Easy Hacks on How to Paint Metal at Home

How to paint metal, and why is it something you need to know?

Metal is a sturdy material, but a fresh coat of paint will do a great job to protect the metal and make it less likely to rust and give off a bad smell.

A layer of paint can make the furniture look more beautiful. You can also lengthen the metal surface in this way.

Color also drives the metal more attractive and playful, instead of making a room like a dull warehouse. After all, these steps are facile. Start with preparing a few tools and create your plan.

At that time, consider the various steps below. Of course, some of them require a big effort, but you will get brilliant results.

The metal in your house will last a long time, and you get an attractive home appearance.

Well, do you know how to paint metal then? Need not to worry even if the answer is ‘no’ because you are about to read the systematic process.

1. Prepare the Material on How to Paint Metal Furniture


This part will let you know how to prep metal for spray paint. The followings are the materials you need to prepare.

  • Primary spray
  • Spray paint
  • Gloves
  • Safety glasses
  • Dust/paint mask
  • Spray varnish
  • Smooth cloth
  • Valve cloth
  • Sanding block
  • Wire brush
  • Checking Metal

Before going to the steps on how to paint metal, check the surface first, make sure that there is no damage or rust.

  • If you find rust on the metal surface, do not do the painting process first.
  • Instead, start by using a stiff wire brush to remove the stuff.
  • Rust can be removed using a special liquid and a stiff wire brush.
  • Even though it is not perfect, at least there is not much rust left and it will interfere with the painting process.
  • Rust on metal surfaces is a little dangerous for the skin and breathing, especially for those of you who have allergies such as atopic.
  • Thus, when brushing rust, make sure you are wearing safety goggles, gloves, and a mask.

2. Sanding Metal


If the paint or rust marks have disappeared from the metal surface, now is the time to sand the metal using sanding paper.

  • You can use any type of sandpaper but the one that can do this process the best is fine sandpaper with a square shape.
  • When sanding iron, make sure you do not remove protective glasses and other protective equipment.
  • After you sand the metal, it will be smoother.
  • Nevertheless, do not rush into the painting steps because you have to wipe the sandpaper marks using a damp cotton cloth.
  • This cloth will be very useful for cleaning traces of dust or sandpaper residue that is on the iron surface.
  • After you wipe the iron with a damp cotton cloth, wait for it to dry.

You can use a soft cloth to dry it, but do not use a hairdryer so that the iron is not damaged.

3. Spraying Primary


Primary are substances that can make the paint lifespan last longer and make the paint look shinier. That is the reason why before you paint iron or floors you should use a primer.

  • There are different types of primers such as traditional greasing primers or brush primers.
  • To paint iron, it is a good idea to use a brush primer to make it simpler and safer.
  • To make the primer dry you have to wait 24 hours.
  • Before that, do not apply anything over the primer for it to work properly.
  • After the primer is dry, you can start to take the next step, namely painting the iron.

4. Knowing How to Paint Metal


Get a metal spray paint like Krylon. It is a type of iron paint, which is durable, affordable, and most found in e-commerce. Overall, it is the best paint for metal.

  • Spray paint evenly, not too thick.
  • Then let it dry for three hours.
  • Once you feel that the color is the way you want it, now is the time to thicken the paint.
  • Apply paint according to your wishes.
  • After that, let the paint dry.
  • Waiting for paint to dry takes a long time, usually 8 to 10 hours.
  • Routinely check if the paint is still wet or dry, but avoid using your hands to prevent damage.
  • If the paint does not smell that bad, it means it is dry, and actually, the DIY process is over.

5. Finishing Process on How to Paint Metal


Though optional, you do not know how to paint metal if you skip this step of finishing.

You can do it to extend the lifespan of the paint and make it look shinier and more beautiful. After the paint is dry, use varnish, spray on the surface.

If you want this layer to be completely covered, use a traditional varnish that can be applied using a brush.

Varnish can barely be used for iron surfaces with fresh paint. You can also apply varnish to other metal that has been previously painted, or to the surface of ancient furniture.

The lacquer will make it look like new and make it more durable. Not only to cover up the furniture, but varnish can also be applied to cement floors, making it less dusty, and saving you money.

It will also make the flooring look expensive and classy.

6. Why Do You Must Choose Metal?


When completing this step you will think about why you should choose metal for various kinds of furniture at home?

Other materials are relatively popular for making furniture at homes, such as wood and bamboo. However, metal is a strong, durable material, does not break easily, and is cost-effective.

The weakness is that metal is a corroded material. When you do not treat the rust, it will smell stinky and make the metal look bad and cheap.

The painting process will make mental life more durable and avoid rust that smells bad, but metal is not suitable for all types of furniture.

Household furniture such as beds, for example, would be better if you utilize other more lightweight materials such as wood.

The same thing happens for the dining table. Usually, people use wood instead of metal to make more elegant and safer tables.

Iron material is usually used to cause various kinds of furniture easily exposed to outside air, such as door trellises or tables that are placed on the patio

Let’s practice on how to paint metal and revitalize your home furniture, since the new and vibrant atmosphere!

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