How to Cut Vinyl Siding: The 6 Fail-Safe & Thrifty

The way how to cut vinyl siding will determine your success in removing the old siding independently, just as perfect as if you are using the professional services.

Using professional services will save more time and effort, but the costs incurred will also be expensive.

It would take up nearly three thousand dollars. Instead of using it to pay for professional services, it would be better to save money for other household’s needs.

Many people believe that vinyl siding is the best weather proofer for the home exterior. Indeed, its strength and durability already proved it thoroughly.

However, it does not mean that vinyl will last forever. Generally, in ten to fifteen years, this material will experience cracks, flakes, and bulks in several sections.

When you notice those conditions on your siding trim, it is the time for you to immediately take away the vinyl and replace it with a new one.

Suppose you are a nonprofessional in doing this thing. In that case, the initial movement you need to do is reading this article thoroughly.

Here you will find information on the essential steps in how to cut vinyl siding equipped with the tools for cutting vinyl pallets.

1. The Best Tool To Cut Vinyl Siding You Need To Prepare

• Zip Tool Works Better On How to Cut Vinyl Siding Compare to another Tool

• Claw-Hammer

Carpenter’s Pincer Pliers

Waste Container or Dumpster

Ladder or Scaffolding

2. How to Cut Vinyl Siding In Proper Ways

The Crucial Main Point on How to Cut Vinyl Siding: Understand the Features of Vinyl Panels

Moving your exterior siding takes both understanding and care at the same time. Therefore, you cannot carelessly remove the siding panels.

First, you need to understand the features and systems vinyl siding have. In one set of vinyl siding, there are panels about 12 feet in size.

The panels attach one another via an interlocking system located on the strip and the lip channel.

The strip, or defined as the top of the panel, is nailed directly to the walls of the house. While the lip channel, or the bottom of the board, zipped onto the strip edge of the panel underneath.

Cutting up the siding requires you to unlock all of the interlocks systems mentioned above one by one.

The competent tool you can utilize to do unzipping is the zip tool—no need to pay a fortune on it.

You only spend about five dollars for one tool to help you do the crucial things in the whole removal process.

Climb up the Wall and Lock on the Tool to the Lip’s Underside

The proper how to cut vinyl siding steps require you to begin the removal process form the upper part of your wall to the down part. To reach the highest part of your house, all you need is a ladder.

Besides, you can also use scaffolding that you can rent from the home center for 25 dollars. If you use a ladder, ensure positioning it in a safe and proper state in the corner of your house.

Climb it up and start by pushing your zip tool at the bottom edge of the first panel. Push your siding remover tool until it hooks the lip’s underside and let the zip tool lock on it.

Pull Downward the Vinyl Panel, Slide the Zip Tool Horizontally

When the zip tool already locked on, drag the vinyl siding panel down and do a horizontal slide into the whole length of the board. Make sure all complete from one side to another.

That is why scaffolding is better than a ladder because you do not need to climb up and down repeatedly. Scaffolding helps you to move horizontally with less effort.

Remove the Nails from the Strip

Remove the nails from the strip using the hammer claw or, when you find some difficulties in it, utilize your carpenter’s pincer pliers.

You have to note, never to remove the nails from the strip before doing the unlocking step. That is not how to cut vinyl siding accurately.

Unhook the Vinyl Siding

Finally yet importantly, on how to cut the vinyl siding ideally is detaching the siding cutting by dragging it down.

Then blend it conscientiously to avoid before reach to the bottom part to prevent mess.

Keep doing the same way for removing other vinyl siding sections. Do all the steps, from unzipping to detaching in the suggested order.

Never skip or do the removals process randomly. Consistently complete the 1-set-step for one vinyl siding panels from top to down part, then you can move to another section.

Get Rid Of the Mess

Already completed all steps on how to cut vinyl siding and have all of your panels down. Now, you have to consider the disposal of these old siding pieces.

That is why the dumpster comes to the list of provided materials.

When the vinyl section that you are removing is only a small part, then throwing it in the garbage dump in front of your house will not be a problem.

However, if you do a full vinyl siding removal, you better rent a dumpster to the company. This tool will help you to move all the clutter of these siding pieces to a landfill.

Not much expense you spent on this. Approximately 400 dollars per week for renting this movable trash container is worth enough to help you to solve the disposal problem.

Before you are going to create the new look on your home, ensure you also make a full-repairment to prevent any damage to your new vinyl siding or any exterior ornaments.

Any moisture problems on the walls can cause rot and pest attacks on your vinyl wood.

From all the explanations above, now you can fully understand how economical and worth this method is, can’t you? With less expense, you can still get a similar result to professional work.

Well, that is all about how to cut vinyl siding. We wish you passed the systematic well so that you can achieve an ideal vinyl siding removal!

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