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In a Tub or Shower? Check These Tips Out

In a tub or shower? That is the question most people consider when they intend to build or remodel the bathroom. It is a kind of tough call, especially when you deal with a limited budget. Of every choice you made, there are pros and cons. What people need to question before remodeling their bathroom is all about their needs and budget. If you are still undetermined about what you want to do with your bathroom, let’s see the benefits and the drawbacks we will get from both of them.

Being in a Tub is More Affordable

In a Tub

Homeowners always link the shower installation to something lavish, because it permits you to enjoy more time at the bathroom. However, a shower will cost you more, compared to a bathtub. A shower installation price is about US$400 to US$10,000 (or more if you intend to have a more sophisticated one. But a bathtub needs a lower budget starting from US$ 400-US$800. Furthermore, a standard bathtub will cost you less than US$1000. But when you are craving for a whirlpool or jacuzzi, you have to pay for an average US$5,000.

Comparing to Hot Tub Shower Does Not Take Up Too Much Space

Hot Tub Shower

The standard-sized bathtub tends to occupy more space, compared to standard shower installation. A shower installation can stand in around nine or ten square feet on average. Meanwhile, you must provide at least thirteen square feet to make a standard-sized hot tub.

If you have a more than fourteen square bathroom size, feel free for you to choose the installation that suits your budget and taste. Nevertheless, when you have no more space left to install a comfortable bathtub, the shower is a good option. You can save more spaces for sink installation, bathroom cabinetries, or an empty place to do some beauty treatment.

The Shower is Safer

A person might slip away when he wants to enter a bathtub. The children must be careful if they want to use this thing. The fact is, the bathtub is not friendly to the wheelchair people. They need help from the other to use that thing. On the contrary, that doesn’t apply to the shower. Everybody can use it easily. They just have to step in and turn on the knob. The shower is quite friendly for the elderly, children, and wheelchair-bound. Thus, you can consider buying a shower when there is one of them in your family members.

Save Water More with Shower

Save Water More

A low-flow showerhead will take about 2 gallons per minute. Whereas, the Home Water Works project notes that every time you take a bath (around 8-10 minutes), it takes up only 17 gallons. How about the tub? You are going to spot huge water consumption when using the bathtub. A standard one will take up until 25 to 40 gallons whereas the jacuzzi tub needs around 80. Imagine how much water bill you are going to save if you opt for the shower rather than being in a tub.

In a Tub, Create an Essential Value

Only half of the homeowners that are satisfied with only a shower installation. The rest of them think that a proper bathroom is the one with a tub. A tub symbolizes comfort, a time well-spend on the bathroom. It is a place where you are not only washing your body but also to take a rest and remove all the fatigues. People tend to love the bathroom with a tub. It gives them warmness, moreover if they are already married.

A tub will give such intimacy, and that feeling they cannot get from the shower installation. However, the choice is all your call. The opinion above doesn’t give you the conclusion that a tub is more intimate than a shower. That’s all the matter of taste.

Shower is DIY-Friendly

Shower is DIY-Friendly

If you are the kind of person who loves construction work, a shower installation is a more realistic job to do. When you buy a shower, it usually comes in a package with the drain, shower head, and other equipment. The installation process is quite easy. The tub installation takes a longer time, which is a daunting task for DIY-doers with beginner skill level.

That is why if you love to do all the furniture installation by yourself (which is more friendly in the budget), we suggest a shower instead of being in a tub. You need to call a professional (or more than a helper) to install a tub. It is not easy to do it by yourself.

You Might Chill in a Tub

What people love from a tub is that it gives them a good time they deserve after a long day. You can bring your favorite book when chilling in a tub. Not just that, you can enjoy aromatherapy and feel the bath bomb sensation or doing manicure-pedicure. On the contrary, imagine a shower installation. It might be luxurious and more expensive than a tub.

But a shower is made for practical use. People don’t want to spend too much time bathing, thus they are going to choose a shower with automatic heat. When a person wants a me-time, they will go to the tub. The same thing happens in some couples. That is why several hotels with honeymoon packages will provide a tub. If intimacy is what you want in your bathroom, then being in a tub will be a great pick.

Be More Creative and Pretty in a Tub

There are many bath and beauty equipment you can only use when you have a tub. Many women have the desire to have a proper spa treatment at home. This dream can be true when you have a bathtub. You can fill the bathtub with any spa treatment product. Or you can look up at the kitchen and find many useful things to make up the healthy body care.

Even more, you can use the coffee ground or a bar of dark chocolate to make a body scrub. Those substances will give you healthy skin. The women can also enjoy the bath bomb sensation, which can relax their bodies and minds. Well, no need to spend too much money at the spa center because you already have one. So, in a tub or install a shower at home? That is all your call because everybody has a different taste and budget.

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