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How To Make Black Paint Looks Great in Your House

Many people need to know how to make black paint works for their house. It’s because this color can be a bit intimidating. We all know that light colors can make a room more spacious and open. However, it doesn’t mean a dark color like black won’t give positive charm to your space.

Well, if you know how to handle and make black paint suits your style in house design, you’ll be amazed. You need to know the basic rules of working with the color. You have to keep in mind that black paint can make a strong statement in the house. Be creative and use some of these ways to deal with it.

Contrast Is the Key

The first thing you need to do when dealing with black color in a room, you should think contrast. A dark tone will surely make a room a bit darker. So, you need to add the contrast colors. The very first pick to contrast the color of black is white. These two colors are like loving couples. They’re always great being together.

A black and white room is a classic cozy room with balanced brightness. In this case, we’re not only talking about painting the room but also the rest of the elements. If you want the room to be more alive, you can add colors such as light green, natural wood, orange, or many others. The key to applying black paint is to keep it balanced with the contrast color like white and other light color shades.

Black Wall Accent

living room black accent wall

Instead of having most of the wall in black, you can just choose only one or some parts of the wall painted. A black wall accent in a room could make a good statement to the architecture. To cover some of the dark areas, you may wanna make sure that you installed some shelves, hooks, or holders.

Those elements would be so useful as a platform for your artworks, collectibles, other decor items. Moreover, you can have the wall accent with a TV or a fireplace and its mantle. With this treatment, you’re not gonna be looking at a large wall space dark and empty. On the other hand, it would make a great statement to improve the interior design.

Trim and Other Accents of Black

If you want less dark color in your room, you might wanna treat black paint this way. Having it as a trim or other accents won’t make a huge statement but it’s still gonna be a big part of the design. A black trim design applied in the room can be a very unexpected dark pop to emphasize the unique style of yours. It will set the room apart.

The unique detail of the house will be exposed because of this addition. The accents are more than just an additional element of the house. It could be a popular choice of how to make black paintwork for your house. That’s because bold colors are perfect as accents.

Use Different Types of Black Paint

You can create a subtle pattern using matte or glossy black paint. For kid’s rooms, you can use chalkboard-based paint on the wall. It would be a fun drawing surface for them.

Other Ideas of How to Make Black Paint Work Well

1. How To Make Black Paint Great with Trim

Make Black Paint Great with Trim

Looking for something dramatic to add in your room? Check this one out. It’s got the entire floor in black wood with a shiny surface. The black trims add a dramatic character to this room. Having it in between a white or bright wall, the accents become the classic twist in this room’s architecture.

2. Black and White Hallway

This is a great way to design such a busy area of the house. A hallway can be the highlight of the house since it’s the walkway of every guest. Some part of this area is white and the other one is in black. The bright area provides the light it needs. The dark part of this area makes sure the light is not too bright around it. However, this black stairs mat seems to separate from the white part of the hallway.

3. Glamorous Dark Bedroom

Glamorous Dark Bedroom

Check out how much black paint you should have in a room. The amount of dark color in this bedroom is so many. That’s why it makes the room so dark. Some people just love to have a bedroom to be dark. Some others see it as a classic Hollywood glamour. The majority of the element in this house is using black color. Think contrast and add bright white bedsheets.

It becomes a source of brightness in this bedroom. The en-suite bathroom can also act the same way as the bed. The gray flooring stands in between the black and white colors. It gives a great chance to let the contrast becoming well-blended.

4. Black Paint with Gold Accent

warna cat studio

Using gold items as the accent to the black paint on the wall is something you might wanna consider. The dramatic atmosphere in this bedroom is quite strong. Simply adding a simple gold frame offers an outstanding contrast that incorporates a luxury into the room. Besides white, gold can always work well with black. You don’t need to add a lot of gold elements into the mix. A simple frame like that is enough to make a statement.

5. Chalkboard Paint in the Kitchen

Take a look at this black kitchen. With the addition of the chalkboard kind of paint, this room has become more interesting than before. You can use the wall as a canvas to draw some pictures or a chalky masterpiece as part of the decoration. You can also make it as a giant blackboard to write something related to cooking.

There are many ways of how to make black paint looks great in your house. The ideas above are some parts of those. You can choose to apply the method that suits your house and personal style.

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