How to Cut Glass Tile without Chipping – the Easy and Quick Way

Many people do not understand how to cut glass tile without chipping. Although it is a kind of widely used materials, the installation process is not as easy as one might think.

Many errors, failures, and all the annoyances may arise so that the results are not optimal.

There are special techniques and various considerations that you must understand. Various factors, such as the type of glass tile cutting blade will also influence it. Here are some methods you can do.

1. Method 1: How to Cut Glass Tile with a Dremel


Dremel is a rotary tool brand capable of cutting a wide variety of materials, including glass, plastics, and metals.

It has an approximately 4-inch glass tile blade that is also capable of cleaving fiberglass and Plexiglas at high speed.

This tool will help make the work more efficient and faster. Cutting glass tile with Dremel is best done with running water as it reduces the risk of breaking.

The cold temperature enables a smoother process with a minimum chance of failure. Here are the steps to do.

Step 1: The Marking Out


The first step is to mark the part to cut. Use a washable marker so that the streaks are erasable after the process is complete.

Before giving a sign, do not forget to do careful calculations so that you do not get an error.

Step 2: Let It Flow with Water


Put on rubber gloves, and start the saw machine. Let it run for 15 seconds while splashing water over the blade. Let the flow wet all parts of the sharp part until evenly distributed.

Besides, for maximum results, you can also soak the tile in water first.

Step 3: Cutting the Glass Tile


After the water is wet enough, it is time to move on to the next stage. As you are using one of the glass tile blades Lowe’s have, there is no need to do it in a hurry. Move the tool slowly to the marked points.

Once the Dremel reaches a certain depth and is steady, you can start moving it according to the pattern. Keep doing it carefully until the material is perfectly cut.

Step 4: Wipe It Out


After the tile split, finish immediately. Clean the marked part as well as traces of dust stuck to it due to the cutting process. Now, you can start using the cut material.

While Dremel is known to have a good glass tile saw blade reviews, the use of water for cooling is indeed quite common in the glass tile installation process.

You can use it not only for saw cutting but also for various other things related to tiling.

2. Method 2: How to Cut Glass Tile with Paper Backing

Cut Glass Tile with Paper Backing

Paper backing is a material commonly used in the textile world. By attaching it to the back of the fabric, it will be easier to cut it according to the desired size and shape.

Now, we will try to apply it to the cutting glass process.

Step 1: Measure Well

Measurement is the most important thing we have to do before doing anything.

Before learning how to cut glass tile, you should do this step. Measurement is the most important thing we have to do before doing anything. Do it carefully so that the results are accurate.

Use as much baking paper as needed.

Step 2: How to Cut Glass Tile


Glue the paper backing on the back of the glass tile. After that, mark the part to be cut. Use the wet saw provided to cut it according to the mark you made.

Step 3: Finishing


After the glass tile is cut perfectly, all you have to do is finish. Take back the paper backing and clean the cut material to perfection. Now you can use it.

3. Method 3: How to Cut Glass Tile around Outlets


For some reason, sometimes you need to cut off the glass that is in the middle. It is not easy to do because you have to do it very carefully. Even so, it is not impossible. Try to follow the steps below.

Step 1: The Marking Out


The first thing you have to do before ‘how to cut glass tile’ process is marking the part to cut. Again, use a washable marker and draw the shapes to be cut.

Step 2: How to Cut Glass Tile


For this process, the tile saw blade thickness is very influential. It is a good idea not to use something too thick to make it easier to work.

Place the material to be cut on the cutting board, and start the saw slowly. When the knife starts to get close to the mark limit, you have to start slowing it down so that it does not go too far.

Step 3: How to Smooth Cut Glass Tile Edges


After the saw cuts almost to the mark, stop the engine. After that, you need to push the inside of the tile so that it comes out of the outlet.

Clean the debuts and marks then smooth any areas that may be imperfect with a rubbing paper.

The cutting concepts about how to cut glass tile above are basic things you can do to make it tidier and not easily broken, but apart from that, some additional tips might be useful for maximizing your work.

In the next section, we will discuss the additional tips you can take.

4. Method 4: How to Cut Glass and Stone Mosaic Tile


The method is the same as the steps above. However, you need to do careful calculations so that the cutting results match the mosaic design concept that you made.

It is a good idea to use a small blade so that the results are more detailed.

5. Method 5: How to Cut Glass Tile Lengthwise


Lengthwise cutting is best with a large saw blade for faster processing. Use at least an 8-inch glass tile blade for best results. Meanwhile, the 10-inch will be better.

Do not forget to choose a quality saw blade for maximum results.

That is a few about how to cut glass tile. Even though it breaks easily, you can use the techniques above to make the results more satisfying.

Apart from the ones mentioned above, there cannot be any other practical way to get the desired result. Do not forget to add more references.

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