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20 Sophisticated Industrial Home Decor Ideas to Inspire You

Do you want to change from a warm country style to something more elegant? If so, the contemporary flair and clean lines of industrial home decor are the answer!

Some of the popular industrial decors include the painted or exposed brick walls, unhidden plumbing pipe, and metal as well as wood shelving.

Meanwhile, the furniture of industrial style is typically understated and streamlined. You will find fewer cushions as often discovered more in farmhouse or country home decor.

Fun Industrial Home Decor Ideas That Are Surprisingly Sophisticated

Exposed pendant lamp becomes another trendy feature of industrial design. Edison light bulbs are particularly popular with their uncovered filaments that tend to resemble cages.

These light fixtures come in a different range of sizes, from a huge centerpiece to a simple hanging bulb.

Homeowners who want to avoid a cluttered home will appreciate industrial design as it serves a sleek, ordered arrangement.

Besides, you will have adequate spaces to tuck your stuff out of the way in industrial bins or baskets.

If you want to liven up your industrial home decor, simply put blooming plants around or get soft textured carpets.

Not only bring some aesthetical interest to your room, but these accessories will also soften the stark look of the industrial style.

Try the following industrial home decor ideas to give your home an exceptional look and a clutter-free feeling.

1. A Mix of Industrial and Country Style

Industrial style meets country design in this dining room, offering the best of both worlds.

The black metal chair frames, table legs, dark flooring, and chrome pendant lighting highlight the industrial flair in a uniformed way.

2. Whitewashed Exposed Brick

This dining room comes with an industrial lighting fixture that has a strong focal point against the whitewashed exposed brick on the backdrop.

3. Edison Lights and Railroad Tie

If you are interested in DIY industrial decor accessories, try to create this simple light fixture project.

You just need get a railroad tie and fasten several Edison lights on it. Hang the lighting fixture above a dining table for a boost of industrial style.

4. DIY Industrial Sofa Table

Use your creativity and carpentry skill to build this simple industrial sofa table. It makes a great storage space for various decorative as well as functional items.

5. Multipurpose Rolling Cart

Give your industrial living room an update with this versatile rolling cart. It can double as a coffee table and a space to store or move a variety of items.

6. Iron Framed Bed with Modest Decor

Introduce industrial style in your minimalist bedroom by using an iron framed bed. Try to apply wooden wall accent as well to add exciting texture and color to the design.

Keep the other elements neutral to give spotlights to the wooden accent.

7. Simple Desk with Industrial Affair

For your industrial home office, simply find a simple, wall-mounted desk that can accommodate some filing cabinets and a desktop computer.

Complete the design with a pair of glossy dark stools that can give a modern industrial touch.

8. Hanging Wooden Crates

DIY lovers will appreciate this industrial home decor the most since they can go for a weekend project with it.

Besides, to highlight the industrial flair, you can consider painting the wall black as an accent.

9. Metal Cage Lighting

A metal cage lighting fixture is a staple in industrial design. The plumbing pipe used in this decor lends a steampunk style while the Edison bulb emphasizes its primary purpose.

10. Brick Wall and Open Wall Shelves

Install against exposed brick wall, the floating shelves not only serves functional space for kitchen essentials but also suggest a charming industrial home decor.

Combining with a bunch of wooden materials, the black elements on this design perfectly emphasize the industrial style.

11. Counter with Plumbing Pipe Legs

Not only work great to hold floating shelves, but plumbing pipes also provide stable, wonderful legs for a kitchen counter.

12. Industrial Living Room with Modern Flair

This living room showcases a fascinating contrast between industrial and modern style. Look at how charming the exposed brick against the clean, white wall.

Meanwhile, the understated hanging shelves are filled with indoor plants for a pop of color in this modern industrial home decor.

13. Industrial Curtain Rod Revealed

Pipe curtain is another popular decoration in industrial houses. In this picture, the drapery rod attractively contrasts the white shiplap wall.

14. DIY Wooden Bar Cart

An unfinished wooden bar cart can make your industrial home decor more natural and interesting. Besides, you will have much space to store glasses as well as the drink bottles.

If you opt for a DIY project, consider swapping the frame legs with plumbing pipe to accentuate the industrial style even more.

15. Industrial Coffee Bar with Busy Decor

Brewing coffee in this industrial kitchenette must be fun. Despite its small size, the station has everything you need to make a cup of joe.

16. Thick Lumber and Black Plumbing Pipe

This is another great approach to introduce lumber and plumbing pipe wall shelves in your industrial space.

Its size makes this wall shelving perfect for storing lots of decorative pieces including wicker baskets and tin can planters.

17. Wire Wall Baskets for Bathroom

Complete your industrial style bathroom with a functional wire wall basket. It will make a great space for toiletries or displaying pretty decoration.

18. Charming Rolling Wardrobe Rack

Display your favorite coats or jackets in this handy rolling wardrobe cart. Made of sturdy plumbing pipe, the rack will bring a touch of industrial in a perfect way.

You can pair the cart with a unique side table while keeping the uniformity of the color palette.

19. Industrial Style Dining Table

This industrial wooden dining table complements the open-floor kitchen flawlessly. Therefore, with its wide surface, it can host a family dinner without difficulty.

20. Industrial Home Decor for Kitchen

Last but not least, you can steal the look of this industrial kitchen in the next home improvement project. With exposed brick walls, this small kitchen does not feel cramped at all thanks to the wide windows.

Now, don’t hesitate to replicate one of these industrial home decor in your space and get ready to see how charming it is.

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