How to Dye Carpet to Make It Look Like a Brand New

The rug is a piece of furniture that deserves a spot at home.

However, its color is easy to get old. To overcome this discoloration, you can do some life hacks, including finding out the way on how to dye carpet.

Carpet-dye is a process of recoloration of the rug. You can splash the similar shade with the old one, or try the new colors; that is all your call.

1. Why Do You Need to Know How to Dye Carpet Cheaply


You can get many things from knowing how to dye carpet rather than buying the new one.

  • Carpet-dye is cheaper
  • Compared to buying a pricey rug, the carpet-dying process does not require too much budget.

How much does it cost to dye carpet, anyway?

Well, as a comparison, the price of the new carpet is much more expensive than buying the dye substance. For those who want to save the budget, the second opinion is more suitable for you.

Pick professional color-dye and avoid the dyestuff for fabric because its color is easier to fade and is not good enough for carpets.

2. It Can Conceal the Stain


From the spoiled milk, until water paint remained from the toddler’s activity, you cannot clean so many stains from the old carpet, although we have tried to remove them with the bleach.

This depressing thing is something you can fix through the steps on how to dye carpet. The color can conceal the stains and make the carpet looks like a brand new.

3. Many Color Provided


The market offers more than 60 shades of professional color-dye. You can choose the same color combination as your carpet or the new one.

To create a darker shade, use less-water. On the contrary, if you want the lighter one, you can add water. After mixing the color-dye with water, you can start to paint the surface of your carpet.

If you are still confused about what to do in this creative process, let’s see the steps to how to dye carpet at home.

4. Prepare Materials


The first thing to do about how to dye carpet is by preparing a variety of materials for painting the carpet. The things are as follow:

  • Carpet-dye
  • Paintbrushes
  • Masking tape
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Scissors
  • Masking tape
  • pH neutralizer / stabilizer
  • A gallon bucket
  • Gloves
  • Check The Rug Material

Before starting to paint, make sure once more that you know the material of the carpet. The friendly carpet material enough for this dye-process is nylon, wool, and wood.

They will absorb the substance well and the color can last for a long period even though you wash them regularly.

5. Move the Carpet into an Empty Room/Backyard


You will need a special room to paint the carpet so that the other furniture might keep cleaned. An empty room or backyard can be a good choice for painting carpets.

If you choose the backyard, it will be simpler because we do not have to protect the pieces of furniture and the wall. You only need to prepare the carpet and dye substance and a paintbrush.

However, not everyone has a vast backyard. If you do not have that one, consider vacating a room to do this DIY project at home.

6. Use the Mask Tape to Cover Up the Wall


When painting a carpet, you can mask tape to cover up the wall. This method can be done if you have a bare wall. We do not recommend this step to be done in wallpaper.

If you have a wall covered up with wallpaper, consider painting the rug somewhere else. The masking tape is also a savior to keep your floor from the stain.

First, cover up the floor with the masking tape, place the rug you want to color and prepare the paintbrush.

7. Clean the Carpet


Much dust lies in the carpet surface. Before understanding how to dye carpet, consider removing the dirt using a vacuum cleaner.

The vacuum cleaner is the best stuff you can use to remove the specks of dirt and dust. Clean dust and grime in one way to keep the carpet tidy and organized.

Make sure the carpet is completely clean before starting to paint the rug. If there is a sturdy stain, so be it. You are going to cover it with the brush.

8. Start to Paint


Now, you are ready to do the main step of how to dye carpet. Prepare a paintbrush and fill it with the preferred shade. Spray the rug from one or two feet height.

You can prepare more than one color, thus buy two or more paintbrushes can. Now, you are ready to brush the carpet and make it more fascinating.

If you want a perfect and neat pattern, consider design it first or looking at the inspiration on the Internet.

You can ask for help to the other people if you want this project to be tidier and according to your planned design.

9. Let It Dry


After you have done painting, it is the turn to dry the paint on the carpet. The time taken to dry the carpet might vary, but on average, it will be finished in half a day.

After drying, check whether the paint is waterproof by spraying water on the carpet surface.

Now, you are ready to use your brand-new carpet at home. As the color dye is waterproof, do not hesitate to wash it, but do that manually.

Do not wash the carpet in the washing machine, as it will damage the carpet and make the color fade.

Wash the thing with soap, water, and a brush. This process is a bit inconvenient, but it is the best way to keep your carpet’s lifespan.

The carpet’s lifespan is about 10 years, maximizes it with the best treatment, and does not forget to choose the professional dye substance that guarantees the great result.

If you find a solid stain on the surface of the carpet, be sure to clean it immediately so that it does not scale on the carpet.

Understanding how to dye carpet is nice since we can turn an old piece into something fresh. If you have enough time this process is worth trying. So, let’s prepare for the equipment!

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