How to Remove Coffee Stains from Carpet

How to remove coffee stains from carpet? Specks of dirt that lay on the rug surface area are such trouble. You will find it difficult when cleaning it.

Sometimes, the laundry soap is not enough to get rid of this trouble. However, you do not need to worry. There are many ways we can remove coffee stains from carpet.

Postpone your desire to buy a carpet first, which is quite pricey. You can have a brand-new look carpet without having to spend a big amount of money.

Let’s see how to remove coffee stains from carpet in some minutes with materials you can find at home.

The following steps will make sure the coffee stain on the carpet vanished.

1. Preparing Materials on How to Remove Coffee Stains from Carpet Naturally


How do you remove old coffee stains?

Well, you will need some simple household items to remove coffee stains from carpet. These include a gallon bucket, water, brush, vinegar, and detergent soap.

Start by dissolving the detergent soap with water, and then shake it until it is completely combined.

For sturdy stains, you can dilute more detergent. However, make sure the amount of water is sufficient because too much detergent will damage the carpet surface.

After you mix the water with the detergent soap, it is time to add a spoonful of vinegar.

Vinegar is useful for cleaning the old coffee stain from the carpet. Its smell is not good but the detergent soap will cover the bad vinegar scent.

If you do not want to use this material at all, look for ways to remove coffee stains from the carpet without vinegar. The internet has tricks up its sleeve.

2. Scrub the Surface of the Carpet


Now, it is time to scrub the rug surface and remove coffee stains from carpet. Place the brush in the gallon bucket.

Then, rub the brush over the carpet surface. Keep doing it until the stain fades. If the stain has been on the carpet for too long, then it will take you longer to clean it.

However, if you just spilled coffee, there is a chance that the stain will go in less than 5 minutes. Pay attention to the fact that only certain types of carpets can be scrubbed with a brush.

Some softer rugs require smoother equipment such as cloth.

  • If you are using a cloth, wring it out before rubbing it onto the carpet. Do not forget to wear gloves to avoid irritating your skin.
  • Rub the carpet in one direction only, to avoid the surface from being damaged.
  • If you need more detergent, consider putting the cloth or brush in a gallon bucket, then rubbing it again onto the carpet.
  • Do not be too harsh when rubbing the cloth and brush on the carpet, so that the carpet becomes smooth.

After there are no stains left, you can rinse the rug surface with water. All of the steps up to now will prevent the coffee stain on the carpet to come back.

3. Wait Until Dry


The stain is gone and there is no detergent left on the carpet. It is time for you to wait for the carpet to dry.

Activity on the wet carpet is not recommended. First, the dust on your feet will stick to the rug.

Bacteria in dust can thrive in a wet environment. It makes the carpet dirty and causes everyone to sit there unhealthy.

Dust and bacteria in wet places cause unpleasant odors. That thing will make all family members uncomfortable

Waiting for the carpet to dry can talk half-day long. To speed up this process, you can put the carpet by the window or hang it on the patio or backyard.

Sunlight will help to dry the carpet and kill bacteria and viruses that are on the carpet. If you live in an apartment, you can put a rug on the veranda.

Compared to the drying process in the room, if you put the carpet in the sun, it will dry faster. You do not have to wait all day long because the carpet can dry in just a few hours.

After cleaning the carpet, you can apply perfume to make it more fragrant. However, make sure that the rug is completely dry. Otherwise, it will smell bad.

Use deodorizer for clothes, as it will match the carpet. Perfume for the body is not suitable for the rug and will cause an unpleasant aroma in the future.

4. How to Keep the Carpet Clean


Fleece or nylon carpets are difficult to clean when stained. You have to repeat the initial steps to remove it from the rug surface.

To keep the carpet stain-free, you can stay away from rugs when eating or drinking. You can also cover it with a waterproof layer like plastic.

If you accidentally drop coffee or paint stains onto the carpet surface, you can immediately apply ways to remove a coffee stain from the carpet as we see above.

The sooner you clean it, the stains from coffee or anything else on the carpet will disappear more quickly. They have not soaked into the fibers yet and that is a good thing.

5. Maintaining the Carpet Regularly


A rug is a tricky home accessory. It is beautiful and gives an attractive impression to the room. However, it also easily stores dust.

Unlike the floor, it is more difficult to clean a dirty carpet. If you have a rug at home, consider buying a vacuum cleaner, because that is the only thing to get rid of the dust.

Routinely, clean the dust on the carpet using a vacuum cleaner. At least, do this twice a week. You can also spray disinfectant on the carpet to kill the viruses and bacteria that lie on its surface.

Now you are ready to make your carpet look brand new every day. The process on how to remove coffee stains from carpet naturally is something easy if you know the secret.

Apply these steps regularly to extend its lifespan. A bit of quite important advice for you, if some family members are allergic to dust, you should use a carpet made of rubber.

Rubber rugs will not hold any dust and are easier to clean. However, this stuff is easy to tear and not quite elegant compared to nylon or fabric ones.

From now on, always prepare the materials you need on how to remove coffee stains from carpet.

Well, after understanding how to remove coffee stains from carpet, no wonder that your house will look so glam, and thanks to that brand-new look carpet, which becomes the attention stealer.

No more dust and no more specks of dirt.

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