How to Kill Your Unmaintained Lawn Grass: 4 Ultimate Ways

Many people began to wonder how to kill the blade of grass that grew wild and unsightly.

The question began to arise because the front lawn of the house started to turn yellow and lost its beauty. Two factors cause your garden to be infertile.

The first aspect is due to the unfavorable climate.

A lack of maintenance causes the second, be it periodic cutting or lack of watering.

In these conditions, a lawn that should be green, soft as a blanket, and soothing can have the opposite effect. Your garden looks ‘ugly’, full of weeds. Even looking at it will annoy you.

To overcome this problem, all you can do is removing the weeds or even killing a lawn and starting over.

There are many methods on how to kill unkempt grass on your lawn. This article will give you the four ultimate ways on it, complete with the best tools you can use.

As the initial movement, consult with the experts regarding the garden tool and herbicides usage. Ensure either this activity will not disturb your neighbors or harm another habitation.

The following methods require you to prepare these nine materials.

  • Mowing machine
  • Transparent plastic sheeting for garden
  • Stone, bricks, or other heavy things
  • Newspaper or cardboard
  • Mulch
  • Herbicide
  • Hand tiller or rototiller
  • Hand shovel or garden trowel
  • Garden rake

When everything is ready, let us straightly jump to the tips of how to kill your unmaintained grass effectively:

1. Utilize natural remover: solar power does work!

The first method of how to kill the “naughty” grass relies on the natural ability of sunlight. You do not have to do much.

First, make sure to check the weather forecast in the nearest weeks. Because this method depends on the heat of the sun, so make sure the weather is sunny every day.

The next step is mowing the grass in your lawn using a lawnmower. Cut it as short as possible until it close to the ground.

After that, water the whole lawn until the soil is no longer able to absorb water.

After watering, immediately cover all parts of the grass using transparent plastic sheeting.

Lock all edges of the plastic using bricks, stones, or other objects to keep the plastic from blown away by the wind.

Leave in that state for about six to eight weeks. Killing grass with plastic sheeting intends to let the solar shines on the grass directly.

From this stage, the sun’s rays will begin to kill and slowly remove the grass.

From the plastic surface, we can see how the grass condenses and begins to rot from exposure to heat and without air.

2. Apply the composting or layering technique

The application of the second technique on killing grass permanently will be very different from the first.

You can try this technique when you are not sure whether the weather will regularly sunny or not, and when the area to remove is not significant.

The first step to do is mowing the grass short, close to the ground. Then cover the mown grass using the cardboard or newspaper that prepared earlier.

Spread the mulch or decaying the leaves on top of the newspaper, and then do the same thing in turn until it forms a layer—techniques like this aim to inhibit the photosynthetic process of grass.

When you use this method in how to kill your lawn, it will take around eight weeks for the grass to die and mix with the soil thoroughly.

This method has advantages and disadvantages. The power is when this crushing process is complete, and then you will have a fertile planting spot because of the composting effect.

The drawback is that as long as this process is applied, your home yard will look dirty. Thus, the sight may annoy you, your family, and even neighbors.

3. Use Herbicides

How to Kill

There is no end to knowing how to kill untreated grass, especially when it comes to herbicides used to get rid of lawn grass without having to litter your yard with compost and newspaper for a long time.

It only takes two weeks with the repeat application; your lawn is now ready to move away. Again, do not forget to consult the professional first not to endanger anyone or anything around.

You can use RoundUp or Ortho Grass B Gon for the recommended herbicides, and your grass is seriously gone.

4. How to kill the lawn manually

Can you kill the grass manually? The answer will be, “Yes, absolutely,” especially if you have free time and are willing to make your hands sore.

However, that is okay; use this activity as an alternative to your outdoor exercise.

This last method is the fastest method of all the ways previously described. In only several days or even hours, the stubborn grass on your putting green will disappear.

Use some gardening tools to help finish killing the grass by digging it up. You have to be careful and ensure to avoid your irrigation canal from digging.

Just use the hand tiller if the grass area you want to remove is small. For a full space, it is better if you rent a rototiller so that it is faster and does not consume a lot of your energy.

Once all of the soil already cultivated, remove the significant parts of the putting green using your gardening shovel. After that, smooth the ground using a rake.

5. How to kill the grass lawn using vinegar or hot water

How to Kill

It is the cheapest way to kill grass but may be valid only on banishing the weeds.

While for the grassing removal, the above methods are better to give you the perfect finish and even the fertile yard when you are applying the composting technique.

Maintaining lawn grass is essential to have beautiful scenery on your garden, but when the grass is turning to be unhealthy and giving an eyesore look, do not hesitate to kill it away.

The tips for how to kill the unmaintained grass is up to here. Are you ready to greet the summer without mowing the lawn? 

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