, you can scrape it off using a small knife. Be careful when doing this, because if you are too hasty or too rough the paint roller can be damaged.

If the stain is too indelible, you can also add baking soda. This material is proven able to remove stains on various surfaces, from the skin surface to the fabric surface

If the paint roller is white, you can also add bleach to make it cleaner and return to its primary color.

3. How to Clean Oil-Based Paint in Paint Roller


Cleaning the paint roller with oil paint requires more effort and time. In the paint cans label, there are instructions to clean paint from the paint roller.

Nevertheless, if you do not have one, you can use a solution like alcohol, paint thinner, or methylated spirits.

  • Prepare a gallon bucket then pour the solution into it.
  • After that, put the paint roller in the solution. Then remove and wipe away the paint using a rag or brush.
  • When doing this process, do not forget to wear gloves because chemicals can irritate your hands.

If there is still paint remaining, you can do the previous step by scrapping the remaining paint using a sharp knife or scissors.

While doing this process keep yourself away from sources of ignition because methylated spirits and timers are flammable materials

4. Maintaining Paint Roller


Maintaining a paint roller so that it does not break easily is facile.

First, after applying paint with a paint roller, immediately clean the remaining paint so that it does not become a crust on the surface of the cloth.

Cleaning the paint roller can also be done before starting to apply the paint so that no residue is mixed with the new paint.

If there is still paint remaining on the surface, remove it immediately using a knife or using scissors.

Remember not scraping the remaining stain too hard so the paint roller will not be damaged and will last longer.

However, if there is a stain that is difficult to clean, you should just leave it alone, because trying to clean the stain will damage your paint roller and cannot be used optimally when painting the wall.

  • In the process of painting the walls, do not be too rough when using the paint roller.
  • It can damage the surface and make the substance applied to the wall to be uneven and not good.

5. Make Unique Paint with a Paint Roller


By using a paint roller, you can also be creative and make unique wall paint, you know. It is easy, just attach special ornaments that are easy to buy anywhere like bubble wrap.

Bubble wrap will give the impression of bubble paint on the wall. Simply hold the bubble wrap against the surface of the paint roller and add it to the paint.

You can also use masking tape to give the wall a lollipop look.

  • After inserting the paint roller into the basket, attach the tape in a vertical pattern.
  • After that, paint the walls as usual.
  • The color of your wall will change to look like an interesting lollipop.
  • You can also dip the paint roller in two different paint colors.

On the left, for example, put it in black paint and on the right side, put it in white. This idea will provide a unique accent to your wall and make it more playful.

How to clean paint rollers is something you will not need to question anymore. It is not rocket science as long as you know how to make use of the household pieces of equipment.

Besides knowing how to clean paint rollers you must know how to keep it. We can store them in storage with mid-level of humidity so that its surface will easily be ripped off.

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