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DIY Mason Jar Solar Lights You Can Try at Home

The Mason jar solar light terms inarguably will give us ultimate excitement. The stuff has double functions as room lighting and the decorative piece.

Moreover, you can make it by yourself through a simple DIY project!

If you love to personalize any decoration in your room and like to press the budget, then the DIY Mason jar solar lights will amuse you so much.

Look at this easy systematic DIY Mason jar solar lights to create such an amazing accent to your bedroom:

1. Prepare the Materials for Mason Jar Solar Lights DIY

To create this stunning decorative piece, first, let’s prepare the material. You only need a mason jar in quart size, the solar-powered lid, and enough baling wire.

2. Cut the Wire

After preparing all the materials, start a Mason jar solar lights DIY project by cutting the wire about 12–13 inches long. You can use pliers to do this step.

Wrap the lip of the jar with wire repeatedly, but make sure that it is not too tight.

Tie the ends of the wire. If there is anything left, cut it using pliers or sharp scissors.

Make a handle with a new wire. Associate it with the old one. You can replace this material with rope, but of course, it is less strong.

3. Stick the Battery

You have prepared everything, now is the time to turn on the Mason jar solar lights and make the room stunning and more intimate.

Install the battery on the sole of the powered lid. The light will turn on and the Mason jar will reflect the light.

Mason jar solar lights will make your room romantic and represent vintage nuance perfectly.

Now, you know how to make simple Mason jar solar lights. The steps are quite easy and do not require too much effort.

However, you might want to know the other Mason jar solar lights ideas that are more stunning and personalized.

Plenty of Mason jar light modification ideas will turn your bedroom into a piece of paradise. Let us take a look.

Yellow LED Mason Jar Light

The yellow LED mason jar light creates a more subtle atmosphere at home. Many people love to feature this stuff like their wedding decorative piece due to the charm it brings.

You can easily make this yellow mason lamp by yourself. Prepare a jar and the LED lights.

Put those LED lamps in the Mason jar, close and wrap the lip with the wire.

This LED lamp in a jar is such a visual lullaby that will deliver you a good dream.

Rainbow Mason Jar

The rainbow Mason jar is a nice touch that brings you back the good old day’s memories when you were a child.

It gives a sweet nuance to your room and you do not have to decorate it more because this accent is just enough.

Prepare three or more mason jars in a different shade and do the first DIY step using solar-powered lid and battery.

These rainbow jars will pop up in your room and make it more playful. You are going to love the time well spent there.


You can think of another good option better than a lamp: a phosphor. Cut some papers into tiny star shapes and stick them to the Mason jar.

Paint the surface of the Mason jar with the phosphor and let it dry. Remove the paper stars and turn off the light in the room.

The phosphor will glow and create a nice starry accent that brings you into a wonderful night before going to sleep.

Lovely Candle

You can put the Mason jar decoration not only inside the room but also outside.

For a classic statement, instead of using the lamps, consider putting a candle inside the Mason jar.

Hang the Mason jar with rope, open its lip, put the candle, lit it up, and close.

The candlelight Mason jar is a nice companion for a romantic dinner in your patio.

Mason Jar Fixture

A mason jar can also function as a light fixture. First thing first, prepare the unused plank and stick the lamps into it.

Cover the lamps with the mason jars and turn them on. The light inside will glow beautifully and give off a romantic vintage feel.

Prism Light

There is another way to create such a lovely and eclectic accent at your house with a mason jar: a prism light idea.

Creating a prism light turns out easier than we think. Prepare for a mason jar and glue some glass stone on its surface.

Give the light inside the Mason jar, close the lid, and see how the magic works in your home. This stuff will be a great thing to turn on before you sleep.

Constellation Mason Jar

Constellation is an accent most people love to present at home. This idea is a perfect lullaby, which might give you a good sleep.

You only need to take some easy steps to make this DIY project or asking your little child to do this together.

Paint the surface of the jar in a white dotted pattern and put the light on it. It will reflect the constellation pattern in your wall.

Coffee Beans Mason Jar

A coffee beans mason jar can function both as the air freshener and as room lighting.

Prepare some coffee beans and put them in a jar. Use the solar-powered lid and place the battery on it.

You do need to close the lid too tight. Let the scent of the coffee burst from the jar and bring you a good mood when waking up in your room.

Glowing Flower Pot

A mason jar is something flexible. You can turn it into a home lamp and a flowerpot. This is a good idea to make a classic house statement.

Consider to use the solar-powered lid and put the stones and imitation flower to the jar. Hang the item in a wood plank using rope. Voila, you are all set.

We love the idea of how the Mason jar solar lights can give a magical touch to your room. Would you love to try making this craft?

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